We usually include reinforcement with 35mm of cover to the base of the soffit which will give a 2 hour fire rating, however if the engineer specifies differently then we will include as requested. 9. A. Get in touch to find out if we can deliver to your area. What clearance do you need between flights in order to have a side fix handrail? ", https://www.homegymuk.com/testimonials/natalie-petersfield/. It also allows the bottom rail of the handrail to be lifted higher, thus avoiding swan-necks at junctions in many places. Based on Architects & Engineers drawings, Stair Master generate a set of approval drawings for the stair flights. You pay for installation and the initial six months, then you can continue to rent month to month, buy the stairlift outright or have us remove it (removal is free of charge). If your clients are hard-core workout people … Less crane time – Can block and tackle and sort out by hand, StairMaster work from existing architects/engineers drawings to design the stair formwork. Yes, please speak to us about a price/lead time for this. While you’re renting (short or long term), you won’t have to worry about any repair or service costs, and when you decide you don’t need your temporary stairlift any more, we’ll come and remove it. If renting a stairlift seems like the right option for you, give us a call today. The rental payment depends on the stairlift option you choose and will be determined when we measure your stairs. ", https://www.homegymuk.com/testimonials/colin-blandford/, "The spinner is fab thank you, I even found a DVD on ebay, Loving it. With the Stairmaster StepMill 3, you can choose from over 25 workout combinations, from easy to challenging, to keep you motivated. Revolving staircase with 6” high and 9” deep steps (from 26 to 162 steps per min), 10 programs, including time, watts, calories, heart rate, levels 1-20, floors per minute and floors climbed, Training goals can be set by Time Goal, Calories Goal or Floors Goal, Heart rate pulse grips on handlebars, Polar compatible, Automatic safety stop sensor located at the base of the steps will stop the stairs immediately when triggered, Built in reading racks and water bottle holder, Product dimensions (LxWxH): 46 x 29 x 73 inches. You’ll feel your glutes, thighs, calves and core. Do Stair Master also supply a wall mounted handrail to match the full height rails? Excellent customer service A. Canada's most trusted source for fitness equipment rental, Easyfitness puts you in charge of your fitness commitment. Rowing Machine Hire Do you have calculations for your handrails to demonstrate their strength? Comments are incorporated & updated on the approval drawings, until Status A is granted. ", https://www.homegymuk.com/testimonials/london/, "Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on my experience so far. Very impressed. The Stairmaster StepMill 3 is a cardiovascular and strength workout in one! The treadmill provided by Home Gym was perfect, a much sturdier model than I expected based on my experience of home treadmills, and at a fair price.

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