[49] At the bottom of the seventh and final door, SEES fights a Shadow-like version of the Protagonist. [110][113] GameSpy gave the title its 2007 PS2 RPG of the Year award and placed it second in the 2007 PS2 Top 10 Games of the Year. The types of activities and characters that can be interacted with vary depending on the day of the week and time of day. [157] In early 2009, a two-volume side story about Mitsuru was released. In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements. [96], Persona 3 received positive reviews upon its release, earning a Metacritic score of 86. Conversely, negative actions, such as incorrect dialogue choices or dating multiple characters, can result in a Reversed Social Link, which can prevent players from summoning Personas of that Arcana until fixed. The game includes the voice acting of the original game, although characters are not shown in the world, instead being represented by on-screen portraits. "[122] Atlus U.S.A. did not remove the Evokers from Persona 3 for its worldwide release, despite the possible controversy. A PlayStation Portable version of Persona 3, titled Persona 3 Portable was released in Japan in November 2009, in North America in July 2010, and in Europe in April 2011. Additionally, certain floors halt further progress through the tower until the story progresses. For example, the first request in the list below is on the Path of Qimranut: Area 1, but we've shortened that to Q:1. None of the requests are required for you to do (nor do any of them flag you for a future request). The main Japanese voice actors from the original game reprised their roles in the film series. The musicals were also broadcast live on Niconico[162] and a behind-the-scenes special aired on Tokyo MX. To fight the Shadows, each member of SEES is able to summon a Persona, a manifestation of a person's inner self. Elizabeth request #48? Persona 3 Portable only includes the story of the original Persona 3;[133] however, general changes have been made to the plot, regardless of character choice. [151] Persona 3 Drama CD Vol. [130] This version of the game was re-released as a PS2 Classic on PSN for the PlayStation 3 in 2012. The Request's Compendium isn't available at the start of the game, it's unlocked a few months into the game. Become one today and start sharing your creations! A picaresque coming-of-age story, Persona 5 will bring a thrilling, new twist to the RPG genre! [73] This announcement did not come until February 2008, when the game's North American release date was revealed to be April 22, 2008. 4, Winter of Rebirth, "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES Review", "A message from Persona Team's Katsura Hashino", "New Persona, Metal Saga Games Announced", "New Details, New Story for the Newest Persona", "Atlus Reveals The Design Secrets Behind Persona 5's Distinctive UI", "Anime Expo: Atlus Talks Persona 4, Trauma Center's Future", "Anime Expo '08: Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei panel", "Localizing Persona: An Interview With Atlus's Yu Namba", "Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Original Soundtrack (Japan)", "Burn My Dread -Reincarnation: Persona 3-", "RPGFan Soundtracks – Persona 3: FES OST", "Persona 3 FES Confirmed For North America", "Persona 3 FES with Soundtrack CD and Artbook", "Persona 3 FES Coming to PlayStation Network", "Persona 3 Portable DX bundle bonuses revealed", "Big in Japan Oct. 26-Nov. 1: Bayonetta, Tekken 6", "Big in Japan Nov. 2-8: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010", "Big in Japan Nov. 9-15: J-League Pro Soccer Club", "ATLUS reveals pre-order bonus "JUNPEI" Baseball cap", "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Special Edition review", "Japan Review Check: Tekken 6, Final Fantasy Gaiden", "GameSpy: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Review", "Metacritic: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3", "Metacritic: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES", "Metacritic: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable", "GameSpot's Best of 2007: Best Role-Playing Game Genre Awards", "GameSpy's Game of the Year 2007: PS2 Winners Recap", "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Review", "GameSpy's Game of the Year 2007: PS2 Top 5", "Atlus Announces Persona 3 Director's Cut", "Official Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Website", "Catherine's Connection To Persona 3 Portable", "Persona 5: Dancing Star Night And Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Release In Japan On May 24, 2018 - Siliconera", "Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight launch December 4 in the Americas and Europe", "Monthly Persona Magazine Launches on November 7", "Persona 3 Game-Based 4-Panel Manga Serialized Online", "Persona 3 Game Adapted as Television Anime for January", "Persona 3 RPG's Film Adaptation Confirmed", "More of 2nd Persona 3 Stage Play's Cast Shown in Costume", "『PERSONA3 the Weird Masquerade ~蒼鉛の結晶~』DVD化決定!", "PERSONA3 THE WEIRD MASQUERADE Schedule and Ticket", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Persona_3&oldid=985227542, Video games featuring protagonists of selectable gender, Video games featuring female protagonists, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 18:39. [25] In-game, the Velvet Room is where the player may fuse two or more Personas to create a new one. It is the fourth installment in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. [70] In an interview with RPGamer, project editor Yu Namba explained that during the process of translation, some of the Japanese humor, "things that made absolutely no sense in western culture…were replaced with jokes that at least somewhat parallel the originals. [16] The Dark Hour bends reality; Gekkoukan High School, where most of the characters attend school during the day, becomes a huge labyrinthine tower called Tartarus, and beasts known as Shadows roam the area, preying on the minds of those still conscious. How do I fuse alice with megido skill? As this is happening, the Protagonist is summoned to the Velvet Room, where Igor reminds him that the power of his Social Links would determine his potential. There were no objections raised among the Persona 3 development team, either." [6][7] During the evening, players can choose to visit Tartarus, the game's main dungeon, where they can build their party's experience and gain new items.

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