Therefore, miscarriages are less common in non-serial works, and even when they do happen it's not a Reset Button. Compare with Tragic Stillbirth, Premature Birth Drama, and Forced Miscarriage. She also worries that the other may be disabled for life. In the end, she'll make her mind up to have the baby, if it's not what she decided ought to happen in the first place. In episode 5×10, Maggie told her she was scared: “it’s like I’ve been waiting 3 years for Christmas and now it’s finally here”. Alternatively, another character may have overheard her say something which, Mary Jane's pregnancy was originally supposed to tie in to, A disturbing example occurs with Erishad, a minor character in. It would not be too controversial for television writers to suggest an abortion, but it would be if she were actually to have one, since Good Girls Avoid Abortion. The baby is fine and Callie is just panicking. In television, pregnancies are more likely to end in a recognized miscarriage than they do in real life. Sometimes the woman also wanted an abortion — but in most cases, the woman didn't even know she was pregnant; the fertilized egg simply fails to implant (or disintegrates upon implantation) and she either has a perfectly normal period or one that is slightly late and slightly heavier than normal. For a series so heavily concerned with childbirth and the ways it affects people's lives, and tending towards neat endings, Though there have been several pregnancy storylines, almost no children are born in, There HAS been at least one instance of a pregnancy being carried to term — Stephanie McMahon got pregnant and carried the baby successfully to full term and delivered a healthy baby girl. Twice this happened to Deanna Patterson in, Happens off-stage to Diana Villiers in Patrick O'Brian's. the fetus - often referred to as the Child - survived the miscarriage and continued to be a presence in the story. Is it playing into the Bury Your Gays trope if you kill a lesbian character who was already quite ill when she first showed up? a column collapses onto Cadance, killing her baby when she was only a few weeks away from giving birth, Cadance getting pregnant then miscarrying when a possessed Shining Armor kicks her. When Sydney was watching Maggie, who had collapsed earlier, from the window, another doctor came up to her and said “You really love her, don’t you?”. Birthly TV. The miscarriage was anything but accidental, however. Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross) In Canadian medical drama Saving Hope, Dr. Maggie Lin is an OB/GYN attending at Hope Zion Hospital. [2] Sweeps episodes air in February, May, July and November, the periods when advertising rates are set. Sydney then sought out Maggie and was finally able to admit out loud that she liked girls, the two of them made out and it was implied they had sex. But it won't happen, because the plot of an ongoing series would change too much if her character had to be rewritten to include raising an infant (to say nothing of creating a new character from scratch and finding suitable child actors for it, and remember that this is a completely irrevocable change). doesn't have to raise a baby alone and also doesn't have to raise a baby who will remind her of her husband's crimes and betrayal, in a bittersweet way. Her father is a well-known doctor who died of a heart attack. Makes you think there's something in the water...or they're all set in Love Canal...or something. A character is marked as "sweeps" when there is a very limited number of episodes that address their sexuality, all air during sweeps period, and the storyline is otherwise ignore/dropped. Both might have happened because Millborough, the main characters' home town, was built on top of a nuclear dump site, which has left adverse effects on its citizens, including birth defects and miscarriages. only after she conveniently gets attacked. Keep in mind that this may be Truth in Television; about 15% of known pregnancies end in a miscarriage. It is listed as questionable or subtext if romance is only implied, mentioned instead of shown on screen, part of a dream sequence, or otherwise not explicit for the viewer. They decided to try for a relationship. Apparently, Cylons need love to breed).

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