This means that the hen house and the nest box are all well made and easy to access for cleaning. Keeping chickens as pets is growing in popularity, with even celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady, and Julia Roberts joining in the fun. The reasonably priced chicken coop comes with a chicken run and features a raised design. The stand out feature of this chicken coop is the spacious design that gives plenty of room for the chickens to move around. Wooden Chicken Coop features a design that’s found in many of the pre-fabricated coops that are available in the market today. { This spacious chicken coop can easily fit two to six hens and measures 58 x 66 x 85-inches. Features a galvanized metal tray for easy maintenance, Coop design features tongue and groove treated timber, Non-raised design can get the wood soggy in rain, Advantek offers its lineup of environmentally friendly. } "name": "Pets Imperial Arlington with Extra Long Run | Best Chicken Coop with Long Run", This also makes it easy to clean and maintain, which is what chicken owners look for in a coop. "@type": "ListItem", This design of this chicken coop is not the only thing that’s going for the Ritz Chicken Coop. "position": 31, "name": "Pet Imperial Green Ritz Coop | Best Looking Chicken Coop", } "url": "" "url": "" "position": 1, "@type": "Product", Just keep in mind that this chicken coop doesn’t include a window or run. The coop features an overall sturdy design and is well built. SmithBuilt has been specializing in building. 0. "name": "Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop | Best Protected Chicken Coop", Two nesting boxes with removable dividers provide up to four egg-laying locations. } "name": "Confidence Pet 2-Story Chicken Coop | Best Chicken Coop for Easy Access", Our couriers generally work on a next working day delivery service - all orders will require a signature on arrival. { The addition of timber ridges to the design ensures that your hens are not going to fall backward as they move up the ramp. The stand-out feature of this chicken coop is that the fenced area allows the hens to move around freely, and the spring-bolt latches keep away predators. "item": { { The Pets Imperial Large Chicken Coop offers incredible value for money with its sturdy build and spacious design. "name": "SmithBuilt 7 ft. One of the best features of this chicken coop, apart from its design, is the number of features it offers for comfort and safety. Because it is made from plastic, it also weighs just 65 pounds. One of the main features of this chicken coop is the long chicken run which gives plenty of space for the chickens to roam around in. Not only has the coop been designed from high-quality timber to ensure longevity, it also features an excellent design that will improve any garden, rooftop or backyard. { The extra-wide fenced off enclosure means that your chickens are going to have plenty of space to run around. "url": "" If you're just starting your flock or are running a small, urban operation, the Hawkes Multi-Level Chicken Coop is a great entry point. This is also, by far, one of the most hygienic chicken coops available, which says a lot, since hygienic and chicken coop are not usually found in the same sentence. Sliding door and ramp allows chickens to easily enter the... 2 doors with metal locking system and open/close nesting box... ✅CUSTOMIZABLE RUN LAYOUT: 2-tier design with dual... ✅EASILY ACCESSIBLE: We' e made things simple for you with... ✅STURDY AND SECURE: The chicken house attaches to 2... Works great for rabbits, chickens, ducks, or other poultry, Durable with good ventilation for your chicken. they sell, but rather, are distributors of these reasonably priced coops. }, It also features two roosting bars along with a ramp so the chickens can move comfortably between floors. This large chicken coop is for those who have been keeping chickens in their backyard for a while and are looking to upgrade the design of their chicken coop or want to include more chickens to their collection. "position": 13, These vents enable a good air circulation within the coop which helps to remove humidity and harmful ammonia fumes; crucial to your bird's wellbeing. It also features a chicken door along with a ramp made from treated wood and one large main door. } Both coops come complete with clear and concise instructions and our two assembly videos below show how simple it really is! "@type": "ListItem", "@type": "ListItem", The PawHut 114” wooden chicken coop is a large coop that offers plenty of space for your chickens. As far as good-looking chicken coops go, Williams Sonoma's Cedar Chicken Coop comes out on top. "url": "" "name": "PawHut 114” Wooden Coop | Best Customizable Chicken Coop", They do note that it doesn't include nesting boxes, though, so that may be something you want to add. "@type": "Product", The three-floor panels of this chicken coop can be easily removed, which makes it easier to clean. "position": 2, "url": "" The coops are simple to put together due to the ingenious 'snap together' construction with no special tools required. The coop has been designed with tongue and groove treated timber which makes it incredibly safe for not only chickens but rabbits and other small animals as well. That’s why you can feel good about the health and safety of your feathered friends when you buy the Ultimate Chicken Coop. "name": "Pawhut Wooden Chicken Coop | Best Multi-purpose Chicken Coop", "@type": "Product", The coop can house up to three chickens at a time.

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