Election Procedures Liz at Large It would be the furthest the Capitals would go during Langway's time with the team. We had some good runs at the Stanley Cup. Books But to acknowledge the dawning of a new age, the public school’s representative in the 1954 city title game melded the best players from black schools with the best players from white schools. Spirit of Hockey Retail Store Education Program ", That autumn, the Bulls sent Rod down to the Hampton Gulls, an American Hockey League affiliate located in Virginia. In the summer of 1977, Rod Langway was drafted by both the Montreal Canadiens (NHL) and the Birmingham Bulls (WHA). Basketball District Line Daily: Our news, politics, arts, food, and sports coverage in one email every weekday. Whoops! Like a bloody MMA match, Giannatto’s story will keep you riveted even though the whole time you know that before it’s over you’re gonna feel real bad. So the All-Stars that faced the Johnnies at Griffith Stadium on Dec. 4, 1954 made up the first integrated team in the city. Additionally, Rod represented the United States in three Canada Cup tournaments and a World Championship, and was part of the NHL's squad facing the Soviets at Rendez-vous '87. The Capitals finished second in their division, but again, were thwarted by the Islanders, this time in the division final. Theater, Football In 1983-84, Langway repeated both honours, again winning the Norris and a berth on the First All-Star Team. Janey acknowledged, however, the player was, in fact, ineligible. Feel bad story of the day: Rod Langway and the “daughter by genes” that the former Washington Capitals captain has no relationship with, other than $700 a month child support payments. And, it turned out to be a great, great game.”, (AFTER THE JUMP: Morgan Wootten’s old boss loves Old Blue Eyes? Dynasties In 1989-90, Washington went to the conference final, but were eliminated by Boston. I liked watching Ricky Ley play. Performance/Dance While most boys were already quite advanced playing hockey by the age of thirteen, Rod's athleticism and aptitude allowed him to catch up quickly, and he soon became a local three-sport threat. Housing Complex "That was the first time I met John Brophy, who was our head coach. There was no hockey history and if there was any, it was negative. "The Montreal Canadiens were the team that you would want to play for. Records & Rankings In his first season with the Montreal Canadiens Langway was sent to the AHL where he would suit up for the Nova Scotia Voyageurs. Just to make the club and be on the ice with the greats like (Guy) Lafleur, (Larry) Robinson and (Serge) Savard, and you could go on and on. For more on Droze and Harris, pick up a paper! Langway retired from the Capitals following the 1992-93 season, however Born: 3-May-1957Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan, Gender: MaleRace or Ethnicity: WhiteSexual orientation: StraightOccupation: Hockey, Nationality: United StatesExecutive summary: NHL Hall of Famer, Wife: Teresa (four children)Daughter: Maya Rose, High School: Randolph High School, Randolph, MA    University: University of New Hampshire, Norris Trophy 1982/83    Norris Trophy 1983/84    Hockey Hall of Fame 2002, SPORTS FRANCHISE HISTORY    Washington Capitals (1982-93)    Montreal Canadiens (1978-82), Do you know something we don't? “The players felt they were part of a great happening, like it was historic. A nutshell background: Despite the recent Brown vs. the Board of Education ruling banning segregration, in the fall of 1954 D.C. schools still had either all black or all white football teams, and because the Supreme Court’s decision came too late to overhaul the schedule that year, the black squads didn’t play the white squads all season. Loose Lips City Lights: Brave the Jurassic Quest Dinosaur Drive-Thru, District Line Daily: Meet Your New At-Large Councilmember, Locals Head to Swanky Hotels With Low Occupancy Rates for Staycations, Coworking, Landlord, Tenants, and a Future D.C. Councilmember Clash at La Coop, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. He was also runner-up to Wayne Gretzky for the Hart Trophy as the league's most valuable player. "I have five brothers and a sister," explains Rod. In 104 playoff games, Rod scored five times, assisted on 22 others and collected 27 points. The (New England) Patriots only won something like one game in five years when I was a kid and for some reason, I became a (Miami) Dolphins fan. "It was a case that it was simply my time," shrugs Langway. Clyde Langway, 58, of New Bedford, formerly of Middleboro and Randolph, passed away on June 2, 2017 after a period of failing health. Induction Showcase Maternal Health, Arts Club Among the folks I felt honored to talk to about that game was Morgan Wootten. Classifieds, About Us “I guess you could say we went free agency for a quick fix for one year” in 2006, Ware said, “but then we went into the draft to develop.”. Did You Know? Previously, the best team from a white public school faced the Catholic Schools division champ. It's Rod Langway, who was born into an American military family based in Taiwan on May 3, 1957. There were a number of reasons why Rod flourished in Washington. Real weird story in yesterday’s Washington Post about Ballou’s football program. Time Capsule Or, no punishment whatsover. Larry (Robinson) was there, and was put on the ice during certain situations that I was getting in Washington. NHL Player Search ", While attending Randolph High School, Rod was the quarterback of the Rockets. I skimmed it when it came out last week, but once my brother asked for my opinion I decided to read the whole thing. But a funny thing happened with the Langway trade — the Capitals made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history and never missed post-season play in any of the eleven seasons in which Rod was a team member. Admission Rates City Desk Stanley Cup Journal "I watch all kinds of sports and I just like good sports. Page Three "To be recognized as a Hall of Famer makes you feel old, but every time I go back there for special occasions, it feels like a country club." Being the captain and being recognized as a key player with the Washington Capitals, along with the way I played, helped me win the Norris Trophy. Gear Prudence Museums/Galleries I was in awe. Doug Jarvis took the Selke Award for best defensive forward, goaltenders Pat Riggin and Al Jensen won the Jennings Trophy for the best goals-against average, and Bryan Murray was selected as coach of the year, winning the Jack Adams Trophy. Wootten’s seen his share of momentous sporting events. The way it was set up, I only missed three games of hockey, which were essentially exhibition games anyway, during two years of college. The Washington Capitals had joined the National Hockey League in 1974-75 and had experienced nothing but frustration and failure from the onset. "If I had stayed in Montreal, I would have been the same kind of player, but I wouldn't have received the accolades of winning the Norris Trophy because I would have been put into different situations. Privacy Policy He counts the St. John’s/All-Star game among them. Feel bad story of the day: Rod Langway and the "daughter by genes" that the former Washington Capitals captain has no relationship with, other than $700 a month child support payments. City Lights: Your weekly guide to artsy goings-on, hitting your inbox Thursdays and Sundays. Son of the late Elder (Stone) Langway and Kenneth Langway. Visitor Information Audio/Video Vault Yet, Washington had seen a light at the end of the dark tunnel, and this time, it wasn't an on-coming train. Langway captured the Norris Trophy as the NHL's best defender in 1982 and 1983 and was known as one of the games best. Venue Rentals Events Calendar And what was Ware’s punishment for ignoring DCIAA’s eligibility and residency rules? That season, with spectacular netminding from Ken Dryden, the Big Three defencemen (Guy Lapointe, Larry Robinson and Serge Savard) at the zenith of their careers and superstar Guy Lafleur firing 52 goals and 129 points, the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup. Group Sales Biography. Soccer In 1999, Rod was elected to the United States Hockey Hall of Fame, and he was selected for the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002. Plus, I liked the campus at New Hampshire. The following day, Clifford B. Janey, the superintendent of D.C. schools at the time, upheld Ballou’s appeal, saying the challenge lodged by another school to investigate Ballou wasn’t filed in time, rendering the challenge null. Ballou was allowed back into the playoffs. Honoured Members Pro Classics Stanley Cup Tribute Washington finished third in the Patrick Division, but lost to the Islanders in the division semi-final. Just two days before the 2006 DCIAA playoffs began, Ballou was ruled ineligible for using players who were not meeting academic standards. "I got traded into the States and came into a pretty bad situation in Washington. It was the only Stanley Cup championship won by Langway during his storied career. Almost 1,400 readers support our work and make it free for everyone else. "Not many Division One clubs were recruiting me as a hockey player, although I had opportunities at Division Two schools.

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