Though his breakthrough Acid Rap has some of that spirituality, it’s mixed in with drug tales and some of his catalog’s darkest moments. But it helps, though. Life it seems to fade away/Drifting further everyday/Getting lost within … His message clearly struck a chord – a year later it had almost 600.000 likes, 55.000 comments and it was shared 137.000 times. The. When a superstar as successful and respected as him brings up his own therapist, that tells those that might still be in doubt that really anyone can be affected. Following his break-up with Brittany Byrd, Uzi found himself in a bad space. Ketchup94. That shit is depressing as a mothefucker. His lyrical ingenuity allows him to address a plethora of subjects with nuance and vivid insight. Of course, Super Future flexes (“Started rockin' Balmains like they Levis”), but here, it only draws a deep unhappiness into focus. that he checked himself into a rehab because of his struggles with prescription medications, anxiety, depression, and suicidal urges. Released as a single in 1996, “Stressed Out’ spoke to the realities of anxiety, taking prescribed medicine, and building strong support systems long before it became mainstream. "But after that song, people started coming to me with tears in their eyes. The anger directed towards his absentee father on "Where Have You Been" is eventually met with the smug charms of success by the end of that verse. Rashad Grove is a writer from NJ whose work has appeared on BET, Billboard, MTV News, Okayplayer, High Snobiety, Medium, Revolt TV, The Source Magazine, and others. It helps”). Death is very much a part of life, a lesson that everyone has to learn, and there is no escaping this reality. But even the Clipse could not escape the psychological toil that comes with the drug game. It's a fateful ending for all parties involved. Death is very much a part of life, a lesson that everyone has to learn, and there is no escaping this reality. The truth behind the song gives it an authenticity that is still felt almost 30 years later. Throughout the track, Mensa paints a portrait of his personal experiences of mental health combined with his drug use and consumption of alcohol to ease with the pain. Here Are 24 Rap Songs That Address Mental Health & Depression, Though society has recently developed the language and perspective to expand our understanding — through data and first-hand accounts —, the current conversation surrounding wellness and mental health isn’t quite new; it’s been subtly channeled through music through time. There's not even a sorta happy ending here. , The Geto Boys capture the reality of Post Traumatic Syndrome within urban communities. Hip-hop artists have delved deeper into discussing the reality of mental wellness and how it affects their personal and professional lives, from being vocal about getting therapy to coping through self-care. To change your cookie settings, please click on "Settings". Joe Budden & Emanny – “Only Human” (2015). Sampling Sting’s “Shape of My Heart,” “Lucid Dream” is an emo-rap ballad that captures the mental anguish when relationships end. Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill vividly describe the various mental states of paranoia, schizophrenia, and depression. Lil Wayne, in one of his most transparent verses, addresses many of things that makes him mad, but he also talks about his suicide attempt at a young age. Logic addresses homophobia and bullying on the track, two common occurrences that often lead to suicide. On “1-800-273-8255,” Logic tackles the issue of suicide head on. 7 Answers. On “Smile,” he reveals that his mother, Gloria Carter, is gay, and he cried tears of joy when she met her partner. In honor of Mental Awareness Month, here’s a roundup of 24 memorable rap songs about depression, featuring tracks from Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and more.Top Someone needs to talk you through why you’re feeling these feelings.”. The latter part—rapped over haunted piano plunks and weepy saxophones—is particularly affecting, because the level of detail shows that Lamar is truly spilling a piece of himself: “You even FaceTimed instead of a hospital visit / Guess you thought he would recover well / Third surgery, they couldn't stop the bleeding for real.” While the praise around. “Three of your brothers are dead and your mother used to beat you,” he said in one of his Footnotes episodes. And historically, rap music has always served as a medium for artists to share their struggles. It's part motherly tribute, part youthful angst, and all honest, blunt emotion. Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and the late Phife Dawg created the blueprint that so many have drawn from. Though his breakthrough, has some of that spirituality, it’s mixed in with drug tales and some of his catalog’s darkest moments. “Wounds” is an authentic portrayal of an artist that’s fighting for their mental life. He has shared his past personal experiences through his music occasionally, but he mostly kept his listening audience at somewhat of a distance. Hip-hop artists have delved deeper into discussing the reality of mental wellness and how it affects their personal and professional lives, from being v, In their classic “Mind is Playing Tricks on Me,” from their debut album. Cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the functioning of the website and used to collect personal data about analysis, advertisements and other embedded content are referred to as unnecessary cookies. The Best Notorious B.I.G Songs of All Time, Dive into the best new hip hop with our list of 2020's top rap songs, best Keeping Up with the Kardashians episodes. will always stand above the pack because of Pete Rock's legendary production, but there's also a sad story at its core. See, to live is to suffer. Featured on his highly acclaimed LP, “u” explores his previous encounters with depression, suicidal thoughts, and survivor’s guilt. "Runaway love" by ludacris and mary j bilge is also a great example. Album: Ready To Die Producer: Lord Finesse Label: Bad Boy Death was a common theme in Biggie's music and never is it more chilling than on Ready To Die closer, "Suicidal Thoughts." How many good hip hop songs about sadness can you think of off the top of your head? The Notorious B.I.G — “Suicidal Thoughts” (1994). This tragic four-minute "girl who cried wolf" scenario feels like a short film onto itself. So, in honor of Mental Awareness Month, here’s a roundup of 10 memorable hip-hop songs from the past and present that address depression. Even the best and most successful rappers have had moments of depression and suicidal thoughts. Hip hop songs about being sad are common in the genre, and for this list, it's up to you to vote up the very best rap songs about depression. On “Grief,” Sweatshirt deals with the angst of human mortality. Jay-Z is acknowledging that such perfection is a mere illusion. But it helps, though. He explained: One of the only reasons that I put that track on there is that I feel like it’s the best song out of that batch that I did when I wasn’t sober. “I see it always he still be screaming / I see his demons in empty hallways.” “Acid Rain” makes it clear that Chance’s faith has been tested—which is perhaps why it’s so strong. If confident stars like them speak out it also shows that mental illnesses can affect anyone. Rumored to have undergone chemotherapy treatment directly before recording his verse, Poetic openly addresses his fight with cancer on the record. “Acid Rain” surveils a sense of hopelessness around him and the lingering trauma of watching his friend. Logic has called “1-800-273-8255” the “most important song” of his career. Organized Konfusion’s anthem about stress helped to change the narrative about the intersection of mental health and hip-hop. X explains his youthful exploits in harrowing detail over a sufficiently moody Grover Washington Jr. sample, giving some context to his oft-publicized problems with the law. Also, he talks about how beneficial therapy has been as he attempted to rebuild his marriage that was on the brink of collapse. “Losing My Mind,” is Monch’s attempt to add to the collective conversation of the need for therapy in the African American community. Although drug use has always been a part of hip-hop culture, Wayne — who was the most popular rapper in the world at the time — describing his dependency on the anti-anxiety pill Xanax was a game-changer. EP, “Only Human” was recorded the day after he was released from jail, details his struggle with his mental state. ", Even Lil Wayne had to open up about his personal struggles during his commercial peak at the end of last decade. The late Mac Miller was definitely ahead of the game with his track “Self-Care.” The song was written after his break-up with Ariana Grande. During the recording process, Monch was struggling with depression and trying to maintain his sobriety. Wayne opened the door for rappers to share openly about the destructive nature of addiction and how mental illness impacts us in numerous ways. But to survive…Well, that’s to find meaning in the suffering.”, is your favorite rapper’s, favorite rapper. He interweaves the loss of his grandmother, distrust of anything and everybody, and all the anxiety that comes along with it. is one of the most heralded MCs in hip-hop. Hip-hop has been cranking out living-it-up bangers for decades, but the average historian is (or should be) aware that dark thoughts aren’t a foreign concept for the genre. Find out Why and What You Can Do about It. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. In October 2016 the rapper Kid Cudi shared an emotional post on his official Facebook page. There’s some very dark moments in there. It's a sad story that makes you reconsider, and possibly stop judging, the rapper's complicated life path. Always an open book, he bore his soul on “Only Human.”  From his Some Love Lost EP, “Only Human” was recorded the day after he was released from jail, details his struggle with his mental state. Instead of mulling over lost loved ones ("Miss U") or speculating about potential assailants ("My Downfall"), Big turns the gun on himself due to mounting stress in what remains a shocking twist. Nearly two decades later, the song still evokes emotion like few others. Below you'll find popular songs that you've definitely heard before, but also some more underground rap songs with suicide in the title or lyrics. a “therapy session” that he wrote while going through struggles in his relationship. He didn’t need that much technical ability to express a just-opened wound. “I need better thoughts, I need better vibes,” he says right after mentioning his success. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. Throughout the album, Sean talks about anxiety, meditation, and how therapy has allowed him to be in a much better place. Weezy has mentioned, could be considered the personification of modern, was definitely ahead of the game with his track “Self-Care.” The song, was written after his break-up with Ariana Grande. It helps”). In the opening refrain, X, with piercing insight says, “This life shit, this life shit is like is like bugged the fuck out, son, for real. At the time, his life was spiraling out of control. Death was a common theme in The Notorious B.I.G.’s music and never is it more apparent than on “Suicidal Thoughts.” Produced by the legendary Lord Finesse, “Suicidal Thoughts” was arguably one of the most exceptional rap songs on the late rapper’s debut.

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