Mewhinney’s arguments against Velikovskian inspired mythological and repeatedly catatrophe struck cosmologies have not been quoted. Has the Electric Universe Theory been debunked … EU pseudoscience poppycock? In this video (notes below) Montgomery Childs explains how he became interested in testing the Electric Sun Model after coming across theoretical issues of the Sun based on a gravity model – for example the lack of gamma rays from a nuclear Sun. In the standard model, the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion in its core. Provably, clearly and ridiculously wrong. It was true, in 1968. # Comments and discussions. For example, plasma can be layered and separated via the force of gravity so that electrons acquire a larger scale height than the heavier charged atoms and protons. He spent several years studying binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope. Discussion at bottom of this page. was one of the few at the 2012 EU Conference who understood exactly where Monty Childs was coming from. As of February 2018, "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. SAFIRE Project. | Wikipedia, Deprecation by ScienceApologist: The Electric Universe (book) “discredited” “Completely unauthorative, argumentative”. # List of 10 or more of the main articles debunking the science and people behind EUT. The Safire Project is a set of laboratory-based experiments to “explore the role of electricity in stellar and planetary phenomena”, in particular, to independently test the Electric Sun theory. If you know of other proposals or evidence that EU theory is wrong mention them below or send a message, thanks. about The SAFIRE PROJECT, which has been in production since day one. Who are the Thunderbolts Project? Ginenthal claims to show that “the deeper icecaps were built up extremely fast, as Velikovsky claimed.” Therefore, “Nothing in the top layers of the icecaps has anything to do with Velikovsky’s hypothesis.” So long, evidence. , engineer, helps to analyze and troubleshoot Monty's design blueprints, then collaborates with the construction of the SAFIRE apparatus itself. DONALD SCOTT, a key player in the EU Group, offers a lifetime of experience with both traditional and now bleeding-edge electrical concepts. Oh. Actually they all look pretty similar, which is exactly what the standard model predicts, and what the EU model says absolutely shouldn’t happen. This is where Ginenthal throws out the evidence or glibly explains it away, while accusing Ellenberger and Mewhinney of doing exactly the same thing, where he rewrites Velikovsky’s scenario while accusing Ellenberger and Mewhinney of ignoring what Velikovsky said.

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