(From Anis Freyha, "A Dictionary of Modern Lebanese Proverbs" (Arabic Love overlooks defects; hatred magnifies them. Levantine Proverbs الجنة بدون ناس ما تنداس. Translation: Hide your white penny for your black day (similar to hide your save money for a rainy day). Lebanon’s location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arabian hinterland facilitated its rich history and shaped a cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity, The earliest evidence of civilization in Lebanon dates back more than seven thousand years, predating recorded history. In the Mount Lebanon range a monastic tradition known as the Maronite Church was established. An intelligent deaf-mute is better than an ignorant person who can speak. Transliteration: Khabbeh qirshak al-abyad la-yawmak al-aswad. الساقية الجارية ولا النهر المقطوع The son of your son is yours, the son of your daughter is not. When a mouse makes fun of a cat, there is a hole nearby. نهاركم سعيد. Arabic Proverbs. (Lebanese Proverb) A donkey is a donkey though it may carry the Sultan's treasure. It’s normal for a sieve to have holes in it. Transliteration: ub‘ud ‘an al-shar w-ghannilu. If you are too sparing with the cat’s food, the rats will eat your ears. (128), If you conduct yourself properly, fear no one. Translation: Stretch your legs as long as your rug. Towards the end of the night you shall hear shrill cries. Meaning: Some one who has done a great thing won’t be dissuaded by a small thing. For our Country, for our Glory and Flag!Our valor and our writings are the envy of the ages.Our mountain and our valley, they bring forth stalwart men.And to Perfection we devote our words and labor.All of us! During the Crusades, the Maronites re-established contact with the Roman Catholic Church and asserted their communion with Rome. I feel my connection to Arabic as both a language and culture is severing and so it is with you, my readers and fellow Arabic lovers, and through you that I wish to reestablish this connection by creating one for you. Literal Translation: He whose house is made of glass should not throw stones at people. (61), Tire out your body, but not your mind. hubs.ly/H0yCjMp0. The son of an old man is an orphan, and his wife is a widow. A polite devil is more agreeable than a rude saint. Studies have shown that, of all the factors contributing to language proficiency, vocabulary size is by far the sin… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…, pic.twitter.com/Ip3jl8k9e8 Retweeted by Transparent Language, How many words are there in the Russian language? A bite from a loving mouth is worth more than a kiss from any other. Meaning: Said when one doesn’t seem to understand someone at all. (lit. Like this post? 10 Most Common Swear Words and Expressions in Arabic, 10 Most Common Expressions About Love in Arabic, Introduce yourself in Modern Standard Arabic, Let’s Tell Time in MSA and Levantine Arabic. Last week, we introduced 10 Lebanese proverbs, here are a few more! Lebanese National Anthem ( English Lyrics): All of us! intention) goes out (to execute it); a man with two plans becomes perplexed. Some of these proverbs are indeed unique to the Levant. I have lived my good times and my bad times in Beirut. Towards the end of the night you shall hear shrill cries. The monkey looks like a dear in his mother’s eyes. One bird in hand, rather than ten on the tree. The bear came to dance, he killed seven or eight people. - Russia Beyond rbth.com/education/3329…, Helping an #ESL or #ELL student prep for the US Citizenship test? A dog will always be a dog, even if he is raised by lions. Better to have one thousand enemies outside the house than to have one single enemy inside it. Happy Learning! Enjoy! We are all independent human beings. (54), A man with one plan (lit. Meaning: Stay away from evil. For our Country, for our Glory and Flag!All of us! Do good and throw it into the sea — if it is not appreciated by an ungrateful man, it will be appreciated by God. If you conduct yourself properly, fear no one. Meaning: Your arguments are stronger if you don't shout. اللی بیشرب البحر ما بغض الساقية Literal translation: Speaking is not like seeing. ابعد عن الشر وغنيله Flies know well the sweet seller’s beard. Arabic wording: من (ألي) بيته من زجاج لا يرجم الناس بالحجارة. When you return from a trip, bring back something for your family — even if it is only a stone. (61) Tire out your body, but not your mind. Meaning: That a man’s belly is not to be ashamed of, but rather a source of wealth and pride. بحكي من الشرق بيرد من الغرب Translation: Like Wednesday in the middle of the week (lit. على قد بساطك مد اجريك A clear conscience shines not only in the eyes. Transliteration: In kinno habibak ‘asal, ma tilhasu killo. Don’t come near the scorpion, but sleep around the snake. Translation: A flowing brook rather than the dry river. Meaning: Don’t spend all that you have, a bad day will come when you will need it. Meaning: A small but constant source (of income) is better than a large but unreliable source. Translation: A man without a belly is not worth a penny. Square, Beirut, Lebanon). He who has money can eat ice cream in hell. Transliteration: Tanjara w-la’it ghataha. Salam everyone! (137). If you fall in love let her be a beauty; if you should steal, let it be a camel. Try assessing yourself! For our Country, for our Glory and Flag!All of us! He is like a deaf man at a wedding procession. (84), (When) They came to shoe the horseof the sultan, the beetle (came along) and stuck out her foot. We taught them how to beg, they raced us to the gates. Lock your door rather than suspect your neighbor. (73), What luck! If you beat my drum, I will blow your whistle. Translation: I talk from the East, he responds from the West.

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