While some NBA teams will head into free agency with more than enough cap room to add a maximum-salary player, other clubs will be totally capped out.

Thinking about relocating for a new job? The National Basketball Association increasingly relies on in-depth statistical analysis and metrics for coaching, strategy and personnel decisions.

A lot of these guys have devoted much of their youth and all of their young adult lives to becoming highly-skilled B-Ball players, and their career life expectancy is not very long, even if they don’t get hurt, so if they’re good enough to get picked up by and NBA team, I don’t begrudge them a $1.45 million salary.

Paying to visit an NBA scout school teaches valuable skills and provides an inside look into life as a scout. Just curious how your salary stacks up against coworkers living in another city? Man 1 game in the NBA and now you qualify for 868k a year? Advanced scouts report their findings for coaching staffs to analyze in an effort to counteract an opponent's strategy.

High-earning scouts earn their wage by accepting roles of increased responsibility. NBA scout insiders from the TPG Sports Group estimated that advance scouts earned an average of $65,000 per year. NBA scout insiders from the TPG Sports Group estimated that advance scouts earned an average of $65,000 per year. Pete Philo, international scout for the Indiana Pacers and one of the founders of TPG, mentio… This data consists of detailed breakdowns of plays that potentially shed light on player and team tendencies. They have to travel greater distances than all the other scouts, navigate foreign bureaucracies, and deal with a new language barrier every time they step off a plane in a different country. But some scouts work without pay in an attempt to secure a paying job as an NBA advance scout, resulting in skewed average salary numbers.

If a player signs a minimum salary contract after the regular season begins, he’ll earn a pro-rated portion of the amount listed above. This only applies to one-year contracts, rather than multiyear deals. Kent Tukeli has been writing for business and media organizations since 2007, including Valnet Inc., Top Affiliate Publishing and Mirvish Productions.

Some NBA advance scouts travel to well over 100 NBA games per season, collecting extensive information about players and teams. That is some pay raise for G Leaguers and undrafted players who manage to get 10-day contracts at the end of a season and land on a team the next year. “Only” good enough to play one game in the NBA is still a pretty high standard. By signing in to your account, you agree to SimplyHired's Terms of Service and consent to our Cookie and Privacy Policy.

So any player with zero years of experience has not yet made his NBA debut. NBA advance scouts visit games to relay firsthand information about players and teams back to their coaches and general managers, earning an average that ranges between $58,400 and $65,000 per year. Undrafted free agents and late second-round picks are often recipients of minimum salary contracts, but there are plenty of veterans who end up settling for the minimum too. Because the NBA doesn’t want teams to avoid signing veteran players in favor of cheaper, younger players, the league reimburses clubs who sign veterans with three or more years of experience to one-year, minimum salary contracts. We’ll show you the new target salary as well as a breakdown of the differences. Select the city you’d like to investigate and enter your current annual post-tax income. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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