Also, that’s pretty bold of them to claim DC, N64 and PSP emulation from this system. Disappointing in power but I do like the form factor. It takes some fiddling to set, but it’s no big deal. My PocketGo V1 arrived on Saturday and I've had a blast getting it set up and reliving some awesome nostalgia. – Dual Boot / Android. It constantly experiences dropped frames, or game speedups/slow downs. I've read about joystick issues, sound problems and the occasionally squeaky buttons. They're out of stock everywhere tho and the build quality is kinda awful, also it really doesn't have enough buttons to take advantage of the more demanding systems like n64 that it can run surprisingly well with it's extra power. The only games that would make use of it are arcade games and psx, but every psx game has backwards compatibility for the standard controller. This device completely blows the competition away. I'll go research it now. YT comments shouldn’t be what you use to gauge whether something is decent or not, YT commentors are 90% idiots. Hope you get my point. To maximize Dreamcast performances you need to sideload the Flycast app, and adjust settings according to TakiUdon’s community doc. I think if you say the rg350 is one of the best you are hyping anbernic a bit too much because the chip is much weaker than this and the build quality of the Retroids is really good i think. I love the design and form factor of the RP2, but they missed the boat with the hardware. I like Taki’s videos, but don’t forget he is always in direct contact with the developer. Besides, running a CPU hot, consumes more battery. PSP is a mixed bag, as some titles perform better on either device, so it’s a case-by-case basis. It is a great handheld, but if you like android and the ability to sideload apps or play multiplayer games or have bluetooth readily available, etc.. etc.. the retroid pocket 2 would be the better choice. I agree that its a flaw though. Worth the price of a console? If you are worried about those laws, then you might want to make due with what you have readily available on the RG350 SD card or make sure you have a good VPN for searching. So I'd say just get the rg350, I still regret getting the pg2 instead, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A place to discuss the retro handheld Bittboy, Press J to jump to the feed. You can only save 1 state); but another issue with this, is that the RP2 can hang at some point, and if you try to save during that time, you’ll lose all savegame data for that game. Rapid presses in shooters are no problem. I’m not a fan of the left Dpad being down, but maybe it’s a matter of taste. The PGv2 is a good device, but at least my unit has some issues that should have been corrected before shipment. On the other, these units aren’t powerful enough to use it so in reality it doesn’t bother me if they don’t have it during actual usage. I haven’t dug into PPSSPP under Android yet, so I can’t speak to that, but PSP is hit-and-miss on the Retroid OS side. Not there yet and it’s gonna be a rush. I currently own an RG350m and a GKD350H as my backup and I love those things, but I want more power, even if only enough to emulate one or two more systems. Obscure Handhelds uses cookies on our website to, among other things, fulfil user requests (such as enable users to login) and provide enhanced functionality for our uses (such as user accounts and saved preferences). I too believe that OpenDingux is the way to go. All PlayGO that were branded as PocketGO are the original batch, and all have issues and no support is included. The PocketGo 2 has a couple points in its favor (it is the one I own) but none that I think would justify holding out. PocketGo v2 could have been perfect if it weren't for the crazy loud speaker. I too was somewhat reluctant when the RP2 was announced, considering the sheer volume of Chinese handhelds that seem to be dropping nowadays, but I now know that all of those concerns were misplaced. Of course this chip is more powerful than the Ingenic chips, but compared to the RK3326 it is a step backwards. I remember the original Retroid came without heat sinks. Want annoying emails from time to time? Like the a link to the past randomizer or the kaizo mario games? Does the RP2 come with any preloaded roms? There were OGA’s for sale again on Hardkernel but 40$ of shipping ! As for performance, I wholeheartedly disagree. You have to push so hard for it to work. I mean for the Android app side loading ability, I would say for me it would be a yes, but that’s if you are a fan of tinkering with androids innards. I like the looks of the device but I hate the shitty looking UI in Android … The ui of the oga looks so damn good. The D pad SUCKS on mine. Hi there (Wind Waker is gorgeous and runs at a near-locked 30fps!). Looks fucking amazing and the YT comments on Taki’s latest vids are as into this thing as I am. Thanks for your input. I've documented issues encountered with both devices under the Issues List heading on each of the following pages: I have the play go (pg v2). Was wondering what you guys thought about each new system. It’s now android 8 they have it hurried in the updates on the site somewhere. It’s a really great combination of performance, build quality, polish, and flexibility. The new RG will be similar (up to dreamcast) but probably with better button layout. When you reload, it’ll just reload the hanged state, and you can’t continue playing. Thanks in advance! I think the Dreamcast performance is a bit overstated in some reviews, but it’s mostly playable with very little fiddling. But in their favour, their build quality is mostly excellent and OpenDingux/RetroFW is, for me, the perfect OS for a handheld. Sure, it’s screen resolution is a little lower, it’s battery size is smaller, and it only has 2 cores, vs 4 on the Retroid Pocket 2. This is the most beautifull of them all, though. This device doesn’t appear to have a touchscreen, so the second boot option is probably tailored for non-touchscreen devices. I have no bias towards Anbernic, I’ve said plenty of times that we’re sick of Ingenic based machines. So basically you get an RG350P, with a slightly better 640×480 screen, with the ability to run 75-80% of Dreamcast and 66-75% of PSP titles, though it plays back 100% of PSX titles and below. I really like the look of the Retroid Pocket 2, it’s chunky and playful looking but has also had a lot of thought put in to the design. This one, just didn’t make it on my list as a well engineered sample. It states on the site that the Retroid Pocket 2 uses Android 6, not Android 8. My new pocket go just came yesterday. If you continue to use this site, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. Waste of money. you can adjust the volume in some of the emulators. And has two analog sticks (which, by the way, are better than PG2). I’ve tested dozens of titles and they work effortlessly. The Powkiddy x18 is better for this. The play go from Ali Express shipped with a bunch of games on it, about 400 arcade titles which I kept. 1 Gb ddr3 RAM, faster cpu, bigger batterie, hdmi output, bluetooth, Android 8 OS etc. I have both the Retroid Pocket 2 and the RG350P, and in my opinion, the RG350P is the better handheld of the two. Seems like they’re not available until May. Battery life is also significantly better managed on the Pocket 2, with an hour of N64 or Dreamcast gaming only draining around 5%. save your money for an emulator that can actually play the consoles the RG350P doesn’t. I wonder if the idea of the digital stick is for playing arcade games in tate mode. Maybe both sticks should be short and both should be below. I got my PlayGO V2.2from Viral Tech and honestly they have the best customer service and shipping wait times I have experienced in a long time. the problem with android is that emulators/apps have free/paid versions, and the free versions lack some features to paid versions or add some ads etc…. You could also disable WiFi and Bluetooth.

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