Each Merlin fanfiction recommendation will contain the title, rating, pairing, author and ofcourse a intensemmary of the fanfiction at hand. He placed her in Merlin's arms, hidden beneath the cloak. His daughter was bleeding out in his arms for goodness' sake. "Alright, then, what are they? The wailing that echoed through the mostly empty throne room ceased almost immediately. It even has some spells I made up, to be honest. Not long after he got together with Arthur, he became a vegetarian. "Wrong again," Arthur smiled. "Oh! And me. ", "Charlotte it is," Arthur smiled. "He says that he's found a heartbeat, but the baby's heartbeat is unsteady and it's much faster than he'd like it to be.". ", Gwen beamed. "Gwaine!" Gwen and Morgana both nodded. This contains handpicked Mergana stories of many genres. It was pretty small, but there were two beds, two nightstands, and a wardrobe. "Merl- " Arthur froze as his armor and the brushes that had been cleaning it clattered to the floor and Merlin looked up from where he sat on his bed, reading a book, with a look that appeared to be a mixture of extreme guilt and fear. "Listen," he said. I have a really strong feeling that it's going to be a girl. Merlin said. Uther looked up to see Leon staring back at him, sword in hand. No. Merlin snatched his hand back and rubbed his arm over his face, trying to cool it down. ", Arthur frowned. "Uhm, I'm looking for a man named Lancelot," Merlin said in a hushed voice. "Are the twins still asleep? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Well, if you want to stay alive and in Camelot, then you will prove it and bare a child. She looked as if she were terribly afraid to say what was on her mind. He isn't breathing right. If my father catches you, he'll have your head on a stick! "Merlin, you need to drink this, okay?". Your eyes are much sharper than mine and I need to know exactly what the damage is.". "Evelyn, I think her name is? "Would you like to know their names?" "Gwaine, is this about you and Lancelot?". We almost lost Charlotte and now Charlotte is in a world of danger! ", "Yeah," Lancelot nodded. I can hardly wait to find out whether I have a grandson or a granddaughter. Arthur laughed and pulled Gwaine into a tight hug. ", "And Uther?" ", "Gaius, have you seen Merlin?" Three months. Arthur ordered sharply. If you have a suggestion PM me and I'll add it if I like it. Arthur's son began to wail and Morgana tried to calm him, but the baby wailed and wailed and wailed, the noise ringing in Arthur's ears…. In the mean time he is told of a new destiny to watch out for Harry Potter in the years to come... harrypotter Arthur turned to look at Merlin and gave him a tiny smile before gathering himself and swooping into the room, cape fluttering behind him, looking for all the world like the Once and Future King. Various (any) pairings are stored and welcomed here, the most common focus pairing tends to be A/M. "Erm, he isn't feeling at all well tonight and, unfortunately, he will not be able to join us this evening. Uther asked. "No no no no no," he kept saying beneath his breath. "Please, we have to figure out how to - how to fix this - I - I can't - Arthur, it's not supposed to be like this! "Yes, father.". ", Merlin nodded, holding Charlotte ever closer as if he were afraid that if he let her even a fraction of an inch away from him, one of Uther's men would come and snatch her away. "Oh. Also anything that delves deply enough into those catogories for a good justification. Morgana and Gwen were sitting at his bedside, chatting quietly. Morgana smiled and kissed Leon. Consort Merlin has been made a synonym of Consort Merlin (Merlin).Works and bookmarks tagged with Consort Merlin will show up in Consort Merlin (Merlin)'s filter. Consort Merlin has been made a synonym of Consort Merlin (Merlin).Works and bookmarks tagged with Consort Merlin will show up in Consort Merlin (Merlin)'s filter. I believed that you would be better off if you never knew… But I fear that this may be the only way to save Evelyn. Merlin sniffed. As a writer and avid reader of femMerlin fanfics, I thought it was time to add my own list of all the best femMerlin fanfics, in which Merlin is BORN a girl (all pairings welcome). "Hey, Merlin!" "I love you so much," he kissed Merlin's neck. "I wanted to tell you ages ago, I really did, I just didn't know how.". The story line can be any time, any place etc. "I know,", "I don't want our child to be born like this," Merlin said. He took a deep breath. "This is the normal part. "No, sire," he said. "Until we meet again, Princess Evelyn.". "You don't think I can save him? "Are you su-?" "Thank you, Morgana.". "Our baby is going to be born of your magic, and my strength. "This is Uther's fault! Merlin nodded and let his eyes slide shut. "So this one is Evelyn? Let's go!" "It was my mother's. Merlin, English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 28 - Since: 10-14-11 - Founder: Armadura Fairy. When Merlin awoke, he leapt to his feet, arms outstretched and ready to put Gwaine and Lancelot under sleeping spell. Morgana, who hadn't bothered to change out of her dress from the feast or take her hair down, was seated in a chair beside the bed watching and trying give hints to Gwen as to what move she should make next. "Gaius? There's a tavern called Brolin's Mill. It was another week before he realized that yes, Merlin really was sorcerer and no, he was not planning on overthrowing Camelot. "What?" Merlin smiled. A super computer geek? Gaius asked. "You're accepting it just like that? Court Sorcerer Merlin; King Consort!Merlin; Happy Ending; Summary. Merlin muttered another spell, his eyes still glowing gold until the arrow found a home in the chest of the man who had been shooting for Arthur - one of the visiting king's knights - and his eyes returned to their usual, dazzling blue. Now. ", Gwaine turned to Merlin, eyes wide. "MERLIN!" He was the King, for God's sake! Merlin's eyes widened. Arthur swore loudly and ran from the room, straight to the throne room where Uther was holding Evelyn at an arm's length, looking at her with disgust. "Of course," Arthur nodded. "I really really really don't want to talk about it, Morgana. Merlin's eyes widened. If you just wish to browse trough the fanfiction recommendations currently on Merlin’s Myth and Magic press the search button without entering any requirements. There’s a man locked in the basement. Gods, I hope that kid is okay. FanFiction | unleash ... Follow/Fav Court Sorcerer and Royal Consort. He took the first born baby from Arthur, wrapped her in a blanket as well, then replaced her in Arthur's arms. "Thank you," he breathed, "Now it's my turn, I suppose." This time he replies "I am Emrys." In that moment, as Uther looked that way, Merlin shouted a frantic spell, his eyes glowing gold, and the arrow froze in midair. "Gwaine!" "No. "No, he does not," Gwaine said. Morgana headed back to her bedchambers to get dressed and Arthur sat down at Merlin's bedside, opposite Gwen. ), no Arwen, Warnings: strong language, references to adult themes, darkish themes, m!preg. "Charlotte does," Merlin frowned. "Ssshh," he patted Merlin's back. "Hello," Arthur said, smiling at the lot of them. ", Arthur glanced at Merlin worriedly. ", Arthur sat bolt right up and looked down at Merlin with wide eyes. Merlin and Arthur looked at one another and rolled their eyes. "Oh, gods, what are you doing here? ", Gwen nodded and looked about the room, frowning at how insufficient a place it was for Merlin to stay in his state. "I never thought that being a father would feel so wonderful, but I have never been happier in my entire life! "Guards!" ", "Alright, now, tell me the truth," Gwaine said. I'm not losing you, okay?". I get it. "Okay, Morgana, calm down," Gaius said. "No. And then all the pain left Merlin's body and he relaxed against the mattress. Is it a boy and a girl?". Uther and Arthur were alone, bent over several pieces of parchment that held battle strategies and plans for war. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 7 - Since: 07-19-10 - Founder: IThinkI'mBack, Want to see Merlin as a dog? I think something is very wrong. Confusion spurt through Merlin. …He probably did more work than Arthur anyways. "Anyway, there's someone here who wants to visit you," Leon said. since that fateful day. "Please, Arthur.". Merlin opened his mouth, closed it, opened it, closed it, then without warning he leaned in and pressed his lips firmly against Arthur's. I am the last of the Dragon Lords.". Pretty much all Merlin has talked about since last night is when we can have you come visit and meet the babies. "I'm yours until tomorrow morning. Merlin frowned. Please consider turning it on! It's not like I'm going to judge you, you know. So, yes, Arthur was convinced that day that Merlin would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. ", "Yes," Arthur nodded. Instead they were a molten gold that radiated power. Arthur stood tall as whispers erupted across the room, holding Merlin close to him. What about Morgan for a girl?" He obviously has no clue how to take care of kids and that's going to take some time to get used to and to learn and all, but I think he'll get the hang of it. He was Court Sorcerer and Head Advisor to the King and perfectly satisfied. "She'll never be safe and it's all my fault!". "Well, he was trying to leave!" He was barely even close when the halls started to get crowded, filled with various nobles invited to celebrate Christmas with the King of Camelot. "Well," Gwaine said, placing a hand over his heart and feigning hurt. It wasn't longer after that that Arthur was carrying Merlin in his arms. "Sorry, Gaius. Merlin asked as he prepared Arthur's bath. Evelyn was already starting to sprout blonde hair atop her head and her eyes were a deeper blue, like Arthur's. Then he let go and lifted Evelyn into his arms. "I could make things float before I could even walk, Arthur, and Uther will be looking for things like this. Soon, the whole staff of Camelot was cheering at the top of their lungs, shocking the people who were considered their 'elite'. It had been a week since Merlin had moved his books and various alchemy stuff into the tower. Gwaine, go to that shelf there! Charlotte's eyes, as if on cue, turned molten gold and a bowl floated off of the table. Uther called and he smirked at the group standing before him. "You can sleep in Gwaine's bed and if he gets back during the night then I'll let him have mine.". When he awoke, Gwen was at his side dabbing his brow with a wet cloth. It was only a few minutes later that the door opened again and Merlin looked up hopefully, daring to think that maybe Arthur had decided to blow off his duties for the day and stay with him and damn the consequences! Arthur, eyes puffy and red, entered the throne room where his father stood alone. He expected it was just put in by Arthur to prevent him from weaseling out and leaving him bored and alone, but Merlin couldn't go in and change it now. The sun had now dipped completely below the horizon and night had fallen, but they were there at last. ", Merlin took a deep breath and held Charlotte closer, then he nodded and ran. It's so sad to hear about her passing away…" he lied. At some point in the night, Merlin managed to fall asleep. Only completed stories will be added. "Merlin, talk to me. Arthur frowned again, then turned on his heel and left the room. he said to the sorcerer who was curled up in a ball beneath his blanket. "Father?" He had run straight for the nearest guard he could find…. Or: Prince Arthur is hit with a very selective truth spell, that only makes him want to be honest with the person he cares for most. Everything was going well in Camelot. Charlotte actually giggled and Gwaine looked down at her and grinned. "But - Gwaine? Lancelot frowned. He said he wishes he could have made it, but he's held up with something or other. It definitely wasn't the worst tavern inn that Merlin had ever been in. ", "We'll be back soon, Gwen," Gaius said and he and Morgana left his chambers and went to hers.

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