And for as good at generating heat as the Miele is, it is also equally capable of conserving it. What do you think of colored model? “No, the steam makes bread crispy by increasing starch gelatinization”. When I say, “you’re actually cooking with water,“ of course I don’t mean you’re adding water to your food.

Wolf DF has self clean but the blue enamel often does not do well if you use it. An avid home chef answers tricky questions about choosing the right oven, stovetop, vent hood and more, Concealed exhaust fans cut visual clutter in the kitchen, Range style is mostly a matter of personal taste. The fans don't concern me much as I don't often cook side to side but it's a good thing to know.

When making the appointment I carefully explained which glass had shattered - today the service repair man showed up with the wrong glass.

Some posters here have about 5-10°F difference from the set temperature. Another difference between these two units is their price.

With an electric oven, you can control the direction of heat, the speed and direction of convection fans with a combi oven you can also control the humidity. That could be bull, but I'm glad to know that you haven't had any issues.”. I'm thrilled I'll need no additional refrigeration in the garage, but all of my food can live in my kitchen.

The impressive ‘melt’ feature turns the power level on one burner to the perfect temperature needed to melt (and not burn!) I would try to find a live range to see for yourself how the flames hit your pots. Timing.

There seem to be alot of comments in this forum that say the Thermador fan in the oven is very noisy. Miele KM 6370 is a solidly built, extremely slim cooktop. U-Line for ice maker since it is the best priced with the most features and an industry leader, True for beverage fridge because they make the good commercial stuff--have all stainless interior and look really cool, and a Sharp microwave drawer since they are the only ones that make all the microwave drawers anyway for all of the name brands, but at half the cost and with the newest flip out controls visible from the top instead of on the face of the microwave like their older models and all re-branded models.

It doesn’t have fancy electronics for the same reason. Currently I have 3 friends with 5-6 year old ovens which are not working, Viking, Thermador and Bosch. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. External moisture has nothing to do with internal moisture. Electric ovens hold onto the moisture that evaporates from food because it has a much smaller vent. This oven may be the most feature-rich of the group.

We are deciding what we want also so I can't comment on performance or any issues. There are lawsuits over this. There are many many people on this forum that sing praises for steam ovens.

It's pretty easy to replace as well, a reasonably handy person could do it themselves, without a service call.

Also, the flame can be turned down to a nice simmer. © 2020 CHOWHOUND, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Still, if your wife is the primary cook, and she feels she needs more oven space, she needs more oven space.

He had all six burners going on the rangetop, and both ovens got quite the workout, too. There does not seem to be a correlation between paying more and getting more.

It was the bomb! No one seems to say anything negative about either the Miele or Wolf.

It is a matter of whether one believes they have been resolved, or the company will honor its products and work through as solution. Thanks for the model numbers! It is often the counterpoint to the marketing they hear. The problem is if it doesn’t happen for four years. I guess because my family prefer SS and did not want heavy wood paneling on the already large doors. The blue liners can also chip without using the self clean. Even if you submerge meat in water, so that all sides are covered in water, that would not be enough to keep meat moist inside because it has to do with internal temperature. 4th Place – A Barebones, No-nonsense, Italian Bargain. The salesman tried to up-sell us to the fancier/more complex Dacor models, but all we needed was a simple, great gas range, and this one is it. I use the warming drawer a lot and having two ovens I love!! So if it does chip out of warranty, it's not the end of the world.

List prices in catalog: rotisserie motor option only in 6780-6880.

There are three panes of glass in the door and it was the middle glass that exploded. Elux gets a lot of support from Gary and others so I should probably relook at them. Wolf’s Latest Induction Cooktop – CI365T/S. All in all, for us the Wolf’s CI365T/S unit just edges out the KM 6370 in the battle of the induction cooktops, with the biggest deciding factor being the price for performance. wekick After reading your post I went and checked my 13 year old GE Profile double ovens, and behold it has a warm setting! @wekick I've heard many complaints and many people who have not had any issues, so this is confusing to me.

I have children. I cook from scratch and do not need Master Chef or fancy interface. Best of luck to you as well! I have the Electrolux oven, speed oven, love it, (but no longer made), Electrolux induction cooktop.

Clean up is extremely easy too--damp cloth wipes up everything. I can tell with the taste and the look of the food.

The reason I leave Miele off the list, is I think Miele along with the rest of the Euros, are ripping us off! If I weren't in this for the long haul, I might be considering less expensive options.

I believe that repair rates have reflected that difference, thou that is not to say that there won't be a lemon of a product in any brand from time to time. I don't want to one of many disgruntled wall oven customers who whines about the high cost of repair a few years after installation. I am wondering why they use the blue enamel if it chips. They won't even tell you up front the cost to repair and the new liner is only guaranteed for a year. What you get for the money on the Wolf makes it simply one of the best induction deals around in the high-end appliance space.

They are the real deal professional restaurant range. I had pretty much decided to roll the dice. I'm also trying to justify the Sub-Zero 36" separate freezer and refrigerator. It has a rapid preheat but I have not used it.

My ELux is having a communication issue with the control board but I will try to fix it to avoid a new oven.

@eam44 i would prefer not range actually and just get a rangetop. We considered range top with oven and steam oven but the steam oven was small so my wife though we needed double oven. New Monogram has much lighter-gauge full extension and I don't think you can put the racks in adjacent slots.

I'll look into the Heston - who knows. Capital is a new company whose long-term reliability was unknown; plus the oven was small.

It would actually work better in my space, but I was still set on the Wolf range top with both the grill and griddle-for less than the cost of only the Wolf Ovens!

You can save cooking methods for different recipes you do often. The steam oven is smaller than a conventional oven but it is very nimble, and pretty quick.

I'm 5'0". I prefer two ovens because I can use one for warming. You can work on every part of a BlueStar yourself. The more they worked on it the worse it got.

I would stay away from blue enamel. @wekick - That's crazy.

In terms of ovens that are designed to simplify the process of gourmet cooking, it would be difficult to find a better option. Miele’s 30″ Double Oven paired with their 30″ Warming Drawer. Thanks Sub-Zero and deadline has been extended until this Monday/Tuesday. ... Miele dishwasher. This feature is perfect for kitchens where a larger cookware tool such as a griddle or a grill is used frequently – even providing enough space for use of these items on the cooktop at the same time. Most turkeys cooked in an electric ovens get quite a bit of steam because the big roasting pan is constantly giving off steam. We chose a Thermador rangetop over Wolf, because the star burners on the Thermador enable the flame to reach the center of pots and pans, much better than the circular burners of the Wolf. There is no difference in how dry anything gets, just in how even the temperature is. Related Posts: Best Double Ovens – Wolf vs Miele vs Viking.

He also noted at that time the corners were chip led about the size of a quarter on both sides of the oven floor. As their name suggests, they cook with steam. Wolf’s CI365T/S design leaves each element separate from each other – there are four distinct 8″ rings with the largest ring being 10.5″.

We have a 36" hood opening, so it feels larger & more spacious. The company wanted tp replace the entire oven unit but it was going to take several weeks before they could send someone to do this. One might infer this means the electronics are even more sensitive to heat.

You still have to buy the rotisserie assembly itself.

read the manual to the E series to compare. They are the continuation of the old simple Garland commercial ranges that Julia Child used to cook on.

The 6780 BM is the M Touch with ComfortSwivel Handle.

Every brand has pros and cons. It has good reviews and looks nice.

In terms of ovens, Wolf has the better convection delivery system with two thermostats behind each fan instead of just one. I hope you have the kind of luck we have had with our Electrolux appliances!

It is more helpful to look at the detail tab for each one, and even better to download the manuals than to just read the hype on the web page.

It was awesome and it always looked great and was easy to clean. Rounding out the third slot we have the Miele M-Touch 30″ Double Oven, another luxury choice that exemplifies all the comfortable touches of the modern era. It’s like searing a roast, it keeps the juices in.”, It actually cooks differently than a standard microwave .. Every company that Whirlpool (Jennair) recommended had horiffic reviews & finally we gave up and bought a Sub Zero. No one manufacturer makes the best of everything. Maybe I should just get the Monogram.

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