Mayor Alf Lacey says the island needs a new water reservoir and upgraded piping He is calling on the Local Government Minister to take action For the second time in six months the tap water is brown, prompting Palm Island Mayor Alf Lacey to call for State Government intervention. 1) Sims Jones (Dist. Those PACs are chaired by the same person, William S. Jones, who is the former chairman of the Alachua County Republican Party. Refusal to answer is a snub to local voters says you are not running for all of the people. Just in the last 10 years, Palm Coast has grown by 15,000 people, but it has grown older, with people 65 and older representing nearly 28 percent of the population, up from 23 percent in 2010. He does not have one. 2. See The Observer's Speedy Candidate Interviews, Trump Winning Florida With Three Times The 2016 Margin Explained in One Word: Hispanics, Flagler Falls 1% Short But Florida Voters Approve $15 Minimum Wage Phased in By End of 2026, 4 Lone Rangers Arrested in Latest Solo Sex Patrol Operation at Graham Swamp, Giovanne Sylvain, 18-Year-Old Matanzas Student Missing Since Friday, Is Feared Dead at Graham Swamp, Holland and Klufas Hold On, Staly Wins Re-Election, Don O’Brien and Andy Dance Win County Commission, Ed Danko, Victor Barbosa Win Council Seats, Electionland: The State of Election Day Across the Country. “We are talking about the mayor of a little city with unbelievable amounts of money pouring in,” Lowe said. She also served as a Flagler County commissioner for six years before an unsuccessful run for state office. Would you approve raising the density and height of multi-family, or apartment, structures in select areas of the city zoned for the purpose? Answers are also edited for length, redundancy, relevance and, where possible, accuracy. As a registered Republican, (registered Republican upon becoming a US citizen in 2013), I’m rather put off by the Republican candidates in Flagler County this particular election season. Yet, she continues to put forth that she is “licensed”. 1) Nick Klufas … As of this writing, the city, unlike a growing list of local governments across Florida, has not mandated the use of masks in public places, though it’s in the council’s power to do so. The Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council is constituted by a Mayor and 4 Councillors. What would you do to ensure that Palm Coast is addressing the needs of its growing elderly population. Failed scuba dive shop? If a candidate does not answer a question or appears to be evading a question, that’s noted. He needs to fire his campaign strategist. The PACs all go by patriotic, civic-minded names. Tell us about you as a person: your character, your temperament, your foibles. Failed Helmet dive in St. Augustine? Financial Disclosures: Not disclosed. Do you have different standards of behavior between the way you’d conduct yourself as an elected official—in a meeting, at an official function—as opposed to on your social media platforms? The out-of-the-area funding includes 11 $1,000 contributions from 11 different political actions committees, or PACs. 12. How have you been, or how will you be, different, starting with your definition of economic development? Lowe and others, including the Flagler County NAACP, criticized the ad as racial profiling. Current job: Not disclosed. Education: How can he justify ignoring all the damage he has done to the people of this town while claiming he wants to represent them!? Palm Coast Mayor John Brady Don Greene Milissa Holland Alan Lowe Michael Schottey Palm Coast City Council Lou Salvagio (Dist. I’ll leave it at that (for now) but again, extremely disgusted by the candidate pool put forth by the Republican Party in Flagler County for 2020 elections. 3. That is a lie. Anyone can go to that site and “verify a license” on any professional involved in healthcare or mental health care in the State of Florida. Short of new sources of revenue, what areas of the budget are ripe for cuts? 4. I’m now waiting to see if Danko and Barbosa have refused to participate in this information-gathering forum for the benefit of voters. 3. Well Allan, failing to respond to FlaglerLive’s request for “Live Interview” categorically makes you unqualified to handle the demands of the Office of Mayor. We have Alan Lowe who supposedly wants to be mayor but refuses to participate in this information gathering forum for voters for the upcoming election. "My understanding is many business leaders contribute to organizations that support pro-business candidates," Holland wrote in the text, "and those same people have seen what I have done for Palm Coast over the past four years and have decided to support my re-election.". Either could be used to generate revenue that would otherwise have to be generated by property taxes, though the public service tax and the franchise fee are regressive in comparison. Lowe has not received any contributions from PACs. 10. Everyone… please just delete him from your ballot. John Brady | Don Greene | Milissa Holland | Michael Schottey. Me. He does not have one. Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland has emphasized to voters during her campaign that she has lived most of her life in the city and has deep roots in the community. This guy is unfit for any office in Palm Coast, Florida or San Bautista, Uruguay, or anyplace in between. Because no one has turned her in until now. The 48-year-old Holland’s father, the late James Holland, was a member of the city’s first council. But her campaign funding is mostly from outside Palm Coast and Flagler County. Holland also wrote that she was "proud" of the support her campaign has received ranging from local artists to business leaders. How she’s not in jail for practicing without a license is beyond me. Then can he answer these hypothetical questions for us: What 37 years of ‘business’ does he consider “skin in the game”? Community Update - Council Repair & Reform Plan Find out more. If a candidate for mayor wins 50 percent plus one vote or more in the Aug. 18 primary, then that candidate is the outright winner and mayor, making a runoff unnecessary. We have Barbosa, a total fraud. I heard Lowe was a Trumper and, like Trump, will give no answers or no honest answers,. Where did he get his engineering degree from? That $5,890 includes three $1,000 donations from two Palm Coast residents, including Lowe’s brother, and one local business. So the council will have at least two new faces by November, and possibly four. Golf outings are preferable to Basement gatherings. Lowe is just a self serving egomaniac pure and simple. But when it comes to the money financing her campaign for reelection, much of it — more than 80% of the $42,050 she has raised so far — has come from outside of Flagler County, according to campaign records. In accordance with section 150DX of the Local Government Act 2009, a local government must keep and publish a Councillor Conduct Register. Holland also said that Lowe accusing her of being racist was absurd and dishonest. How could she have been practicing without a license? This is a non-partisan, at-large election. Thanks to those conversations I have received additional campaign support.". A complaint of petit theft was filed against Lowe nearly 30 years ago but no charges were filed. The only editing that takes place, again as stated in the cover letter, is “for clarity and redundancy,” not for content (not every candidate is a born writer). Should Palm Coast encourage that accelerating retirement-community trend? Many counties and cities around the state partially or fully levy one or both the taxes. Lowe also made misleading claim–that we’d edit his answers, prompting him to answer them on his own elsewhere so they wouldn’t be edited. Evaluate the transition from ex-City Manager Jim Landon to City Manager Matt Morton: what was lost, what was gained, what could have been done better, what has been done better? No response to the questions means he doesn’t care and that means no vote, except for maybe the Trump club members. Yet, she’s been practicing in the mental health arena in Flagler County without a valid State of Florida license and with a BOGUS PhD. We have asked candidates to refrain from making campaign speeches or make lists of accomplishments. That means all registered voters in Palm Coast, regardless of party or non-party affiliation–Democrats, Republicans, independents and others–may cast a ballot for Palm Coast mayor or council. If they cost money, how do you propose to fund those priorities? Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council keep an ongoing register of interests available to the public. Why does this guy think we’re are all that stupid? Councilman Nick Klufas is running for a second term.

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