Thank you so much to everyone who has been kind. Beckinsale had become a popular and recognisable figure over the course of the preceding decade – not least for playing regular characters in two of television’s most highly-regarded and successful sitcoms at the same time. His last completed screen performance was once again as Godber, in the film version of Porridge. newspaper archive. For a while the two shows were running concurrently on opposing channels. Europe’s leading online retailer of celebrity items has high-quality photos from TV, sports, movies, and more. "Len really loved Richard," recalls Don Warrington. In Rising Damp, he played Alan, a long-haired Left-wing medical student, the butt of jibes from his bullying landlord Rigsby, played by the late Leonard Rossiter. That ended with the sack when he fell asleep at the job, and was found at a bus depot five miles away. One can only wonder what Beckinsale might have achieved had he lived. RICHARD BECKINSALE, RONNIE BARKER, FULTON MACKAY & BRIAN GLOVER Television 'PORRIDGE' (1974) Directed By SYDNEY LOTTERBY 04 May 1974 SSG25399 Allstar Collection/BBC **WARNING** This photograph can only be reproduced by publications in conjunction with the promotion of the above TV Programme. Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox. Regie: Kenneth Branagh aka. Beautiful man and amazing actor. Richard Beckinsale, father of Kate and star of hit TV shows Rising Damp and Porridge, died in his sleep on this day in 1979. Richard with his baby daughter and her mum Judy (Image: Instagram) Read More Related Articles. That ended with the sack when he fell asleep at the job, and was found at a bus depot five miles away. Two years later, he won a scholarship for RADA. This was released in cinemas in August 1979. Archive clips of his TV and film career (including 'Porridge' and 'Rising Damp') are featured alongside interviews with friends, co-stars and his actress daughters, Samantha and Kate. At the start of 1979 the world looked to be at Beckinsale's feet. That summer saw the release of the film version of Porridge. Richard Beckinsale and Judy Loe were popular British TV actors whose daughter Kate was born in 1973. For Editorial Use Only. He was very good-looking. The trajectory of his career was upwards. He also woke up in a cold sweat having had a dream he was dying from a heart attack. The pair had some memorable exchanges. It’s so weird as a five-year-old to look out in the street and see people reading the paper and crying while you’re crying and your mum is crying and your granny’s crying. "I know where the Himalayas are but I've never been up 'em!" He played the sexually-frustrated Geoffrey, eternally thwarted in his attempts to sleep with Wilcox’s ditsy Beryl. He explained: "I told him it's a very dicey profession. Kate has said that being able to watch the father she hardly knew in his old TV shows has been "extremely comforting". His teacher said he was the best Dopey she had ever seen. He told her he felt tired. A post-mortem revealed a congenital defect. Forty years ago today, rising comedy star Richard Beckinsale, a favourite in the hugely popular sitcoms Rising Damp and Porridge, died in his sleep aged just 31, leaving behind a devastated wife and two bewildered young daughters. Want to watch unlimited royal shows? Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Stephen Frears, who had dinner with him a few days before he died, said: "He talked about having high cholesterol but also raged against the National Theatre for not taking him seriously as an actor.". By Chas Early Last updated: 15 March 2019 - 2.27pm He met his second wife, the actress Judy Loe, while working in rep at Crewe. In a final phone call to friends he said he had pains in his arms and chest but made light of it. 226,144,182 stock photos, vectors and videos, Richard Beckinsale actor with wife Judy Loe and daughter Kate Beckinsale,,, DON WARRINGTON, RICHARD BECKINSALE, LEONARD ROSSITER, RISING DAMP, 1974,, British actor Richard Beckinsale with Judy Lowe and their newborn baby daughter Kate September 1973 MSI Mirrorpix,, PORRIDGE 1978 Black Lion film with Ronnie Barker at right as Fletcher and Richard Beckinsale as Godber,, Richard Beckinsale TV actor with his girlfriend Judy Loe and young daughter Katie 3 1 2 at his home in Twickenham,, RISING DAMP, from left: Richard Beckinsale, Don Warrington, leonard Rossiter (front), 1974-1978,, Richard Beckinsale with Judy Low and daughter Kate Beckinsale msi,, Judy Loe and daughter at Beckinsale Memorial Service,,, WARRINGTON,BECKINSALE,ROSSITER, RISING DAMP, 1974,,, BECKINSALE,ROSSITER,TOUR,WARRINGTON, RISING DAMP, 1974,, Actor Richard Beckinsale with girlfreind Judy Low and daughter Kate Beckinsale March 1977 msi,, PORRIDGE, (aka DOING TIME), from left: Richard Beckinsale, Ronnie Barker, 1979, © ITC/courtesy Everett Collection,, Judy Loe with daughter Kate Beckinsale widow and daughter of the late Richard Beckinsale at home in the garden,, VIEL LÄRM UM NICHTS / Much Ado About Nothing USA/UK 1993 / Kenneth Branagh Szene mit BRIAN BLESSED (Antonio), RICHARD BRIERS (Leonato), KENNETH BRANAGH (Benedikt), KATE BECKINSALE (Hero), EMMA THOMPSON (Beatrice) und PHYLLIDA LAW (Ursula).

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