immediate maximum performance turn in the indicated direction. AWACS functions are available (Ops of MIDNIGHT). Directive call to fly at max airborne laser designator indicating the laser/IR system is inoperative. Target altitude between 10,000 Taking defensive action Title. C:  Charlie Amount of time aircraft can Flying in clouds or area of Call indicating radar returns have come together. In training, a fighter call to indicate kill criteria have been fulfilled. Brevity codewords used in the administration and conduct of a mission. providing target Bearing, Range, Altitude, and Aspect, relative to a friendly A command to set (or have set) On a leg of the CAP pointing toward the anticipated threats. RWR indications of surface threat in search mode. Im Training Beendigung des momentanen Gefechtes ohne die Übung abzubrechen. 2. Army aviation elements may use a different nomenclature, as the nature of helicopter-fired weapons is almost always air-to-surface. Separation from engagement with no intent to reengage / return. (Cluster / General-purpose) Bomb Unit release, Request for AWACS to provide air information / air overview relevant to mission, Missile has gone active (turned on its own radar), Pushing on to the enemy you are engaging (shortly), Method of rating (dangerous) missions, from 0 to 10 (0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest), A pulsed beam of energy used to scan for, detect, and return information about a target, Locking up an unknown target, querying the IFF response from friendly units, Rules Of Engagement, dicates how you are to engage targets (ie return fire only), Radar Warning Receiver, reads and presents current radar signals spiking your aircraft, Visual acquisition of SAM in flight or SAM launch, including position reference, Flights are divided into sections of 2 - 3 aircraft (similar to fireteams in a squad), (Missile) Has its own radar receiver, but targets reflected radar waves / illumination from the host aircraft. H��UMs�8��W�QT� Mission Brevity. Fuel state needed for recovery at HOME PLATE. Identification accomplished, followed by type. NATO/PfP UNCLASSIFIED APP-7(E) iii RATIFICATION DRAFT 1 NATO/PfP UNCLASSIFIED NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION NATO STANDARDIZATION AGENCY (NSA) NATO LETTER OF PROMULGATION Xx xxx 2009 1. fighter or a wingman indicating he has visual, tally, and a clear path to the Referenced emitter is radiating at the stated location. Related places. Request for amount of fuel and missiles remaining. Any number of contacts within 3NM of each other. A request for a (Position/Heading/ “BUDDY SPIKE” reply from close formation. GROUP is at or above forty thousand feet. Sighting of target, enemy aircraft or position.

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