Fate line also called the money line or Saturn line may start at various locations but it does point towards the Saturn mount i.e. If the sun line runs parallel with it, your business would go more smoothly. about Mount of Mercury and Mercury Lines in palmistry, Fate Line is also called the Saturn line, money line, luck line, destiny line, possessions line, Beggars and Billionaire do have a fate line, Too much importance is given to fate line, The importance of fate line in terms of how much money we will have in our life is just 15%, Fate line with branches towards Mars negative, Double Fate line / parallel fate line in palmistry, Mount of Mercury and Mercury Lines in palmistry. This may be caused by your careless character. The place where it crosses the head line corresponds with age 35 and the point of the intersection with heart line stands for 55. If your fate line starts in the same place as your heart line, it means that your future will depend heavily on romance. Some people don’t even have a fate line. (Fig 19). If it’s shallow and feathery, it means that you hold the keys to your own life, and can twist and change your destiny very easily. Unlock the meaning of palmistry. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! In palmistry, it is usually referred to when analysing the hand for changes in life, including the career. After 50 years, you are expected to enjoy a good fortune in career which also requires you work hard instead of enjoying your old age. You may discover that you have very faint fate lines, a fate line on only one hand, or none at all. (Fig 11), If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Jupiter (located below the forefinger), it indicates a good fame for the good use of power. (Fig 30), ● An island at the end of the fate line shows you couldn’t realize your lofty aspirations during your life, thus be passive and disappointed during the old age. There are plenty more aspects to palmistry than just these four lines, of course! It basically amplifies what your heart line says. ● A deep, straight and long fate line which begins from the base of the palm and extends to the Mount of Saturn (under the middle finger) indicates a strong ability to start and run your own career or business. (Fig 5), If your fate line starts from the head line, it indicates achievement after 35 years old. A straight line indicates a steady influence of luck on your life, whereas a curved or wavy line indicates that only sometimes in your life will luck play a part, and that you must work hard in the times where it does not. You can find its location from the right picture. You could think out ways to take a short cut and are easily to get success in career. Can the Length of the Life Line Predict Longevity? If your line is deep and pronounced, it means that your life is already plotted out, and you are just turning the pages. (Fig 10), If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Saturn (located below the middle finger), it indicates a successful career created from almost nothing. You usually let your emotions interfere with career or rule business decisions. This line is often referred to as our life path. Palmistry fate line Fate line known as the line of Saturn, which starts at the wrist and goes up to the middle finger. In chiromancy is responsible for career and all that is connected with work and money. The fate line can be hard to identify. It is a vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. right hand fate line different from left hand. (Fig 9), If your fate line starts from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and exceeds the heart line, it means you have no worries about money as you could inherit a fortune from parents, relatives or ancestors. It’s perhaps the most difficult to read line because of its frequent non-appearance, but it is nevertheless important in the reading of palms. Some people don’t even have a fate line. Required fields are marked *. If you find the fate line ends at the heart line, it means your career is affected by your emotion. That’s nothing terrible– in fact, it just means that your fate isn’t written solidly anywhere. After the age, you are hard to have breakthrough in career. Saturn's hill is located below the middle finger. In a palm reading session, everyone wants to know about the fate line. The people with such a line always have a faithful helpmate. After 35, your fortune of career changes for the better. ● The fate line stopped at the head line shows the cease of work by your own decision. Nearly every person has a fate line. The bigger the island is, the more serious the troubles are. (Fig 12), If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Sun (located below the ring finger), it indicates artistic endowment. The base of the palm, the point where the fate line starts, corresponds to your chronological age of five. The fate line is the vertical line on the palm which rises towards the middle finger. Therefore, you could gain a good reputation of your lifetime. You are endowed with a good talent. You usually emphasis on credibility thus could have a successful career with endlessly strives; (Fig 1), ● If the line becomes narrower and thinner gradually from the middle part of the palm, it indicates a smooth career fortune during the younger days and a worse fortune after the middle age. When there isn’t a fate line that is visible on your palm, a person will most probably always struggle to identify the best career path that will make them happy. The fate line (Line B) is connected to our career and general outlook on work. (Fig 32), ● An island located in the middle of the palm on the fate line indicates setbacks in career and a fluctuated destiny after your middle age. (Fig 7), If your fate line starts from the heart line, it indicates late success in life. That’s nothing terrible– in fact, it just means that your fate … A shallow fate line indicates a hard work and career full of twists and turns. the 2nd finger the longest finger. The final of the four basic lines of palmistry, the fate line is special in that not everybody has got one. Your email address will not be published. The shape of your hands in general, the lines on your fingers, and the puffy bits under your knuckles (called “mounts”) all play parts in reading about a person, but a basic knowledge of these four lines will get you pretty far in palmistry. Now, go find a friend who will lend a hand, and practice! (Fig 14), If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Mercury (located below the little finger), it indicates great achievement in business investment. Usually it is a line that runs vertically up from the wrist toward the fingers, but it can curve or be diagonal or even be hidden in with other lines on the palm! (Fig 33), ● If your fate line is chained at the beginning of the fate line, it indicates an unhappy life environment that prevent you from concentrating on study during the youth time. But around the age of 35, you are likely to stop your work by your false judgment or decision. The starting point can be anywhere from the base of the palm (most of the people find it begins from the middle part). (Fig 4), If your fate line is oblique as the picture shows, it indicates that you always have a unique idea and like to judge a thing from different point of views in work. (Fig 2). If your line somehow does not touch any of your other lines, it means that you have improbably high luck – not good luck, or bad luck, but simply some kind of luck all the time. If there are islands on your fate line, it indicates blocks in career. (Fig 8), If your fate line starts from the Mount of Moon (located on the base of the palm, little finger side), it shows that you could get success owing to your good interpersonal relationship and creative talent. If it crosses your head line, it means that you will be faced with decisions that are so radical, they change your entire life based on their outcomes. Absent of fate line doesn't mean you don't have career during the life. If your fate line is clear, deep and straight without too much crosses, you are regarded to be bestowed with a good fortune in career. The Fate Line is the main vertical line running up the palm toward the Saturn finger (middle finger) and that is why sometimes it is referred to as the "Saturn Line". Your email address will not be published. If you have such kind of a line in both of the two hands, it shows you are proficient in business and could achieve a great success in commerce. The fate line can be hard to identify. All Rights Reserved. Or you couldn’t find a job that you are interested in. The mount of Saturn, the final point of fate line, corresponds to the age of 75. Some palm readers also call it the 'Luck Line' because it's greatly related with luck and success. What Does Having Too Many Lines on Palm Indicate? In China, people would like to call the line as the career line as it mainly reflects the fortune of one's career or job. ● If your line is shallow and wide, you are destined to have a hard working life and fail to achieve great things.

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