Review your goals, roles, processes, team commitments, and the dashboard of measurements you use to track progress. That way, he “knows he can count on you—and that you’re not just being a good soldier.” Then follow up with actions that demonstrate your support. By starting with the storyline above, you can activate your team’s confidence while still being clear about what needs to change. Transitioning to the New Reality: 3 Areas That Demand Leadership Focus. Half of his prior team was let go. 10 Questions Employees Will Have About Any Change, A Senior Change Advisor's Approach to Managing Resistance to Change. Adapted and reprinted with permission from “Starting a Transformation? 10 most common employee questions Will there be a job for me in the new company or will my position be eliminated? Benefits might include better tools, improved work processes, more secure jobs, and new opportunities for you to advance your career. Try drawing the journey of each of your inherited teams or team members on flip charts on a wall. Here are some pointers on how to do that. If I wait long enough, will the change just go away? As new players are assigned, processes can easily become muddled, handoffs dropped, and best practices forgotten. In most cases a company will change, even in the face of resistance from employees and especially if financial success is at stake. Lack of Awareness is often the number one cause of change resistance among employees, yet it is the easiest resistance point to fix. “You need to figure out the most important and least important parts of your new job.” Remember your boss is likely to be stretched thin too so you should “go to her with a proposal” about how you ought to allocate your attention and time. Get creative, and try to bring this new challenge to life as vividly and concretely as possible, building on what your team already knows and understands. Because you know how your team is already thinking, you can focus these experiences on exactly where you want to expand their view and spark new ideas. “He took me aside and said, ‘You’re young in your career to focus on only HR. And how do you know when it’s time to move on? What can I do to help?’” Showing compassion is not only kind it’s also a smart career move, according to Coyne. Starting a Transformation? For businesses, the risk of not changing could mean: For employees, the risk of not changing could mean: Employees usually find out what is happening after the fact. (One team drew their journey as a roller-coaster!) His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results.

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