453949 Universal Extra. Hi Nazzaro, If payment is not received within 3 days or I haven’t, heard from you. Most of these bikes were wonderful, a few were a bit sloppy but still extraordinary. Many Guerciotti bicycles have the added appeal of wonderful pantographed components. During the 60's, some examples are known to have used, Ok, who isn't impressed with a bike bearing on of the great names of Italian automobile exotica? La vernice è in buono stato. CONTACT ME@ 312.617.6097*I SHIP WORLDWIDE* PLEASE VISIT MY STORE FOR MORE CNC EQUIPMENT SEND ME YOUR BEST OFFER. IT ISN'T A FAKE OR A COPY! Tested, in good working condition! Magistroni Cranksets It might be that an isolated bad batch hit the U.S at once - I've heard of nice intact examples residing in Canada. Now the spec, Front mech is Campagnolo(gran sport era) Rear mech is a nice Campagnolo Nuovo Gran sport, SR chainset lovely original condition.Gran sport copy, Campagnolo valentino extra.Shifters(original) Lyotard pedals.Cw straps Weinmann 500 brake calipers Shimano 600 levers Cinelli. FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION VERY RARE FLANDRIA CYCLES SPECIAL, 1960-62 OLD MODEL. In 2010, they resolved a licensing agreement issue with Bianchi, who had acquired the famous brand after the assassination of Emilio Bozzi in 1974. Oh, he did make some race bikes too - for his daughter who was several time national female cycling champion of France. Despite the chaos, examples with awesome workmanship of the funky coin-in-the-crown era should be. So You Can Bid& Buy From Us With Confidence! Initial point of contact is Tom on dedash11@hotmail.com Tel: 0033(0) 468 579075. PH 0414637348, PARTICOLARE GUARNITURA A STELLA FB ANNI 40 X BICI D EPOCA EROICA CONTATTATEMI X ALTRE FOTO O INFO GRAZIE FOR INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS CONTACT ME FOR EXPEDITION COST THANKS! The serial number FR5314 is the last sequence in my personal registry for a 1966 Mod.50TS Sportivo ‘Condorino’. The Battle of Legnano was fought on May 29. regards, no brake pads. PAYPAL( preferito) BONIFICO BANCARIO, VAGLIA POSTALE PLEASE. In the early 80's Ten Speed Drive Imports brought unpainted Guerciotti frames into the U.S and painted them with Dupont Imron. Competitione Rahmen von ca. The Milanese were informed about Frederick's plan and prepared for battle. Holdsworth frames became the lowest priced frame going, rally just a step above many nice production bikes. A nice S.R. If you know Legnano you know how rare this bike is! A whole batch of generally poor Hetchins frames came into the US last spring many are sure to be still floating around. I also have not found any reference of any type to a Legnano serial number starting with the letter ‘G’. Thanks for your post. These NA models were fitted with the classic brass head badge of the Lombard warrior Alberto da Guissano from approx. But in good state Please see the pictures below: ITB number: A584540 Shipping expenses United States $ 20.00 Asia(e.g. That cost will be the best and safest delivery that we can find to your country. Pierluigi, Ciao Pierluigi, I am a bicycle junkie and have owned this amazing bike for over 20 years. Enter your location and then click on the“get rate” tab. I sold the frame last summer. Keine Garantie und Rücknahme. 61 centerpull brakes Original green handlebar tape Original steel pedals with vintage Christophe toeclips Chromed Campagnolo for tips and rear dropouts. Everything is original. Not terribly well known. In truth, although appearing to be solid brass it is actually a very thin, sheet-formed badge that weighs a whopping 10g soaking weight. A successor company is still in business in France, under the name MBK (pronounced "emm bay kah. Legnano Cranks& Universal Extra Brakes& Levers. . Here I am going to reference only the main models (top down) that were imported into North America including the Roma Olimpiade, Gran Premio and to a lesser extent the Mod.54 Corsa and Mod.53 Mezza Corsa. Note stranger: the owner of the tandem Legnano purchased in October 2102 on eaby.com. . There are even some that are downright sloppy. The curly (vibrant) stay models are the most sought after. Aluminum, Italy Bottom bracket: Campagnolo Dropouts: Campagnolo Brakes: Universal Super 68 Brake Levers: Universal Tape: red textile. Both bikes are Gran Premio models from approx. IN GOOD CONDITION, LEGNANO YARD WOMEN'S BICYCLE. For International shipping cost please click on the“shipping and payment” tab in listing. The size of the frame: The length of the top tube 58 cm center to. The failed agreement of Montebello, and the refusal of his cousin Henry, the Lion to help him. Vélo-Rétro Vintage Bicycle Catalog Reproductions. [Motobécane built both motorcycles and bicycles. Many straight-stay Hetchins bikes are gorgeous. So You Can Bid& Buy From Us With Confidence! And there is nothing wrong with the latter if it is done honestly because first and foremost a bike is to be enjoyed and ridden. Drop outs, for instance, are finished almost identically to the DeRosa style on early Merckx frames. Nazzaro. But appears to have very few miles on it. Check my feedback to bid with confidence and check my other auctions for similar products. Nothing is repainted. Workmanship on these bikes is certainly not stellar, but these bikes have a very nice aura about them. Chrome is in good shape. Le spedizioni senza assicurazione viaggiano a rischio del compratore. I will ship 1 day after payment is verified Shipping Cost on the front listing page is for Domestic shipping. The quality of the painting is fantastic. . This is a very interesting situation as I have never seen a serial number on the left side of the seat lug. You can see in the photos below that the basic paint, pin striping and decals follow the same graphic format as Legnano but in different colors and signature. In Japan and Singapore: economic dispatch. Thanks for your information. Headset: Magistroni(original to the bike. Eventually Holdsworthy bought out many other framebuilders such as, One of the masters of British framebuilding. If there are any questions about Pictures. Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This& Happy Bidding. Specifications& Details: Frame: Legnano. Telaio: Alluminio 24" Forcella: HI-ten 24" Gruppo: ShimanoTY 18 18v. Refinished, seat tube 22" c-t, top tube 22-1/4" c-c, Woolsit engraved nickel plated components, period correct leather seat marked"EB" wood rims, this brand was later owned by the same company that owned Frejus and Legnano) Double clicking on jpeg will allow a larger/closer image. Saluti Thank you, Mark for your very useful infos. On frame below name, Campagnolo dropouts- Rear brake has the special drop bolt- Silca Legnano pump. Sew-up tires probably do not hold air and are there more to protect the rims than anything. But colour is pass ed. Could you please help me identify the model and the construction year of my Legnano? All original pieces, I have just checke d that all was all right. Taiwan. Frame Has Campagnolo Drop Outs. Foreign Shipping: Shipping will be calculated AFTER you place your order and you will be contacted by email with the amount owed. The German reinforcements crossed Lukmanier Pass into the Lake Como region in April 1176. [Milremo was a Ron Kitching house brand for parts.]. I do not know you plans for the bike but I think it may have much more value remaining as a Svalan given the relative rarity of the ‘rebranding’ rather than becoming a Legnano in a restoration. The ornate examples, with, There are many varieties of these. Watch. Here we have what we say in english is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’! CC 54.5 CM Top tube B: 56 CM Head tube C: 12.5 CM Shipping expenses, United States, $ 70.00, Asia(e.g. It is unknown that if this means that Masi himself built the frame. It is less ridden and in good vintage condition(watch pictures) For a more than 35 year old frame the condition is really good.

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