mastic is troweled on, gloved typically a rougher texture. When people are arranging for the replacement or repair of a roof by professionals, they can ask about what products will be used. #2100 ALL WEATHER/ALL SEASON Heavy Duty Commercial flashing compound is manufactured with superior oxidized asphalts for extreme durability. A fibrated asphalt based, solvent-borne mastic designed as an inter-ply adhesive cement for use with cold process built-up roof system. I've used mastic in the past to do small repairs around the vents on my roof. High SBS rubber content provides  flexibility giving advanced protection against moisture and corrosion. I'm sure the staff would be glad to help, as well. Henry 208 Wet Patch 3.30 Gal. It can come in buckets, allowing people to apply it with a palette knife, or in tubes that can be fitted into a caulking gun. Cements & Mastics KARNAK offers a variety of cements and mastics for patching and repairs. Price/Pail. Roof mastics are given a rating that estimates how long they will hold up and in what environments. Roofing mastic aka roof flashing cement is a thick tarry sealant, typically sold in gallon or larger sized containers or more expensively in caulk/sealant tubes for very small jobs. D-4586 Type 1, Class II, Trowel Grade. A tough, tenacious and durable white elastomeric flashing compound. Price/Can. Price/Can. How to Decorate Centerpieces With Balloons, How to Repair Cracked Concrete on a Stamped Driveway. It is also much easier to handle and apply properly than other soft polyester sheets. For Flashing, Sealing and Repairs on most roofing surfaces incl. It will remain highly resilient and durable through all seasons in all weather. “When my team made the switch to the ARC® lineup of products we noticed productivity go way up. 5-Gallon Can. I'd consider coating with a high quality rubber roof sealant unless the damage in the valley is severe. Many hardware stores carry these products and they can also be ordered by special arrangement. Compare; TROPICAL ROOFING PRODUCTS " Best-in-Class " #2100 ALL WEATHER/ALL SEASON Rubberized Heavy Duty Commercial FLASHING CEMENT is specifically formulated for the professional roofer providing strong adhesion to wet and dry surfaces. (combustible; UPS shipping only) $78.00 SALE $55.95 3.5-GALLON PAIL. Contact Architectural Roof Coatings today to learn more about our products. Professional grade rubber modified soft and pliable mastic  specially formulated for superior  adhesion under severe cold and or wet surface conditions,  even in driving rain or under water. Model #5227-1-20. Recommended for flat commercial roofs, in locations where roof is exposed to high heat and is excellent for repairs on conventional BUR membranes where movement is expected to occur. exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. When people inspect roofs periodically, it is important to check the areas where mastic has been applied to confirm that it is not pulling away, cracking, or flaking. Specially formulated for anti-sag properties and will not crack under high heat conditions. Tropical Roofing Products #101 is a carefully mixed homogeneous blend of high-grade fibers, select asphalt, minerals, plasticizers and aromatic hydrocarbons. 1-Gallon Can. Meets the requirement for ASTM - D 4586. It made all the difference.”, “The quality of the ARC® roof coatings was way above the industry standard. #508's unique formulation is designed for repairing leaks, cracked spots, holes in shingles, concrete, and steel or metal roofs. #932-TIETEX® T272 POLYESTER is a polyester that will readily conform to irregular surfaces and standing seam metal roof decks. Readily adheres to all prepared surfaces, and will not sag, slip, or mud-crack. If a roof is badly damaged, mastic cannot repair it, but an aging roof may be coaxed into performing for several more years with a coat of mastic. Several different kinds of products are referred to as mastic; generally speaking, roof mastics are sticky, drying to a flexible, rubbery finish after they are applied and allowed to cure. Meets ASTM D 4586 and ASTM D 3409. It is also much easier to handle and apply properly than other soft polyester sheets. The top-selling roof cement & patches product is the Henry Henry 208R Rubberized Wet Patch Roof Cement Leak Repair – 0.90 Gallon. Mastic is an adhesive that, along with thin-set mortar, is used to stick tile to wall or floor surfaces before grouting . The product is carefully constructed for maximum roof efficiency. Since you live in the northeast, I would assume most of the choices will be tailored for that region. It can be used to extend the life of a roof by waterproofing it. It is applied with a trowel or a caulking gun and can be smoothed with a putty knife for extra leak protection and aesthetic appeal. Easily applied around all flashings including skylights, gutters, and in all crevices. #509 ALL WEATHER MODIFIED MASTIC is specifically designed for use with modified bitumen membranes, base sheets and ply sheets. 16-Oz. Are there any special values on roof cement & patches? NOTE: DO NOT use on APP, TPO, EPDM, or PVC. Description Plastic roofing cement, also called mastic, asphalt plastic or flashing cement, typically contains asphalt and various solvents and fillers.

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