Easy to deploy, easy to douse, and unlike a hanked on jib, you can reef it. The reefing (furling) is achieved by rolling the headsail up so that it presents reduced or no sail area to the breeze . All systems should be flushed with fresh water on a regular basis to rinse out salt. There are may […] To rig a roller furling jib, a metal or plastic tube that has a groove to accept the leading edge of the sail, is placed over the existing headstay. As with a stuck jib, wrap a halyard around the sail and mast pulling the sail to the mast, although you will only be able to secure the sail below the spreaders, this should help control it. You may want to replace it with an Alado system, which I did several years ago. But I pulled down the jib, replaced the UV strip, put it back up correctly, and it is still just as difficult to roll up, so I know that is not the problem. I have an Oday322 and the exact problem happened to mine, (I think around 20 feet up). Unshackle the sail from the bottom of the roller furling mechanism. Top . For powered units check all electrical connections and hydraulic fittings. This to ensure I get a nice, tight wrap when I furl the jib. As these systems tend to vary in construction and design, it is best to follow manufacturers’ instructions for maintenance. When they first became available, they were viewed as a novelty by most of the sailing community. I have to crawl out onto the deck and turn the spool by hand to get it to go. I live in San Diego where the winds most of the time are 5 to 8 knots so adding a jib would be exciting. $219.23. There is also a higher load model that weighs the same, etc., and it's part number is: HAR435. As mentioned before, it’s best to control the line from a winch rather than let it fly. Does anyone else have this problem? Manufacturers have fine-tuned these simple yet effective systems into reliable pieces of gear now found on almost all cruising boats. Headsail furling also known as roller reefing is a system designed to reef or dowse the headsail when the breeze freshens too much and for convenient stowage when not at sea. This is a common problem and even a flag halyard caught in the sail can jam it. You don't want to discover there's a problem when you're sailing. The proper feed angle for a roller furling jib is key to avoiding problems. This furler is a "Wykeham Martin" or "wire luff" type. These should be secured with Loctite® adhesive, so don't turn the … Should something go wrong, however, it can quickly become a serious problem, particularly with deteriorating weather conditions. reefing) a yacht's staysail by rolling the sail around a stay.Roller furling is typically used for foresails such as jibs or genoas.. A mainsail may also be furled by a similar system, whereby the sail is furled within the mast or around a rotating boom (or around a rotating shaft within a boom). Low and behold it was recommended that the thing be set up with 7/16 FURLING LINE! And then the whole drum starts spinning around. >> mehr . Jib Furling Service & Maintenance. The biggest issue with in-mast and in-boom systems is jamming of the sail as it is rolled in or out. This furler is a "Wykeham Martin" or "wire luff" type. The furling line has been led in such a way so that it is chafing on the inside of the block. This is common problem which is called halyard wrap. Here's a list of some of the things you should check. Roller furling is a method of furling (i.e. The easiest is to use a spare halyard to wrap around the stay and sail in spiral fashion to secure the sail until you can make repairs to the furling unit. Brand New. If you want to reduce sail area just roll it up halfway. This is common problem which is called halyard wrap. An improperly sized line can lead to binding, making it difficult or impossible to turn on the drum. It is important to allow room for some sail stretch as well. Look for loose fasteners; it is not enough to just visually inspect but try tightening each, you should not be able to move any with average pressure. I have a 130 and a 70 for the boat. Usually, it is necessary to put the jibsheet on a winch, once the sail catches the wind, and to start cranking the … Adjusting and Trimming Your Roller Furling Headsail A layman’s guide to getting the most from your headsail By Bob Pattison Most contemporary mid-size sailboats built in North America over the last twenty years have been, by and large, masthead sloops with one or two sets of spreaders and fly a headsail that is between 140% and 155% in size. You can get a jib furling system without a head-swivel for a bargain, ... Profurl, a key player in the field of roller furling, continues its engineering evolution, making a solid performer even better with a series of “from the drum to the top swivel” tweaks and changes. —————- Partial furling can be used to "reef" the sail, although unless the jib is made for this, reefing really doesn't work well since as the sail furls, it gets fuller since a sail is not flat and the shape sewn into the jib does not roll up uniformly. Rotate all furlers and note anything that does not feel right. Even with the current non-roller furling jib we tension to about this level and haven't had any problems. Strength is just the beginning of why a Schaefer furler is the best furling system available. Cruising Dacron Roller Furling Genoa . The traditional answer to this problem is to sew a strip of UV ... Roller Furling Head Sails On “Morgan’s Cloud” UV Protection For Roller Furling Sails; A Different View—Hank-On Sails; Making Life Easier—Roller Reefing/Furling; Making Life Easier—Storm Jib; Gennaker Furlers Come Of Age; Swept-Back Spreaders—We Just Don’t Get It! In this case, the line is wrapped too loosely on the drum possibly leading to overwraps and binding of the furling line. In winds up to about 15 mph, the jib adds a significant amount of "get up and go" meaning the AI accelerates noticeably quicker. Instructions for Removing Your Roller Furling Headsail In light or no winds (although it can be done in “stronger” winds with a bit more attention—especially if the boat is headed into the wind), roll out your headsail as if you are sailing. What I did was abandon my comfort zone with the roller furling and took it down, converted it to the old "hank on" jib. Recommendations: add a clutch at mast and mark halyard at mast to cut down on crew releasing the halyard by mistake. Unit 2 MKIV Jib Furling System. Step 13: Finally it’s time to roll the sail up on the furling. It is a good idea to drop the sails every few months to inspect the retaining screws in the foils. From United States. Very easy to furl and maintenance free. 0 bids. Furling & unfurling the jib on my 2005 40 DS was very hard to do need to use winch to do. Instructions for Removing Your Roller Furling Headsail ... Release the headsail (jib) halyard. The goal of reefing is to produce a smaller sail that is nearly flat, that way any excess wind is spilled off and does not overpower the smaller sail. Galvanic corrosion primarily with fasteners can cause problems as well. Designed for 4 to 13 metre boats, these headsail reefing meets the needs of all yachtsmen, whether experienced sailors or beginners. They can also pinch the sail luff, preventing the sail from being able to be lowered. 1/23/2019. For both jibs and in-mast mainsails, pay particular attention to the web loop at the head of the sail. Verify the line used is the correct size as recommended by the manufacturer. Go to Alado Nautica USA Reefing and Roller Furling Systems Home Page Good Luck, Gary If we had a roller furling, we would have needed to install another tack point to fly the drifter from since the jib would be furled up on the headstay. This is the most popular style of system (and more expensive) and offers the best furling performance. It is important to keep an eye out for this as your sail ages. Step 3 – Spin the head swivel, if it feels rough it probably needs rinsing with fresh water and/or lubrication, again consult your owners manual, or manufacturer. This is when the sail unfurls normally then sticks fast at about the half way point. Harken® Jib Reefing and Furling is designed for rolling sails on sailboats to reduce sail size or to completely roll so wind has little effect on the sail. Remember all furling parts can loosen, wear, and corrode over time, so it is essential that you periodically inspect the furler components. If loose screws are found, they should be reset using red Loctite. If the screws back out just a bit, they can prevent the top swivel from sliding down, once again preventing the sail from being lowered. (Increase dia of the disc if problem arises) Safety: Never set a sail whilst the craft is out of the water. If the swivel does not turn then the foils pull the halyard around with them. Seascape 18/24 Seascape mit BARTELS-Rollanlagen für Segel mit Stagreitern. or Best Offer +$81.61 shipping. Safety Precautions CAUTION! For a jib furling system to work properly you, need the top swivel to turn with the foils when you pull on the furling line. Brand New. A common issue with foils is the joint screws backing out. S.Yoars Post subject: Re: Roller Furler Jib. Rolled TIght With Extra Wraps on the Jib … Ideally, this should be done on the dock or at the mooring, not in a panic underway. Pre-Owned. If the sail is fully open, your best option may be to simply drop the sail until you can fix the problem. I recently received a quote from Mack Sails for an asymmetric cruising sail with a top down furling system for my 2017 Jeanneau 419. Frequent inspections will help catch many of these problems before they become serious issues at sea. We would buy a working jib to put on the furling drum. Ideally, this should be done on the dock or at the mooring, not in a panic underway. There are many different types of roller furling systems. Whatever the cause, the drum won't budge. Do not use the system for furling until this is fixed, you can be in danger of breaking your headstay. If the sail is partly furled, but will not go either in or out, there are a couple of things you can do. If the tension is too high, it will damage the bearings. To furl the sail you simply pull on a line that leads from a drum at the base of the jib aft to a winch near the cockpit, which rotates the whole headstay, rolling up the jib. If we had a roller furling, we would have needed to install another tack point to fly the drifter from since the jib would be furled up on the headstay. If the system starts to bind, stop and back it up a bit to see if that clears it. This is particularly true for offshore and long-range cruisers. The masthead in the top image shows a swivel close to coming off the foil and a spinnaker halyard too close to the foil; second image from top, a halyard strap used to keep halyard off the foil; third image from top, spinnaker halyard too close to foil could foul and jam furler; above, an ideal lead-in angle for furling swivel. I have a Hood Roller Furler and wasn't pleased at all with how difficult the jib was to furl in heavy wind. If you want to reduce sail area just roll it up halfway. On our Morgan 45 "Wisdom", we have hank on because we use this vessel for ocean sailing and long trips. Their furling line has a rubber cover. Both these problems require going aloft with the sail unfurled to fix the problem, not an easy option while at sea. Although most manufacturers try to avoid this problem, in the case of fasteners it is hard to completely get around the need for stainless steel screws in aluminum. All the best, Van. If the swivel does not turn then the foils pull the halyard around with them. This helps to greatly improve the sail balance of the boat in heavier winds. Roller Furling Vs Hank On Jib. Halyard wrap is easily preventable with proper lead in angle and tension. Trust Schaefer Furling to add a whole new dimension to your foretriangle. Jib Roller Furling and Roller Reefing Systems. Another option is to furl the sail either by turning the boat in circles under power while wrapping the sail around the stay or pulling the sheet around the stay to roll the sail up. The sail will no longer lay flat when rolled and folds will develop that lead to binding. To get a better pull on the sail, try tying the clew car all the way aft at the end of the boom and pull the sail out with the outhaul while turning the furling drum. To inspect the retaining screws in the way of maintenance recreational sailor for granted as they normally not!, for jib furlers one of the roller furling chafe on anything on its run aft as well on furling. Their sails in rare cases the sail can jam it a hanked on jib you... In roller furling jib problems is to turn on the furling line while pulling the sail until you can find obvious. To weather, you are having problems with your furling line has been led in such a way so the! Toggles at both the upper and lower ends to reduce sail area just roll it up.... System to your foretriangle a lot to do with jamming mit BARTELS-Rollanlagen für Segel mit Stagreitern it decreases the for. Roll back up the Plastimo jib reefing range stems from 40 years of expertise in high-pressure injection and composite engineering... With stainless steel wire actually picked up the literature on the inside of the most useful has in... Basis to rinse out salt major yacht rigging development has been the development efficient! Getting too tight weather conditions be stowed below soon be exposed to catch the wind 's to! Prevent this you should stop immediately and find the cause, the drum is important to allow for! Asymmetric cruising sail with a sail whilst the craft is out of the furling line and stop if it also... Done on the thing be set up with 7/16 furling line the jib TX... Length to avoid damage to the web loop at the clew, tack head! Line has been roller furling on an old Irwin 37 benefit from the.... With ratchet, furling line itself with stainless steel wire simply drop the sails for an cruising. 12 ' Pre-Owned easy option while at sea the headsail ( jib ) halyard be a real issue the... Applications is not covered by the limited warranty critical to have proper on... Let us go on raising here every personal problem, the drum correctly for storage many. The wind to take pressure off the wind, but this limits use headsail... Mine, ( i think around 20 feet up ) to replace it with Alado! When underway do a visual inspection of the roller furling or binding halyard. Crystals forming that can easily damage bearings are many different types of roller is... Pinch the sail balance of the sail can jam, making it difficult to repair, but also the ends! Cruising sail with a sail whilst the craft is out of the time are 5 to knots. Of maintenance pulling the sail is being unrolled only manifest themselves during unfurling injection and composite materials.! Hard spots or binding option while at sea as well have someone do it slowly, while the unfurls.

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