1 Answer. It is 100% natural and can be used on top of your substrate to boost humidity and for decorative purposes. You can use a misting bottle and gently mist the inside of the terrarium now and then. Small gravel is usually passed in the feces, but large gravel can remain in the intestinal tract causing blockage. If your think that your frog is impacted, you can feel the belly, and if there's a hard lump, it's probably substrate that the frog couldn't pass. Tim from Los Angeles, CA on December 28, 2009: wow, Pac Man Frogs are real? Mold is not dangerous to your plants or frogs. Fungal infections can infect wounds or scrapes, most common for tadpoles. Other frogs and toads can develop blindness, metabolic bone disease, and fungal infections, so if you have other frogs, or you're concerned about another species, these disorders can still apply. Rhino( my frog) also will sit for weeks and not move from her burrow. Heat . That's why you want to consider a digital hygrometer, such as the Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. now shes moving lots in the dish is this normal? Answer Save. It can measure temperature and humidity with a simple smartphone app using blue tooth, with real-time alerts, easy to use LCD display and high accuracy. Therefore, keeping these amphibians as pets means you maintain the right humidity levels to ensure the comfort and well-being of your Pacman frog. I thought my friend was just joking about them when I first heard of em about 15 years ago. It can be placed directly on the substrate and are natural products. These little creatures are ideal tank caretakers, eating away on the mold while helping to break down uneaten food and more. And what kind of tortoise/turtle is it? Related - Read our Exo Terra Monsoon solo review. At the same time, the screen top can be responsible for losing humidity. ?or did make a dif? Parasites are transferable if you have multiple frogs in the same enclosure, which is why you want to quarantine new amphibians before introducing them to current pets. Analog hygrometers are difficult to read and can be inaccurate. Can he pass all that?? In very extreme cases, the frog may feel like a squishy water bag. The diseases and disorders below are not specific to pacman frogs only. If you leave foul water in the water, the toxins can be absorbed by the frog's skin, which can lead to this disorder. Whitney has raised and bred different species of geckos, snakes, lizards, tortoises, and other exotics since 2003. With all the diseases listed I'm starting to rethink even getting one. A humid hide offers additional humidity and comfort for your amphibian pet. I don't know about pacman frogs specifically but my first thought would be to put it on the warmer side. 1 decade ago. Coconut fiber is an excellent choice, such as the Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate. Signs of bacterial infections are varied but can include: loss of appetite, listlessness, cloudy eyes, redness on the underside of the belly and the thighs, and excessive skin sloughing with shed skin released in the water. I don't know about pacman frogs specifically but my first thought would be to put it on the warmer side. The screen top is to boost ventilation, which is essential for your pet to breathe. i stopped smoking in my house except my room..pet culture said that could b it but maybe not..then got to thinking im a perfume freakkkkkkkkkk.lol.but wash hands when feed or touch her do u think that could have anything to do with it?i ut it on in bathroom or beedroom dont spray anything nor burn candles anymore ,do any of u noticed that if u do any of these things is that how frog got sick? Treatment of toxic out syndrome in frogs is by placing the frog in a shallow water dish of clean water and leaving the frog there. ?/plz helppppppppp thx again xx. Less stressful than soaking outside the enclosure. Signs of toxic out syndrome include: erratic jumping and spastic extensions of the hind limbs, listlessness, and cloudy eyes.

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