This sounds phenomenal. But, when I did, it made me feal glamorous indeed. Thank you for the brief history on lipstick. In the end, the base gives us just enough sweetness for an almost sensual drydown with the adding of vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin. I’ve never tried anything from this house before but I’d love to. The film director D.W. Griffith invented false eyelashes in 1916. The social taboo of applying lipstick in public was demolished by legendary Sarah Bernhardt, who freely reapplied her own. Despina beautifully writes “killer lipstick” – accord of Jovoy Paris Rouge Assassin to be an amalgam of the flapper era’s androgynous, assertive fragrances, and the softly feminine, powdery smell of the 1940s/1950s cosmetics. I really have a sense of what this smells like. I’d like to try Rouge Assassin. With verve! Creamy sandalwood and tobacco-tinged cedarwood support the boudoir vibe, while preventing the fragrance from becoming too “bosomy”. Your writer’s authority on the subject validates my sub-conscious musings so I may have to re-write. I have been very interested in jovoys own lineup and this one sounds like such a winner. In the 1920s, different products were also developed that showed the decade's preoccupation with shaping the mouth.Metal lip tracers, made in various sizes to satisfy the wishes of the wearer, were developed to ensure flawless lipstick application. Having triumphantly survived the Great Depression, lipstick entered a new era of popularity. Underneath it all, the base is signed off by an almondy-ambery undercurrent (a combination of vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin), that sustains a long, pleasurable drydown.” Thanks for the generous giveaway and I live in the US! What I liked about this review is how detailed & expressive it is. I haven’t tried anything from Jovoy. It’s so creative. Love this quote – I find the main – “killer lipstick” – accord of Jovoy Paris Rouge Assassin to be an amalgam of the flapper era’s androgynous, assertive fragrances, and the softly feminine, powdery smell of the 1940s/1950s cosmetics, realised in resolutely modern spirit. Pennsylvania USA, Great review Despina I’m in Pennsylvania. I have only smelled one fragrance with elemi that I was aware of and I liked it. Even if I go down to the store and wear a mask, I still get lipstick and perfume. This is my sole encounter with the house of Jovoy and I really like everything about it: the name, how it smells, how long the scent lingers on you and in other’s people memory! Creamy sandalwood and tobacco-tinged cedarwood support the boudoir vibe, while preventing the fragrance from becoming too “bosomy”. Birthday Cake For Husband  |   Such a timeless and everlasting symbol of the feminine beauty routine (and not only). I am in U.K. never thought of red lipstick as a badge of boldness, but thinking about it, sounds legit. Lovely!! I adore scent, and am so grateful that some of my favorites come in beautiful glass bottles. Haven’t explored much from this House. The scent is exactly the scent that I would display and cherish! I also loved the way Despina wrote about the history of lipstick, especially its use in cinema. Bravo Despina Air Circulation In Bat Of Building  |   And I really miss lipstick this year! Thanks for the review and the draw. Lovely notes in Rouge Assassin. I live in France. Makeup is my passion and I even had a blog about it for years. Especially the part about its being a symbol of rebellion for the strategies and for being “essential for boosting the wartime morale” in WWII. I started turning my attention to perfumes recently, so I still didn’t have a change to try any of the Jovoy Paris perfumes. The fragrance opens with juicy, succulent bergamot and resinous, piquant elemi, preceding a jammy (yet restrained) rose. I adore rose scents when they are combined with other notes that create a unique formula. And then she hits with the notes and details about the perfume… such a nice review. Disclaimer: I’d like to thank Jovoy Paris for my bottle of Rouge Assassin. I’m based in the US and haven’t had the opportunity to try Jovoy yet. I especially liked the description of the lipstick accord! She isn’t as much into fragrances as I am and would love to surprise her with a bottle of Rouge Assassin. I always want to have a wearable, creamy makeup facets, and the idea of having a scent with, restraint and glamour, sounds very good, Explore City Wise Colleges, Institutions, Universities, Consultancies, Associations and Suppliers in, Click Here to Know about a Legend Dr.A.P.J. Thanks for the informative review and generous draw. I loved all the history and photos of all the glamourous movie stars from the 40s and 5Os I appreciate Despina’s acknowledgement that lipstick has many purposes in augmenting our persona. From France EU. I do not have a favorite Jovoy fragrance and I live in the US. I think my favorite is Psychedelique! I enjoyed the reference to cinema of the 40/50s era and the rise of that cosmetic accord to be synonymous with luxury. The opinions are my own. Notes: Bergamot, Rose; Elemi, Rice Powder, Ambrette; Iris, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Benzoin, Tonka Bean. I realised I don’t care much for rose powdery scents, so this sounds like something I’d definitely try – luxurious lipstick, ethereal face powder, clean skin, boudoir vibe are just ticked boxes for me Very different from what we’re used to. I think the description genderless lipstick sums up the perfume really well. I have tried this one, and I must say usually I’m not a huge Iris fan but this one is among the best Iris fragrances I’ve smelled. To be eligible, please leave a comment saying what you enjoyed most about Despina’s review, if you have a favorite fragrance by Jovoy Paris and where you live. Some fragrances with iris is too much for my skin. I love the article, particularly because I am also a writer and in one of my short stories, the leading lady is transformed when red lipstick is applied to her lips. I liked Despina’s relating the history of lipstick to the history of cinema. So many lipstick scents start too fruity or have a perfume-counter generic dry down. I love Private Label and Pavilion Rouge. It’s really both amazing and phenomenal that this “red badge of courage” has truly transformed the world. The well-known metal lipstick tube was born in 1915, first manufactured by Guerlain; 8 prior to this, commercial lipsticks were wrapped in paper and sold in jars, pots or paper tubes. Very interesting review by Despina. I would love to participate to the giveaway and hopefully be the winner of this breathtaking scent. I would love to add this one to my growing Jovoy collection! My favourite perfume from Jovoy is Touche Finale, but there are lots I haven’t tried. Thanks for This draw! USA. The Roaring Twenties introduced a new, bold female look and attitude, that of the flapper. I have always liked these perfumes that had a lipstick, glossy vibe to them, but I had not had the chance to try Rouge Assassin. It smells like you are walking in to a high-end department store like Saks, Harrods, or Bergdorf Goodman. Thank you for this generous draw! I can remember as a child playing in my mother’s red lipstick. I live in Boston Massachusetts USA. In no way does claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. Sending love, warm wishes, and gratitude from Delaware, US. Portillos Dog Recipe  |   Despina’s reviews are always full of glamour, iconic figure and the best illustrations. I loved the info and examples about the role and evolution of lipstick in history, as well as the symbol it represents. This small object, indispensable for hundreds of millions, has managed to cement its impressive influence on art, fashion and pop-culture, while emerging as a symbol of female elegance, sexuality, self-confidence – sometimes even emancipation. I’ve never tried anything from this house before. Women did to get beautiful lips everyday icon 4 lipstick design wework turns to maurice a short of lipstick montecristo la barra de labios 100 años pintando a. Thanks for the review and the draw. What excites me most though is that it’s a lipstick accord, which I adore, that’s not supported by patchouli, which I don’t love. 1915 created by Maurice Levy. I loved seeing all the actresses – gotta admit I loved seeing Lucy! Red was the dominant color during the 1940s, when wearing lipstick was considered essential for boosting the wartime morale – a reminder of what the boys were fighting for. Maurice Levy claim on Lipstick Invention. Haven’t tried anything by Jovoy Paris, yet, so no favorites, yet. I am from Ohio, USA. Greetings from New Jersey. I find the main – “killer lipstick” – accord of Jovoy Paris Rouge Assassin to be an amalgam of the flapper era’s androgynous, assertive fragrances, and the softly feminine, powdery smell of the 1940s/1950s cosmetics, realised in resolutely modern spirit. It smells indeed like a lipstick but I think it’s totally unisex. I tried this fragrance last summer and really enjoyed it. My favorite Jovoy is Private Label, but I also love Psychedelique and La Liturgie des Hueres. Required fields are marked *. I have no favorite Jovoy. Thank you for the draw! Europe. Then there’s this: “The fragrance opens with juicy, succulent bergamot and resinous, piquant elemi, preceding a jammy (yet restrained) rose. xoxoxo thank you, Despina. I am intrigued by the notes especially rose, musk, iris and vanilla. I live in the USA. Remember me This fragrance is making me so excited. USA Jovoy Paris Rouge Assassin (Photo: Despina Veneti)©, Thanks to the generosity of François Hénin and Jovoy Paris Parfums Rares, we have a draw for a 100ml bottle of Jovoy Paris Rouge Assassin (value: 130€) for one registered reader in USA, UK or Europe. It just smells so luxurious, elegant, and expensive. Under the creative direction of François Hénin (founder of Jovoy Parfums Rares), perfumer Amélie Bourgeois (co-founder of Flair Paris) composed Jovoy Paris Rouge Assassin following an unexpected path for her lipstick accord (it’s neither waxy, nor sweet rose-dominant). Wow I learned so much about the history of lipstick in this review by Despina. Lips emerged as the focal point of beauty looks; Clara Bow’s “cupid’s bow” lips, and Mae Murray’s “bee-stung” lips, became a visual signature. hopefully, brighter days will come. Propel Star Wars T 65 X Wing Instruction Manual  |   I’ve never considered lipstick so powerful and meaningful, I just took it for granted, as a regular cosmetic product, but this review made a switch in my mind. The perfume sounds very nice, i dont know any perfume of Jovoy Paris yet. Collecting Vintage Compacts suggests that the true inventor may have been a William Kendell – who designed metal cases for the French cosmetics brand Mary Garden by Rigaud. Writing from the USA. They were not swivel-up though, so the amount of product in the lipstick was limited.

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