I wouldn’t recommend going into this drama expecting logic or a particularly strong female lead — Wei Young is quite passive and often acts defensively rather than preemptively (unlike her drama successors). Although I haven't finished reading whole novel, I feel that drama writer is using events/plots from both before and after weiyang rebirth. It’s true that the story isn’t original and it has been told multitudes of time before and after — see, The Story of Ming Lan, The Story of Yanxi Palace, Empress Ki. She had been sent away at birth to the country because she was deemed to be ‘unlucky’ (something about her birth date and astrology) and was also the result of the Prime Minister liaison with a servant (now his 7th concubine). Firstly, her achievement are exagerrated. I'm giving this novel a low rate for a reason, which I will say at the end. ( Log Out /  The pacing was neither slow or too fast but was kept me interested. The villain are killed in many very satisfied ways, that is why I still continue to read raw of this novel, despite a bunch of plot hole. Unlike her, Shen Miao and her husband, although are very ruthless to their enemy, but if other people treat them with sincere heart, they will never use them as tools. She is saved by a country girl called Wei Young who happens to be the illegitimate daughter of the Prime Minister to the Northern Wei. The man who once swore to abandon her became someone who can’t live without her. I watch eternal love and love 020. A two-faced, hypocritical older stepsister? This show reminds me of Game of Thrones the Chinese verison and I couldn’t real get into GOT as much. To see that palace drama play out. I am hooked on Asian series now. It was obvious from the start that she was in love with Tuoba Yu but seeing him falling in love with Wei Young makes her jealous and vindictive. I was hoping that Chang Ru and him would have a happy ending eventhough she was blinded by obsession. Have you watched the Story of Minglan? Married to a prince, helped him became an emperor, betrayed by her sister (s), child (s) death, dragged down from position, desposed by her husband. ploys against their lives made me want to skip some parts. Learn how your comment data is processed. Shen Miao make enemy die without knowing who kill them, and how, but all Wei Yang's enemy know that she is the mastermind, and is super ruthless, clever,.... yet she rarely meet any assassination, I really suprised that she can even survive after 150 chapter without anyone backing. took all the examples above from only one chapter, though. DEFINITELY NOT. That being said i’m glad Tuoba Jun at least got 5 years. So in the next lifetime, she made a promise to never do good deeds and help others, to never step into the palace and to never become the Empress! On her birth date, a fortune teller/seer predicts and tells her royal family that Xin-er is ‘lucky’ and will bring great prosperity to the kingdom. On his journey to a remote region in China, he is killed by none of than Jun Tao. Wei Young’s intelligence attracts the attention of Tuoba Yu (Tuoba Jun’s uncle and contender for the throne). In preparing for the celebrations, Xin-er in disguise encounters and is ‘saved’ by Prince Tuoba Jun (the first of many times) but goes on her merry way. While the production value and acting/voice dubbing is of a much lower standard than newer versions of this story, there is a simplicity and innocence to this version, which make it a little different and in some instances more pleasant to watch. But they could have just ended on the scene of them getting married and writing what happened. Life is unpredictable. Thus the love triangle begins — Wei Young’s older sister Li Chang Le is in love with Tuoba Jun who loves Wei Young. She was recalled to be given away as a sacrificial wife to a prince who did not have good prospect; to avoid the same fate being dealt to the prime minister’s other favored daughter. She also soon becomes her grandmother’s favourite and solidifies her relationship with her ‘mother’. Tuoba Di in this arc reveals to Min De that she is in fact a princess not a prince and is in love with Min De. But that doesn’t make sense because he’s Emperor and he could banish and kill him … eventhough Tuoba Yu son is still royal blood. I never leave blog reviews! I know! I found this drama interesting, although the fact that the main characters counted so much in pure luck to get out of so many (so many!) The only chinese novel I read from start to finish in it's raw form. He has since been an ally/admirer of Wei Young but is now in a strange relationship with Tuoba Di. I like how she protected toward MC. Although “Wenming” literally means civil and understanding, she was ruthless and vengeful. A scheming younger stepsister? Contrary to the typical reincarnated MC, Weiyang try's to be as emotionally unattached and cold-hearted as possible, she understands the darker, less naive, sides of love and remains almost completely unmoved by the thought of romance. like boiled all over the body, poison that hurt and itches to the point that digging and maiming herself. There were too many unnecessary arcs that didn't contribute to story nor character development. I just wanted to get on with the ending (but never did). It's getting too repetitive! I don’t watch Chinese love stories, is they always end in death and suicide. It's satisfying at first, but after a while it just becomes repetitive, goes around in circles, and the same thing happens over and over. In the "Malicious empress of military lineage", the MC actually manipulates the events causing her enemies to actually commit the crime, not fake it or fabricate it by framing. Princess of the Northern Liang, Feng Xin-er’s mother dies at childbirth. In the end, Chi Yun Nan (who killed Wei Young’s father) returns and saves Chang Le. Another tearjerker. Her husband loved her stepsister, deposed her as Empress and even forced her son to death. ( Log Out /  You guys didn’t let me live peacefully so you should also expect the same! Wish Luo Jin had a Facebook or Instagram page to follow. I still need to go back and watch as i haven’t finished the rest. I love that the author never forgot to develop her character and personality well. I also like MC she is strong smart cunning ruthless and love her scheming. In Arc 3 true identities and intentions are uncovered. Enjoying them more than the western movies. The enemy from the past lifetime suddenly confesses his feelings for her. So frustrating! The Flame’s Daughter | 烈火如歌 | Chinese Drama | Review | Episode Guide, My True Friend | 我的真朋友 | Chinese Drama | Review | Episode Guide, Arc 1 | Episodes 1 – 3 | Princess Wei Young, Arc 3 | Episode 18 – 36 | No more pretending , Arc 4 | Episode 37 – 54 | Emperor of the Northern Wei. There is a hint of romance here and there. It had just the proper amount of excitement and intrigue all throughout. I confess that I’m not much of a fan of maniqueist stories, where people are totally bad or totally good, and I found that Tuoba Yu was the most interesting character among them all, even kind of redeeming himself at the end, just before criticizing Tuoba Jun for doing the same as he ends up doing, which is *SPOILER* sacrifice himself to save the one he loves. This flood relief plan mini-arc concludes with the death of Li Min Feng. Even worse, she is bothered by a handsome man with a thick-skin who doesn’t know how to give up! She is strong true, determined yes, but not smart. I will rip apart that beautiful façade! Afterwards Wei Young tells her ‘mum’ what happened to the real Wei Young and they grow even closer; and. In trying to frame and get rid of Wei Young, Li Chang Le and Li Meng Feng (her brother) use Zi Yan to steal a flood relief plan drafted by Wei Young for Tuoba Jun. In the "Rebirth of an ill fated consort", the MC speaks cleverly to exploit the enemy's loopholes, and here in Wei Yang, after framing she goes "Ah! Min De’s sister and Wei Young initially do not get along which gives Changru (who has now already killed Bai Zhi) the confidence to frame Wei Young again — this time for murdering Min De’s sister. I will make sure you go to Hell! Firstly, Wei Yang is NOT smart or clever as they call her to be. BUT, he can never become a king, because although Wei Yang always said she will help him to be a king, how he is the one benefit from their ally, but there is a secrect that she never tell him, and that make him never be able to become a king.

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