Minecraft Fishing Rod Enchant Problem, MC-188420 Fishing rod not working. How to Enchant the Fishing Rod in Minecraft. Now I can't enchant any other ones for my fish farm. Export. Fishing rod enchantments are buggy. fishing rod is missing casting animation, MC-97088 Type: Bug ... Restarted Minecraft, same issue Attachments. Cannot enchant fishing rod, MC-73091 I am not sure if this can be fixed in this method, however what can be done is having the method net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerEnchantment.onCraftMatrixChanged(IInventory) set 0 as enchantment level if no enchantments are available. XML Word Printable. Try downloading a new stable one and put it on your server. MC-86799 First two enchantment slots have nothing, MC-191560 MC-172756 Tested in survival and creative, MC-30354 ok i saw that too and did not know what that ment the thing is my server will regen a new one ill look into it. You'd just have to scroll to your fishing rod and back. Resolved; MC-85150 No Low-Level Enchantments for Fishing Rod. Details. I can enchant everything else but not fishing rods. MC-85339 This report describes that the enchanting table does not show three enchantments for fishing rods if too few bookshelves are placed around it. Resolved; MC-87986 Enchanting fishing rods displays old style enchanting . Blank Enchantments with Fishing Rods, MC-173548 They should be greyed out. https://hub.spigotmc.org/jenkins/job/BuildTools/lastStableBuild/org.spigotmc$builder/, (You must log in or sign up to post here. MC-59421 I have the same problem too, and I'm using 1.8.9. nvm, i think the bobber doesn't show is because the fishing level required to use the rod is low.. im getting the problem too and i fell like the only person who doesn't fish, when i managed to actually fish up a raw cod, i felt like i just fished up 17 -50 mil midas- in a row. MC-98960 Go for it. Any idea why? Enchant table - two enchant choices (sometimes one), bugged gui? This method always returns at least 1 for the first enchantment (0 meaning no enchantment available). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I was able to enchant one fishing rod with a level one enchantment of unbreaking once. People. Some enchantments aren't displayed while enchanting a fishing rod in an enchanting table, MC-195979 Basicly, fishing rod doesn't look cast at all. Tech. Unable to Enchant Fishing rod, MC-103842 Fishing Rod doesn't show "cast" texture, even with models. cannot enchant fishing rod with lure/luck of the sea, MC-84968 Want a better Minecraft server? Train. Enchanting fishing rod with levels < 4 eats up level and lapis, MC-98704 Issue Links. MC-187975 The rod physically appears like I have not casted with it yet, however I have. MC-86841 Shields, crossbows, bows, and fishing rods don't show their proper animations in first person mode after certain actions, Fishing Rod Doesn't Change Texture While Cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fishing Rods cant use between 1&3 levels, MC-33933 Fishing rods no enchant, MC-201149 See attached image: The first slot, which the mouse is hovering over, does not display any promised enchant in the tooltip and clicking it does nothing, yet it's not greyed out like the middle slot. Fishing rod enchantments, MC-141670 Here is an example in video: Unavailable enchants are not greyed out (fishing rod).mp4. I can enchant everything else but not fishing rods. Enchanting uses levels but does not apply them to item placed on the enchantment table. However not being able to see the bobber makes it much harder to fish. I can't enchant my fishing rods, MC-134561 You cannot enchant fishing rods with enchantment levels < 4, as clicking the available does nothing. MC-181424 Fish (and other items from fishing) cannot be caught with a fishing rod. I can enchant everything else but not fishing rods. (duplicate), Enchanting fishing rod in enchanting table sometimes wastes levels and lapis lazuli, First level of enchantment table is empty.

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