I guess I expected a medium action trout rod that wasn’t too inspiring. Here’s the thing. Performance at 60 feet: 18 points out of 20. Agreed. Haven't really figured out streamers but can chuck most reasonably sized ones well enough for me. The first SAGE fly rod to sport a matte finish, the Foundation is a damn good-looking fly rod featuring a stealth black finish with primary black wraps and silver trim wraps. Performance at 100 feet: 18 points out of 20. I’d guess around 15-20 hours. I have the 9′ 5 weight. Performance at 35 feet:  19 points out of 20. The Sage Pulse was heavier than the other three and a very fast rod with too much back bone. Anyway, $400 should deliver a very good rod rather than mediocre as mid range sounds. After casting the Helios 2, I was sold on the rod — decided this was going to be my new 5-weight, but then I learned about the RECON at the end of 2014 — and decided to wait. It’s forgiving enough for any angler to enjoy and provides tons of useful feedback. Not fast by any means. That means that it’s not winning any casting competitions. I don’t know what the conversations were like at Orvis when this rod was being developed but I’d be shocked if no one expressed concerns that it was too good for the money and might cut into sales of the H2. I agree with you totally. Excellent power, coupled with feel. It turns out the answer is, something pretty awesome! Beautiful Rod. Magazines, fly shops, bloggers… virtually everyone has an opinion on which fly rod is best. It’s a little heavier than the top rods, but not in a way that was all that noticeable. My only hesitation is with the foundation I am concerned that it may be too fast to enjoy in tighter situations and with the recon I am unsure about how it will throw heavy nymph rigs and streamers. The jump from a Trout Bum to a TCR is likely too huge. JavaScript is disabled. The Pulse is a much much faster rod. Fast line and tight loops will do the trick. Honestly, up until a couple of years ago I didn’t think much about Orvis fly rods. If you have any experience or insight with these rods I would appreciate reading it! I love the Recon---probably would be my choice out of the 3. It might just be about who you are more than anything. I just got back from a trip where I did quite a lot of windy condition fishing for larger fish (always what we hope for - right?) But the Helios 3D was significantly better. I was thinking about a 9', 5 or 6 wt. I have been saving for quite some time to be able to purchase me the H2. I now own 4 H2s and fish them all the time. (tie) Orvis Recon   57.5/60    $450.00. This can also be used as a dropper off of a dry fly in shallow water. I very surprising have found to do all of the duty of my 4wt, 5wt and old 6wt. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. First off all I want to say that Iam new to the Forum and thank God for finding it.I have been reading over it and have found alot of usefull tips. Website Design & Development by unleaded.digital. Big western freestones, technical front range tailwaters, and even fishing for snook in Florida. While I don’t own a 5wt, my brother owns an 8wt. With Orvis it doesn't have as much to do with the model as it does the flex rating. 23 comments / Posted on January 13, 2015 / by Louis Cahill. To cast 80 feet you’ll want to be aggressive and the Recon is up to the task. Go with the Recon. The Recon performed very well at 80 feet. Here I found the Recon formed nice tight loops that helped it punch into the wind. If you can get a T3 in a tip flex 9.5 or something, yes that would be a fast rod. The H2 is better in my opinion, but not by much. The gentleman told me that Sage replaced the TCR with the TCX because not everyone could successfully cast the TCR. I just cast the Recon in a 9FT. People are as gullible as fish are at times! I could not get the same kind of performance as the Helios 3F or the Sage X at extreme long range. When roll-casting with nymph rigs and it delivered consistent and accurate casts throughout my days on the water. The Pulse has a great progressive action – soft in the tip and progressing to a firm butt section (for a trout rod). How to Create the Perfectly Balanced Fly Rod and Reel Outfit. I don’t have any spare rods at the moment, so it looks like I am out of my planned fishing trip. I never found myself yearning for more power. Or do you want it to chuck streamers mostly. It had a surprisingly light swing weight. It only feels like a bargain when you’re paying for it. Your email address will not be published. As someone who hikes for days in the New Zealand back contry rods break for all number of reasons, 30bucks for a new rod in a few weaks is worth the up front cost of a good rod. Orvis Recon 9’#8 4pc $450. While the FOUNDATION doesn’t have the level of performance (i.e. Right now I have a Douglas DHF 5wt 8.5ft, a TFO nxt 6wt 9ft, an echo solo 8wt 9ft and a Redington 6wt dually. I took all three rods, Sage Pulse, Orvis Recon and the Winston Nexus out for a spin in the parking lot at my local fly shop in Colorado. “A Sage,” remains a Sage. The brown anodized double uplocking reel seat is just OK. Honestly, up until a couple of years ago I didn't think much about Orvis fly rods. The Foundation is a Generation 3 graphite rod, so it'll be more akin to older sage rods with some softer and slower feel throughout (it's nothing like a Pulse or an X). While it is certainly capable of handling smaller dries to a certain degree, the Foundation wasn’t well suited for those presentations that required a bit more finesse and touch. I’ll be interested to see your comments on the Recon. Not to user friendly. But, you would be wrong. It was one of the better casting rods in the Shootout. Pulse Rods don’t come with aluminum rod tubes, but other than that you’re getting the same build quality and components on every rod. I am debating between the Sage Pulse and the Orvis Recon, and whether or not to get my first 3wt rod or … It might, in fact. The Pulse is a much much faster rod. I’m not sure what planet you guys live on. 1st impressions:  High-end look and performance for a middle of the road price. They are great rods for their advertised uses. About equal to the Sage X and NRX at short range. The blank is “Shadow Green” with chestnut wraps, the hardware is black nickel silver and the guides are chrome. I would suggest getting a 5wt XP or Z-Axis for a faster rod that will be much easier to cast. I guess we have come a long way – perhaps too far…. It still has good power to reach 80 feet, but I got more accuracy with other rods. Orvis makes all their rods in varying actions (flex rating). The Recon is a sweet rod. For a rod that is going to fish well close and far, one that will fish dries and streamers you need to get a different rod. While the FOUNDATION doesn’t have the level of performance (i.e. The Redington Classic Trout / Tempt is an awesome deal of a rod, esp. This is a subreddit for anglers who pursue, or wish to pursue, their favorite fish on fly rods. Can’t wait to throw the RECON. My local shop (Fishwest Outfitters | Sandy, UT) has one on order for me to try out. But if you wanted a beast of a nymph rig, I would jump on a 10' rod. The average cost of a premium fly rod is $750-$800. Not fast by any means. To get us a closer look at the Sage Foundation Outfit, Sage sent us a 9-foot, 6-weight combo review unit to check out. Don’t forget to keep supporting more reviews by buying your Sage Pulse Fly Rod here. I have been looking at the sage approach, foundation and orvis recon online. How does it do with smaller dry flies? When it came to rod action and performance, I guess I always thought of Orvis as a little old-fashioned. The Recon from Orvis is a rod that has impressed me with excellent performance at a great price. I Had a Sage RPL and a Sage SLT at one time.............I did like the RPL alot it was a great rod or is a great rod. The new Orvis rods are clearly to be taken seriously. Sage nailed the action on this rod and, while it lacks some of the high-tech materials of the more expensive rods, it’s going to please a lot of anglers. Here is what we learned. I found out that the Recon was coming out and at half the price and it was designed after the H2 tapers. accuracy and feel) you experience in the premier rods like the Sage X, Scott Radian, and Orvis Helios 3, it certainly performs above its own price point and is a rod that should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a do-everything, budget-friendly fly rod. "I don't know what the conversations were like at Orvis when this rod was being developed but I'd be shocked if no one expressed concerns that it was too good for the money." It tied the Sage X and BVK for the lightest overall weight, and the swing weight is extremely light too, only a half a point behind the winners. Still, when I heard that Orvis was bringing out a mid-priced rod made in America, my expectations were somewhat limited. Your email address will not be published. Ha! I see they have a 7’11” 4 pce in 8wt and 10wt. When the guide from the shop held the line to demonstrate a "fish on" the Winston had great backbone and power. There are great rods out there that are really good quality and at a bargain price. You must log in or register to reply here. I think it’s a good thing. I am not sure what you mean by 'tighter situations'. For tight water I have a 7' 3wt superfine that I like, slow and delicate. Mar 17, 2009 #1 First off all I want to say that Iam new to the Forum and thank God for finding it.I have been reading over it and have found alot of usefull tips. What cost money is the skilled labor to build it. and all I can say is this rod is the real deal.Granted I haven’t fished it but it punches it out there with little effort.First rod iv’e been excited about in awhile.Love that it’s american made with 25 yr. warranty for #450.00.Orvis is doing some amazing things and I’ll be ordering one. Thread starter flyrayfishing; Start date Mar 17, 2009; flyrayfishing Member. You should really enjoy that rod. I have the Recon 5 weight 9 foot freshwater rod. Swing this fly on a single-handed fly rod or a two-handed Trout Spey rod for maximum success. You got that right! I walk into the Orvis store and walked out with a new rod. I really wish that I had tested the Sage Pulse head-to-head with the Orvis Recon and Winston Nexus. Orvis service is thr real deal. A full wells design is used. however, i want a rod that is going to last and is going to perform. There are great rods out there that are really good quality and at a bargan price. What reel (Orvis or otherwise) would balance best with the Recon 5 wt 9′ in terms of weight and cost? I’ve not had the chance to fish the saltwater Recon. It would have made a really interesting mid-priced shootout. For more on the Sage Foundation, CLICK HERE! In my humble opinion, this rod outperforms its price range. The Foundation was more than up to the challenge of throwing a couple extra feet when it was called upon. I have no need for those other rods and from 10 – 45 ft throws a haze, chubbie and krillex equally well. The reel we used was the Lamson Guru. I could not get the same kind of performance as the Helios 3F or the Sage X at extreme long range.

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