Both a gigantic amalgamation of influences (Scott, Spielberg, Kubrick, Roeg etc.) The special effects are practical magic and one of the strengths of a good science fiction horror. good story , some wooden and cheesy acting, but the main Alien has an amazing body! so you decide to go off mission in order to break into someone else's flying broomstick needle ship in the heart of Halley's Comet to steal a naked girl sleeping in a glass coffin because you could tell she totally wanted you to and then take her back to Earth whereupon you get super freaked when she starts eating people's souls? Directed by Tobe Hooper. Source data can be found via ryno731's original reddit post. Despite a battery of ILM-style visual fx and enough fire to destroy a small forest, it's all over the…. A very baffling film that is very bad but stupid enough to be mostly enjoyable. While it would be unfair to lay the fall of Tobe Hooper at the feet of a single moment, the closest we can get would be Lifeforce, which from the get-go was my planned finale for this year's Schlocktober. * *Nobody cares if you don't think…, Just a list of some pretty cool movie posters on the LB database. Here Are 7 Hidden Gems From Your Favorite Horror Directors, Did Spielberg Direct 'Poltergeist'? Almost every actor involved plays his or her role at the highest possible volumes. Jan 13, 2019 - Explore Cult Celebrities's board "Lifeforce (1985)" on Pinterest. ""The old way Carlsen; a leaded metal shaft penetrating not through the heart but through the energy centre two inches below the heart. When it comes to Lifeforce Tobe basically said: "You know what? See the full list of Lifeforce cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Kids love lasers! Tobe Hooper's "Lifeforce" is a more refined line-reading or two from being a great horror film. weird as hell tobe. The lead vampire is a pretty naked lady who can shapeshift and oh boy do these dark beings wreak havoc on London. 1985 Exploitative, hokey, gory, sexually-charged, and uniquely crazed, the plot is a blaring and multi-faceted thing of sci-fi/horror beauty. Let's do a combination of Hammer horror, Alien, hot French movie sex, a Quatermass flick, Suspiria and roll them all up together...and why not...add some lasers! …and the Oscar for most batshit horror movie goes to LIFEFORCE. Review by nathaxnne (hiatus due to injury) ★★★★★ 8. hail to thee great mother from which all comes and to which all returns!!! Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival. No other subsequent Sci-Fi film, including Lifeforce, can even remotely compare. Cast. Owners Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus had loftier ambitions: They wanted a blockbuster; a big-budget smash that they could call their own. hybrid sci-fi horror that's working much better when it's terrestrial horror than weirdly 70s space, everything in space just felt wrong. and a 2 hour "fuck you" aimed towards the tightening grip of 80s Hollywood, Hooper unleashes an "overwhelmingly female presence" onto the world and observes as it all crumbles into a state of fire and ash, blue strobes and glittering souls. Mathilda May Cast… 1985 | Winner: Best Special Effects (Caixa de Catalunya) Cast & Crew Show all . Film data from TMDb. A widescreen Tobe Hooper epic, curated for Cannon Films as a form of blockbuster "legitimacy" only to become enraptured in its own barrage of sex and blood, absorption and ghostly light beams. ", "Miss World 1970: The launch of a revolution", "If it chooses you, nothing can save you. Plot Edit. k. Lasers while people have sex! A space mission to examine Halley's Comet accidentally brings back an alien species of life sucking vampires that need to be stopped. Tobe Hooper Director. Trailer - Lifeforce (1985) -HD-Lifeforce is a 1985 British science fiction horror film . Hooper was most well known for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and gained mainstream cred with Poltergeist under Steven Spielberg's supervision. Cannon spent 50 million dollars (adjusted) on Tobe Hooper's cinematic essay on unwanted erections. kickstarting the apocalypse because you're too damn horny. W środku znajdują zahibernowane ciała trzech humanoidalnych istot. Are you ready…. Peter Firth Cast. Evil vampire alien space sex lasers!! A space shuttle mission investigating Halley's Comet brings back a malevolent race of space vampires who transform most of London's population into zombies. Most appropriately described as sexy, body-hopping space-vampires take London, the story at work in "Lifeforce" is cheeky and compelling; but Hooper plays it completely straight. Glass coffin Space Vampires who embalm themselves with life energy, fly around in an umbrella broomstick ship, and decimate London with a shit load of broken glass, explosions, energy sucking zombies, and body snatching craziness... all culminating in a very Vampire cathedral showdown. Blood leaving Patrick Stewart dead body and slowly forming Mathilda May naked body is the film…. ", "The Helen Reddy story and the song that inspired a revolution", 'Love, Weddings and Other Disasters' Trailer, 'The Opening Act' Interviews with Jimmy O. Yang & Steve Byrne. The only survivor of the expedition and British authorities attempt to capture a mysterious but beautiful alien woman who appears responsible. There's no smidgen of conspiracy theory that makes sense with the existence of this movie. A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, hamburger splash 1,813 films 10,609 98 Edit, Tobias Andersen 8,406 films 16,648 761 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via:, See how many number of films there are in the…, OB-GYN Kenobi 3,801 films 7,316 109 Edit, Step One: Go to of course i had a blast. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. More details at Lifeforce is a pretty fun film with some boring patches and a need for a slightly more compelling lead. ", And because all of Hollywood was doing static apnea in…. Step Two: Pick a Number. Mobile site. AKA "Fear the Fucking Dead". Space vampires... we've got space vampires everyone. The next twenty minutes feature a smoking hot and completely naked alien woman walking around a government complex, zapping people left, right and centre as she goes about escaping, all the while ensuring that the camera has plenty of opportunities to linger on her mighty fine pair of boobs from every…. Sally Jane Black 461 films 662 22 Edit, Jens Åge Jakobsen 5,163 films 1,352 15 Edit, Does it take you an hour to pick a movie? has a real hammer horror Krull vibe (complete with giant bats impaled by iron swords) but with an explicit sex and death exploitation angle that includes a sexy space vampire succubus literally sucking the life out of people via light beams as well as nasty creature/zombie gore shit. LIFEFORCE (1985) - By the mid '80s, Cannon Films was looking to move away from low-budget, disposable fare like HOSPITAL MASSACRE (1981) and BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (1984). Com um verde escaldante invadindo a tela e as maravilhosas piruetas da câmera, que deslocalizam mais de forma psicológica do que espacial, impondo um fascínio na imagem, uma verdadeira hipnose. Entertaining as fuck so recommend. So not even recouping half of the $25m outlay in worldwide gross would have to be seen as a pretty spectacular flop. And boy did I get a fitting finale.…. It's like the films are connected at the hip. Desire is a plague. This movie has strong magic mountain/universal horror night vibes towards the end lol. Do you love all types of movies? Apesar de ser um filme que lida com certa seriedade com sua narrativa, ele abraça um lado bem mais fantástico, misturando os gêneros ficção científica, vampiros e zumbi. I had zero clue that Sir Patrick Steward was going to show up in this, and by that point my brain was completely fried by the naked alien walking about French kissing everyone in the proximity. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the... "In the blink of an eye, the terror begins. An essential experience. I had zero issues with pacing and was totally engaged, I LOVED the score, the insane special effects (especially the bloody goop helicopter…, Tobe Hooper gets all the Hollywood chips he gained for serving as Spielberg's matteur en scene for Poltergeist and let it crash and burn gloriously into a huge science fiction horror epic about sex and death. Starring Mathilda May as Rackula. So not even recouping half of the $25m outlay in worldwide gross would have to be seen as a pretty spectacular flop. Lifeforce in particular starts out looking rather lame, especially considering a large part of the initial SFX makes everything look like it has been suspended in a tank full of green urine! ", Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce had a big budget for 1985; a bigger budget than Back to the Future in fact, and only 20% less than Ghostbusters. Awards & Festivals Show all . To be sure, Hooper's film is watchable, satisfying, and has a certain bugnuts sensibility running through its cinematic veins; but its lack of polish sometimes gets the better of it. Showing as part of. Synopsis Edit. full discussion on episode 127 of my podcast SLEAZOIDS. full discussion on episode 127 of my podcast SLEAZOIDS, Top 1000 Horror Movies (aggregated from over 40 "best of horror" lists), Every Horror Film Made from 1895 - present, LETTERBOXD'S 1,000 HIGHEST-RATED HORROR FILMS HALLOWEEN 2020 , I’m in my room alone bored and I will be making a list of every movie that comes to my mind until I get bored with that. {"ids":[455832,455831,455830,425231,184792,455829,455842,455841,455840,455839,6810833,455851,455852,6812299,455838,455849,455850,2087069,2506986,6810824,6810825,6810826,6810827,6810828,6810829,6810830,6810831,6810832,6810834,6810835,6810836,6810837,6810838,6810839,6810840,6810841,6810842,6810843,6812300,6812301,6812302,6812303,6812304,6812305,6812306,6812307,6812308,6812309,6812310,6812311,6812312,6812313,6812314,6812315,6812316,6812317,6812318,6813892,6813893,6813894,2399999,7243305,8807089,8807090,9665171,9665194,9665232,9665271,9665399,9726311,9727320]}, Oficer odpowiedzialny za lądowanie w heliporcie. hooper was given serious money and asked to make a legit 70mm scifi blockbuster so there's a bizarre mix of his low-budget horror sensibilities and expensive 80s fantasy adventure trash going on here. IMDb so clearly you have to summon an ever-decreasing number of other panicked white dudes in suits to gather in clammy rooms with blinking lights to animatedly solve the problem that you brought on yourselves by unthinking imperialism and glaring misogyny until everything blows up but…, "How did you kill em Fallada, HOW? It's not a complete mystery why either - the whole of Lifeforce is very much not greater than the sum of its expensive parts.

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