Adults are active between April and October, when they lay bright yellow eggs on the underside of the leaves of plants that the caterpillars feed on. Despite her eventual decision to put an end to Kindergarten activities on Earth, Pink Diamond cared deeply for every Gem that was created on it. Characteristics Steven expresses in the song "Let's Only Think About Love" that although a lot of tragic events have happened recently, he would rather the day be focused on Ruby and Sapphire's wedding instead of Pink Diamond. However, their relationship was strained by the duties the Diamonds had kept in place of their assumed roles, something that hurt Pink and Blue deeply. They pupate during wintertime in chrysalises among ground cover and dead leaves. She/Her This revelation upsets Steven, but not as much as his not growing up in an ordinary household with a nuclear family. Later at Pink's palace, Pearl tells Steven that Pink used the throw massive balls to celebrate the Diamond's achievements, events where every member of every court would "bask in the presence of all four Diamonds". A hedge with a mix of native species will attract a wide range of moths, as will trees such as willow (food for caterpillars of 90 species of moth), birch (75) and poplar (32). He found himself in Pink Diamond's palanquin and discovered the memory of Pearl and Rose discussing their plan to shatter Pink Diamond out in the open, as well as what they hoped to achieve by doing so. Pink Diamond created a false origin story for her Rose Quartz self which was that she was another ordinary Quartz created on Earth who fulfilled her duties until becoming fascinated by the organic life on Earth and rebelling against Homeworld to defend it. Most butterflies and moths will spend their entire lives in a small area if it contains the right foodplants – so good planting is the best way to boost numbers. The two are shown to have a lot of fun together, but ultimately begin to drift apart as she wishes to be taken seriously by her fellow diamonds. PinkMy Diamond (Followers)Starlight (White Diamond)Mom (Steven) It was revealed she was believed to have been shattered in present-day Korea where her palanquin lay abandoned. Pink had a very close relationship with the other Diamonds, at times playing a game in which she would sink below the water and sing while White, Yellow, and Blue would stay above the surface trying to guess the song's name. She then transports Steven to White Diamond against his will. I still think it is. Adults fly from July to October in the south and September to October in the north. They pupate on the ground in the winter, in debris like bark and leaf litter. Recalling traumatic events from his childhood, Steven remembers the dream he had as Stevonnie on the Jungle Moon, specifically the moment where Pink Diamond punched the glass. Knot grass moth caterpillars can be found from June to October. Pets: Lion • Pumpkin • Cat Steven, Fusion Gems: Malachite • Topaz • Zebra Jasper (fusion) • Giant Ruby • Ruby (triple fusion) • Lemon Jade • Bluebird Azurite Eyeball also revealed that the Moon Base belonged to Pink Diamond. Steven has a dream of a past conversation between Pink and Blue Diamond at the Moon Base. However, she doesn't take Pink seriously and treats her like a child, including her actions on Earth as one of her "games". ♫. First there were too many organics, and then their cities were too difficult to dismantle, and- and now these Crystal Gems? Blue, misinterpreting her request, instead created a zoo for her, full of living humans and plants. Pearl then enters the room and asks Steven if White had hurt him. I want to live here with human beings. Their yellow stripe serves as camouflage on plant stems. your first footwear purchase* Like with our Pearl, Pink Diamond was informal with her and treated her as a friend rather than a servant. Stevonnie ended up on a moon that was formerly the base of operations for a past colonization effort led by Yellow Diamond. These caterpillars are only 45mm long and fatten up on cabbages, lettuces and nasturtiums within four weeks – consequently they are considered a pest by farmers and gardeners. Her growing love for the life on Earth and efforts to save it from the other Diamonds seemingly matured her, even fighting against her own Homeworld and gathered the Crystal Gems. Offer applies to Second Shift Work Boot (P70042, P70043, P72365, P72593, P51028), Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot (P89162, P89135, P89817, P89586, P91154), Men's Grey Jersey Cap (P60443), Men's All Season Work Quarter Sock 3-Pack (PA1119503-049). When the leaves of the plant are gone, they sometimes resort to cannibalism. As mentioned in "Familiar", Pink could always make Yellow laugh, but the latter also was envious of the former's relationship with White.

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