Nero Wolfe first came to radio in 1943 over the New England Network for a 12 episode run, and then from 1943-44 over the Blue Network (later ABC). 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast 90 Minutes [UNABRIDGED] We’ll be using the same 11 rules from the 2nd SFFaudio Challenge. Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast 12 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx., General Research Division, Lawrence Block is probably my favourite writer of first person perspective fiction. Non Aryans are bred as slaves. Archie, Wolfe and Santa are all under suspicion when a man dies at a Christmas party! Later, printed as half of an ace double! (text) 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] By Algis Budrys A women confesses a would-be murder plot, then finds out her husband — the would-be target is dead! 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] Broadcaster: CBC Radio In 1982 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aired a fantastic 13-episode radio series: It stared Mavor Moore (as Nero Wolfe), Don Francks (as Archie Goodwin), Cec Linder (as Inspector Cramer), Frank Perry (as Fritz), and Alfie Scott (as Saul Panzer). By Pierre Benoît In chapter two Chip fills in some details about what happened before that – he’s an orphan, the son of a pair of con-parents. Published: January 19, 2009 A Spaceship with a woman’s brain is teamed up with a living male partner. Poor Chip was kicked out of his prep school just a couple of months shy of graduation! Special Guest Stars: Joy Coghill, Brent Craver, Gilly Fenic, Lynn Griffin, Sandy Webster 1 Cassette – Approx. Website designed by Moss Web Works. 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] When you pair his terrific writing with a capable narrator the results are explosively good. |Project Gutenberg|, Wandl the Invader His name is Jennan, the ship loves him and if he’s harmed, she could go crazy Broadcaster: CBC Radio I sure wish narrator Gregory Gorton was still recording audiobooks. Or will the alien find himself on another doomed planet? From 1919, the classic novel of finding the Lost Atlantis, translated by Mary C. Tongue and Mary Ross. Equipped with a paralyzing ray weapon, the creatures begin taking human prisoners. The only mystery/crime novel by the famouse Science Fiction author H. Beam Piper! His sentences are chock full of wry humor and quick wit. Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 07 – Man Alive When a gun collector is found dead on the floor of his locked gunroom, the coroner’s verdict is “death by accident.” But the widow has her doubts. Items Collections Divisions. A young naval lieutenant, is captured by the Germans and wakes up in a hospital bed – more than 100 years later. Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 02 – Before I Die Includes: Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 10 – The Squirt And The Monkey The Third Annual SFFaudio Challenge – make an AUDIOBOOK, get an AUDIOBOOK! Now a team’s chances, and maybe their star players, are dead., General Research Division, Retrieved from, {{cite web | url= | title= The New York Public Library Digital Collections. By Raymond King Cummings “An interesting variation on the standard time-machine theme. Also titled The Queen of Atlantis. Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott The Pirates Of Ersatz 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] Jack must save her, but the difficulties are great and his allies are few. 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] Or will he die trying? Trickery is called for and no one lies better than ace associate Archie Goodwin. (49,417 words) “World Of A Thousand Colors” by Robert Silverberg |READ OUR REVIEW|. Today is the day we begin making you make new audiobooks. Nero Wolfe couldn’t care less about baseball, even the World Series final game–until four players are drugged. November 11th, that means it’s the time for our Third Annual SFFaudio Challenge! Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast Edited by Martin H. Greenberg; Read by Rene Auberjonois? Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott Broadcast: January 23, 1982 This was all prologue for the best known adaptation of the Wolfe, the 2001-02 A&E series, A Nero Wolfe Mystery starring Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe and Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin in a series that succeeded in bringing Wolfe and Archie a generation of new fans. “Amanda and the Alien” by Robert Silverberg, read by Colleen Delany x Print ... General Research Division, The New York Public Library. Special Guest Stars: Marty Meriden, Linda Sorenson, Patricia Hamilton By Murray Leinster; Read by Elliott Miller Well, he can do do a search on! Lovecraft never left his house, the best selling novelist of all time, Shakespeare, pretty impressive, go back to the start, so polished, Sherlock Holmes, her first dog was named George Washington, Agatha Christie: surfer, her house was named Styles, her husband had an affair, she mysteriously disappeared, Curtain, the template for her later books, a court case, gathering everyone together in the library, Captain Hastings, his brother she kept in a basket, Oscar Wilde, interactive, written on a wager, the ideal detective story, what really made her reputation, what she’s created here is something people really liked, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, an intellectual game you play with yourself, Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin, the novelized form of a game that can only be played between a reader and an author, a sudoku puzzle, “cosy” murders, Mr Jim Moon’s shows on Choose Your Own Adventure books, props, the map of the house, the fragment of the will, play along at home, tremendously cool, an ahead of its time idea, Dell mapbacks, Avon mapback, a very American cover, Marilyn Monroe, the layout of styles, who’s lying, American hardboiled, so detached, emigres, the corrupt police department, everyone’s dirty, Raymond Chandler, a body, a motive, more escapist than fantasy literature, who killed this nice lady, who started this goddamned war that’s killing everybody, Bryan Alexander, it can’t but help talk about WWI, pro-war rallies, patriotic Belgian refugees, the rape of Belgium, an offer to write propaganda, unemployed uppercrust guys, Inspector Japp is not the right class, I much prefer the Belgies, aint your ordinary run of foreigners, noir books, James M. Cain, the murderers are the main characters, suspense, game-playing fantasy, if you could do anything after the war, I’d like to be a detective (like Sherlock Holmes), Jesse ruins the show, 15 Agatha Christies, read like popcorn, so relaxing, so untaxing, turn on my brain more, Chandler, the breakdowns of people’s lives and marriages, Hastings is sort of a flake, offers to marry the first lady who starts crying in front of him, an odd scene, someone might take you up on it, failed romance, the promise that made Agatha Christie very wealthy, there could be more of these adventures, like Arthur Conan Doyle, Miss Marple, problems from success, an outsider’s view of something very inside, Murder In Mesopotamia, Murder On The Orient Express, this is where Agatha Christie wrote, basing it on her own experience, losing money, murder for revenge, murder for love, murder for money, mostly money, Evelyn Howard, playing housemaid, a con-artist, American hardboiled evil characters, The Postman Always Rings Twice, the estate is a diner in California, the Howard and Inglethorp relationship, the intricacy of the plotting, double jeopardy, civics class, this cleverness, like a puzzle, The Simple Art Of Murder by Raymond Chandler, the authentic flavour of life, begging the question, a really long game, deeply embedded, impressively patient, on vacation in Dartmoor, The Hound Of the Baskervilles, the isolated house, a convoluted plot to disinherit somebody, red herrings, almost efficient, legitimated, the spy, the escaped lunatic, thrown off the scent, not the way murders actually take place, the Khashoggi assassination, reading too many Agatha Christies, lured into an embassy, a hit team, a lot more grubby, Jesse wrecks the podcast again, real life murders, John Haigh, the next rung on the ladder, when bodies are dissolving, poison is her trademark, Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books, the American response to Christie and Holmes, “I suppose you’re wondering why I gathered you all here”, the real murderer is revealed, the consulting detective, kinda strange, kinda weird, no matter where he goes people die, Miss Marple, Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote, the most prolific serial killer, the title, all the mysterious affairs, Dorcas, Jonathan Fast, a strange SFy name, don’t write notes to your gf, they would have got away with it if it wasn’t for Poirot, an antecedent in Sherlock Holmes, leaning on an intellectual heavyweight, Hastings has his heart too much on his face, a vague suspicion of everything, the game is under foot, how self-aware this is, I’m a kind of literary detective, Tommy and Tuppence, this is a thing in this world, her second husband was an archaeologist, ahead of her time on the meta-stuff, more than 60 novels, Philip K. Dick had 40 novels, this drive to write, Stephen King’s legacy, Mr Jim Moon’s Stephen King shelves, back to King, The Running Man, The Long Walk, a straight-up metaphor for life, from the alien perspective, newsreel footage from the 1930s, wearing a hat, Our Dumb Century, “Man Ventures Outside Hatless”, sunglasses replaced hats, the fossil of a whole fleshed out society that existed, John Buchan, the politics, Belgian refugees, the Poirot TV show, a French detective, a detective has to have a quirk, McCloud, Cannon, Ironsides, quirks, a cup of hot chocolate to get the little grey cells working, an outsider who brings insight into the cases, tapping into the same thing Jane Austen does, closely observing society, classes, a close up focus, shared DNA, upper classes, seeing the dirty laundry, quaint and cozy, later books, the interwar years, a very static world, the way class works in England, hardboiled novels, a more liquid environment, you get to ignore class conflict and unions, inheritance, always on vacation, the investigation is into people’s character, whether Mr Darcy is a jerk, whether this man is suitable for marriage, an orphan who gets adopted, seven Belgians, the audio drama, her patriotic poem, go fight in the war and get killed, the Napoleonic wars, detachment makes them popular, an escape, her perspective, poisoning thousands (with her words), toured the world, staying at the Ritz, Jack London, send me to the worst part of town, The People Of The Abyss, those who don’t live off of the investments of their grandfather, the best selling novelist of all time is a woman, she’s the J.R.R.

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