Adefris wrote a curriculum for the anti-poverty nonprofit Catalyst Miami’s leadership training program on climate justice. OHLONE TERRITORY, BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, They’ll show you how to be more #climatewoke, As a nonbinary person of color, Layel Camargo sees diversity and complexity as the keys to surviving climate chaos. The mayor explained what events and projects would happen in 2018 and how they will impact the city and its people for the better. “Climate and immigration are inherently linked … with black and brown communities the most vulnerable,” she says, “and yet the U.S. climate movement is still very white.”, Now, as U.S. communications director at, Yakupitiyage focuses on multi-racial coalition-building and ensuring the climate movement considers migrant rights. She began working as an intern for the Alliance for Affordable Energy, a watchdog organization that advocates for sustainable energy policy for state residents. They partner with indigenous communities to develop exhibitions, public programs, and advocacy campaigns that connect museum professionals and scientists with indigenous people and frontline communities to “build power” together. “Buying seeds so farmers can plant cover crops, paying for compost to be [delivered] to farms,” Myint says, “it’s literally just sustainable farming practices for which a lot of farmers don’t have funds.”, GRADUATE STUDENT, GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY Camargo also co-launched the #ClimateWoke project, including a video series highlighting those on the frontlines of climate change, which will be distributed by PBS starting this spring. “2020 is going to be a big year for climate action.” Meanwhile, she’ll have another big challenge to face: starting high school. COFOUNDER, SANDBOX SOLAR “It’s really important to be hopeful.”, Stokes’ message is brass tacks. She describes herself as a radical black feminist and cultural worker, and sees her playwriting as a form of organizing.

Six years later, Economopoulos and her team have convinced nine world-class museums to scrub fossil fuels from their endowments. “Sustainable fashion has exploded over the past couple of years,” she says, as manufacturers move toward “circular,” low-waste systems and pay more attention to workers’ rights and product longevity. Think: not just corn and squash, but also duck-fat maple popcorn. PRESIDENT, BETTER BUS COALITION

For that show, Mothers of Invention, the duo interview people like a Vietnamese eco-fashion designer and Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres. They also work with the political arts organization Center for Cultural Power, producing content and connecting artists, indigenous people, and people of color on issues around climate justice, among other things. As a college senior, she cofounded the UConn Access to Food Effort (UCAFE), a campus initiative that helped launch the first assessment of food insecurity at the university. Liu believes that changing businesses, which wield titanic economic power, is the best way to make a difference on a global scale: “Sustainability shouldn’t just be about less-less-less, it should also be about better.”, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, PEOPLE'S JUSTICE COUNCIL Now, the life of this 14-year-old has been transformed. Shiny solar panels and fields of wind turbines get most of the attention, but fine-tuning old building stock and ensuring new structures are built as energy-efficiently as possible are also powerful buffers against carbon emissions. Her upcoming play, cullud wattah, uses the Flint water crisis as a backdrop for a black family in turmoil. “We invest in companies that are leading on sustainability,” says Kempf of his employer, Green Century Funds, a mutual fund company with a focus on socially responsible investing. Her company, Numina, levels the playing field by using sensors to measure all forms of street activity, from bikes to pedestrians to dogs to bags of trash — anything that moves through public space. It is with immense sadness that we report the deaths of 2 more San Antonio residents. WASHINGTON, D.C. The resulting feature documentary, Landfall, is a window into how vulnerable people and people of color are more directly affected by climate change, and how people who survive disasters can build extraordinary communities that “help us imagine new worlds,” says Aldarondo. About five years ago, Ian Skor started Sandbox Solar out of his car, with zero dollars and a plan to become the local go-to for all things solar. On Twitter, Stokes also analyzes every Democratic candidate’s climate platform, breaking them down for her more than 24,000 followers. Train community members to fight for their rights. Amply recently struck a deal to demo charging for an all-electric school bus fleet in Brooklyn, with an eye to a fully electric school fleet for NYC by 2040. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, She has a capital idea: linking investors and communities, Funders and companies often have little personal connection to the people and places they want to invest in. But he discovered another love at age 12, when his mother (“bless her heart,” he says) brought him across town to his first improv comedy class. Now a graduate student studying sparrows, she’s also part of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, which mobilizes the faithful on the issue. “Indigenous communities have faced the loss of our world before,” NoiseCat says. Fashion and sustainability haven’t always gone hand in glove, but according to Lilian Liu, that’s changing. Cropland is ideal for solar panels, since wide-open fields soak up plenty of sun without getting so hot that panels overheat. “When I say these things, and put down a plate of food, the lightbulb goes off, and people have a new understanding about native people,” she says. “I was really frustrated, because I was getting all this information, but the conversations just weren’t being had in the community,” she says. VP, ENERGY SERVICES, SUNRUN INC. Wiki Bio of S. Nirenberg net worth is updated in 2020. At The Energy Group, which offers energy-savings services throughout the Midwest, Rice manages an evaluation process that focuses on how people actually use the buildings in question. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, She’s a spokes-person for more inclusive transit. The group aims to help the region leave behind the fossil-fuel industries that once supported it, and move toward a more sustainable, diversified economy, Vadakin says, “lifting up alternatives to the extractive, boom-and-bust cycles of oil, gas, and coal.”, Today, Vadakin oversees the group’s three mission-driven businesses: a bulk produce auction; a company that handles waste and recycling at festivals; and True Pigments, which creates paint pigments from iron-tainted waters around an abandoned coal mine.

Coal, he saw, “does awful things to people at every step of the process.” The experience led him to found Soulardarity, a membership-based nonprofit. But she caught on quick and wound up sticking with Inglis for two more years, writing the first Republican-sponsored carbon tax bill — a policy that would make polluters pay for burning carbon-emitting fuels. “I’m focused on mobilizing scientists and scientific institutions to be braver.”, COFOUNDER, MAD AGRICULTURE As of March, 4,000 people have registered to use the tool — including the people at Microsoft in nearby Redmond, who will use EC3 when modernizing the company’s corporate campus. Villaseñor, along with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and 14 other young people, also filed a human-rights violation complaint to the U.N. against five countries for failing to uphold Paris-Agreement pledges. “The goal is not self-purification,” she says. In high school, Wawa Gatheru became interested in environmental justice. You could call him a scientist, an artist, an educator, or an activist, but what Brandon Ballengée really does for a living is get people hooked on conservation. KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII, She’s working on a cure for the bovine belch. As a chemist, Tony Bova always wanted to make stuff. Echo-Hawk, who is Pawnee and Athabaskan, learned from her how to live off the land — and how to fight for what you believe in. “We need people who are representing us who understand that climate embodies everything,” she says.

City Hall MANDATING employment benefits is fundamentally wrong and against the law. He now has ties to a bushel of groups: At the Detroit Food Academy for instance, he shows local youth how, and why, to fish, and teaches them why maintaining traditions matters. In one recent week, she attended a leadership summit, hopped on a red-eye, protested in front of the U.N., and starred as a keynote speaker at a Model U.N. conference. It was later, when she was hired at the New York Immigration Coalition, that she joined the climate fight. Vasquez decided to run for local office following the 2016 elections — and won.

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