Unfortunately, the acting suffer a bit. A couple engage in brief sex in a car early on in the film. A man accidently shoots another man in the head and blood splats from his head. The monster then comes and slits the other man's throat. I am not sure if there is going to be sequel or not, but I am not sure if I am interested in seeing what happens next. Eventually, they get all slaughters by the big foot. Your email address will not be published. Mystery of big foot is revealed early in the movie. He falls and slides down a steep hill then tumbles into the water unconscious. Also it is able to camouflage itself to hide within the forest. I thought the Bigfoot might be interested in the woman sexually when it smelled her urine. I’m ready for “Primal Rage 2: The Offspring” however. The Bigfoot special effects, I thought, were quite realistic. FILM REVIEW: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (Producer's Cut) (1995), Dread Central - Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween, New Caesar & Otto’s Paranormal Halloween Clip Unveiled for Upcoming DVD/VOD Release, Interview: Filmmaker Axelle Carolyn Talks TALES OF HALLOWEEN. Then finally why would the husband just go back out there with one old guy? I understand the lip curling to show big teeth as a sign of aggression, but the thing flipped it’s lip up like we used to turn our eyelids inside out to freak out teachers lol. Two men get shot through the neck with an arrow. Introducing the world to the idea of a doll who could h... Be sure to leave us reviews on the Director's Cut on Prime everyone! Midnight in the Graveyard, Dread Central - The Terror of Hallow’s Eve, Chicago’s Cinepocalypse Reveals Full Lineup Plus Guests, To Hell and Back: the Kane Hodder Story (2017), Michael Dougherty Teases Trick ‘r Treat 2, John Carpenter Announces Classic Themes Redux EP. The husband just got out of jail and the wife was there pick him up. Hopelessly trying to survive, with a handful of unsavory locals, they must fight back against this monster in a desperate battle of life or death. A man shoots the monster in the arm and there's a brief splat of blood from the wound. But obviously, they encountered the big foot and it turned into a big gun shoot out. The World of Hellions awaits you. It’s not clear why big foot didn’t kill the husband. Bodies and severed heads are seen in the monster's lair. The Halloween / Trick or Treat Scenes Part 2, HALLOWEEN EXORCIST Theme Metal Music Video, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 Lipstick Prop Replica, TALES OF HALLOWEEN (2015) Official Trailer, Saint MICHAEL MYERS and Baby SAM by CRAIG HORKY, THE FEAR: HALLOWEEN NIGHT (1999) VHS and DVD Covers, HAUNTEDWEEN 2 Indiegogo Campaign Launched, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS Theme Metal Music Video, HALLOWEEN MICHAEL MYERS Art Prints by NICK CASALE. It has to do with some kid of Indian curse. I believe there is going to be a sequel saying Primal Rage: Wrath Of Beasts or Primal Rage number 2 If its a simple Title I don’t know, But I do know and believe there is going to a Part 2 About This Movie I just hope that no one else disagree about this movie because if it is then Damn You Guys Really Are Ignorant As HELL No Cap At All, So Please Respect The Movie And Stop Complaining This Is Not Just For You Its For All Of Us And I Bet 99.8% People Are Interested In This Movie Than You Guys!!! Actually not that bad of a movie. Ghost Stories: An Online Fundraiser by The Artistic Home. Another thing is if there are all these other big foots out there why would it need a human woman? The Devils Eyes - Halloween Movies Fansite, Royal Bobbles Halloween 1978 Michael Myers Bobblehead Toy - Amazon, October Horror Movie Recommendation: Trick ‘r Treat. No sexual intercourse. I would a second movie of this title. Primal Rage is a big foot horror with a twist. The monster shoots a woman in the leg with an arrow. The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t. At the end, there is big battle between the husband and the big foot. It's not clear whether or not the beast forces intercourse with her or not. The monster then appears and hacks off his head with an axe. New Soundscape! Lovecraft Halloween Sets Still Up For Grabs, Image of the Day: “Monster is Ready” by Muffy, Realistic Burning House Display Prompts Multiple 911 Calls. There are quite a bit of big foot horror films already out there, but this one is bit different. We were unable to submit your evaluation. As far as current horror movies this one was not that bad! The ending literally made no sense. The Ghostbusters: Afterlife Official Trailer is Here! Solid flick that went a little sideways half way through. The action and suspense start right away and we get to see the mysterious big foot create very early in the movie. The monster rips a man's jaw open. Then they would still want women… Anyone would have rounded up an army to go back and make sure this thing dies. There are multiple innuendos from a group of men. Your email address will not be published. But Mom I like the taste of blood. Primal Rage: The Legend of Konga (2018) Parents Guide Add to guide . 3. There is surprise ending, but it was predictable. require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"mc.us15.list-manage.com","uuid":"daccd1a5518b1cd5739d63296","lid":"a678e07223"}) }). Specially, Andrew Joseph Montgomery who plays Max the husband, seems very stiff and unconvincing. A massive... Halloween Franchise’s Future Uncertain After HALLOWEEN ENDS, Printed in Blood’s ‘Halloween: Artbook’ Will Feature Over 200 All-New Pieces Inspired By the Original Classic, This Day in Horror History: John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE Opened in 1988, SHARP CANDY SEASON 2 Indiegogo Campaign Launch, Check Out New HALLOWEEN II Michael Myers Figure by NECA, Sea Demon Vinyl’s H.P. Perhaps, the big foot is in love with the wife, and when the wife ask him not to kill him, the big foot honor her request? There are quite a bit of big foot horror films already out there, but this one is bit different. UPDATED! Sicko-Psychotic and the Gang Celebrate the Bone Jangler's Birthday !!! We are introduced to group of rowdy locals hunters. The husband character was horrible in the acting dept., but everyone else was ok. Time to do some AXEmas shopping! The movie starts out well. *hating ass bitches*. But the movie starts to drag in the middle of the movie in a point where I started to loose interest. ️️The Twilight Zone originally aired "Living Doll" this day in 1963. The acting from all the actors are below average to just average. “The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t. The movie starts out well. Plot Summary Now that was a terrible movie. Not a bad big foot movie but come on. Some of the acting was stiff but overall I thought the movie was pretty good! Money! Synopsis Please try again later. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events So there you go this comment is a come back from Primal Rage’s Biggest Fan To You Arrogant’s of Primal Rage! There is a scene in a cave with the woman tied up. Okay,,so ,,as many others we see the potential rape scene “” I was thinking ,,okay. Some side boob is seen from her but otherwise no visible nudity. Bigfoot turns her over & rips her shirt & bra. This big foot is not an ordinary big foot. It was like the Bigfoot costume was started by someone who understood anatomy, then finished by someone who has never seen a primate (or any other live animal) before. The movie did get a little lost and boring at the half way point, but picked back up for a decent ending that could easily lead to a sequel. Perhaps the most wonderful thing on the interwebs!!! There really needs to be a sequel to this.. A blog about horror movies that take place during Halloween or the fall season. Don’t miss the Canadian premiere tonight at 9PM on TMN. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water won Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards, which makes it special in several ways. The big foot can easily kill him but some how it seems to just toys him around until it gets killed the by the husband. The monster dissects a man and pulls out his innards. The Sheriff explained that the bigfoot was basically showboating in front of the woman. I doubt that the movie is bad because it made total sense I mean how did the Wife and Husband got lost in the first place, well let me give you Guys a Hint Bigfoot is a Possessed Angry WARRIOR And Hunt Out For Human Beings Its Not No Ordinary Bigfoot If Guys Suspected It Was, Then YOU GUYS DON’T HAVE A SINGLE CLUE ABOUT THIS MOVIE AT ALL! There are many other big foots that are out there who are hunting human to kill. This Movie is about the wife & husband and The Possessed Bigfoot so I read all the comments and some of were confused some were frustrated and some was just not interested but I know one thing that this movie is not Bad as you guys think, 1.I Think that Movie is 100% interesting.

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