Since turning’s so easy, using this at a beginner longboard is also a viable option. Depending on your personality and color preferences, you are bound to find a model that resonates with you. The longboard deck has a low height, which promotes ease when you are pushing it. The bearings are designed from high-quality color-coded ABEC steel, which is very tough to come by because of its intense strength and durability. The 34-inch length of this longboard is also versatile enough that it is perfect for the majority of riding styles. MAGIC UNION 41 Inch Maple Drop Down Longboard Complete Skateboard –, 5. Such riding experience also makes the longboard skateboard perfect for kids. It has 70-mm PU wheels as well as ABEC-9 precision bearings that ensure that you can carve the board with ease. If you want to invest in bamboo longboards then you will also surely feel satisfied if you choose the Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard. Braking is also easy with just the use of your right foot. Just like the previously mentioned longboard, this comes at a cheap price, making it perfect for those who are on a budget. The ABEC-7 chrome bearings used in this longboard are also of top-notch quality. In fact, it also falls under the best under 100 longboard category. A nasty occurrence, wheel bite is when the wheel touches the deck, while in-motion, particularly during sharp turns. Make sure that your chosen longboard has a great combination of quality and price. Maple is popularly utilized in the cheaper longboard equipment sold in the market. This awesome board is unique in the sense that it is capable of offering a high level of stability. LONGBOARD. It is a vital tool for all skaters as it promotes ease and convenience when it comes to taking the longboard almost anywhere you want. What makes this so phenomenal for newer longboarders, is the low-center-of-gravity and stable feeling underfoot. That’s the main reason why longboards can also assure riders of smoother rides even on rough terrains. If you wish to invest in a mini-cruiser then the Eggboards Mini Longboard Skateboard definitely fits the bill. They are also economical options because they prevent you from buying incompatible components. These boards boards and mini cruisers allow you to try out tricks and stunts like flips and ollies. Buy a Yocaher Special Graphic Longboard here. In addition, it comes with a kick tail, which you can use to do some tight maneuvers and turns, promoting a steady and fun ride. Anyway longboard shouldn’t break like that. Bamboo is commonly used to craft smaller and more flexible longboards with spring-like characteristics that minimize breakage. It is also highly recommended to check the products offered by Landyachtz. As the name suggests, you’d very well have an idea that longboards are of greater length than classic skateboards. Furthermore, it makes use of bearings rated with ABEC-9. This penny longboard is also impressive as it has a non-slip deck, providing the board with a much better grip and allowing riders to control it. Penny boards are available in two to three major sizes, but they have different styles, patterns, and designs depending on the manufacturer. Also, take note that the majority of longboards utilize softer and larger wheels than traditional shortboards. It is also an ideal longboard for girls who want to have fun in longboarding and skateboarding. Make your choice based on the mentioned factors based on which one perfectly suits your longboarding preference and style. Another longboard that continues to impress longboarding and skateboarding enthusiasts is the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta 40-inch Drop-through Cruzer Freeride Longboard. For a more in-depth look, peep this nifty guide to choosing a longboard. Also, take note that the hardware is available in various lengths. The premium components used in this longboard, including its dragon stainless steel hardware, dragon bearings, and fireball 84a scorch wheels also make it effective in slaying all paths, campuses, and city streets. Nobody wants a wobbly ride. It is a fun and exciting activity but you need to get yourself the best longboard to ensure that you will make the most out of it. The Cal 7 pastel penny board comes as a pre-assembled entity; thus, it is ready for use out of the box. Aside from improving and speeding up your ride, such bearings also provide a smooth motion into your board. That means you’ll maintain a stable feeling, even on downhills, and during sharp turns. It makes use of the 70-mm PU longboard wheels that are strong enough and can handle rough terrains. Local Fast Shipping Arrives in 2-5 days. Aside from the sturdy trucks, you will also notice its high-rebound PU wheels, chrome steel bearings, and carbon steel bolts – all of which can definitely let you enjoy the stability and durability of this product. Moreover, they aim to provide a consistent center of gravity–and the Special Graphic epitomizes this. It actually makes use of the tough and sturdy 8-ply cold-pressed hard rock maple wood for the deck while still retaining its flexibility. It boasts of its pintail-shaped deck, which also measures around 42 inches in length. Novices, on the other hand, will find the Penny board a bit challenging to ride deck size is comparatively small in contrast to the much longer boards. Others have an equally high level of quality for a lower price. Additionally, the Boss Board comes in different color combinations – some include superman (blue/red), dragon (red/yellow), revolution (black/red), bunny (white/pink) and stealth (white/black). Aside from that, the maple laminated deck is also flexible, giving you an edge when riding it. Whether you’re learning to carve or just stepping onto a longboard for the first time, the Atom Drop Through is an amazing choice. While their entire lineup is considered cruisers, they do have a specific longboard model. It also adds more grip to the board, allowing your shoe to come in contact with the board’s grip tape. Furthermore, it comes with a tape, which sticks to the board, thereby boosting its grip. The brand even features a wide range of boards as well as all the necessary accessories that a longboarding enthusiast needs to enjoy a more advanced riding experience. It features plastic as its primary material and has a smooth, classically designed non-slip deck that ensures stability and control every time you skate.

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