darkness, blood, rainbow. Grinny Cat | Laughing Jack is the titular main antagonist/protagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name. Character Battlefield Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Once broken out of jail, Laughing Jack forged a clean getaway to go on a killing spree through the prison and nearby town. He had a suave and wisecracking personality to match, thought of himself as the smartest in the room, and was willing to make deals with others in his favor. Playing with children and murdering them after. Origin It is also implied that he wished to kill Sally Williams, but (initially) never went through with it out of fear of the Proxies' retaliation. Septim | Crimes He proved himself to be chillingly capable of hiding his deranged nature under a relatively civil veneer, and often tried to frame his nasty ideas as perfectly reasonable propositions. It was an echo of a nihilistic rant that Laughing Jack earlier gave to the group during a camp conversation, where he claimed that life was a meaningless series of events and sensations between birth and death, with no hope of salvation nor any point to doing good. Since he hates children, the tea parties he had with Sally almost always ended with her crying because Laughing Jack always used the tea parties as an excuse to tell her explicit details on how he tortures and brutally murders children. He was a member of Slenderman's Proxies, despite the fact that every Proxy despised him in some way or another and considered him annoying. Comickit claims that Laughing Jack is their least favorite character in the comic. In earlier seasons, he was loud, comedic, vulgar, easily-agitated, and prone to temper tantrums. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. I don't know 20 When he tortured Ferdinand Kerimov with Angel Knives for information, it was obvious that he was positively gleeful over it, and even mocked the fact that he may have been torturing an innocent man. Eyeless Jack | Proxy of Slenderman (formerly)Part-time loan shark, car salesman, and clown (formerly)Double Agent for Mayor BigmouthLeader of the Bleeders Ash Graven | He's also a master manipulator as well, knowing human superstitions and their propensities to not believe in the supernatural, which he uses at his advantages. Jack's disdain for religious believers was evident with his treatment of the Skin Taker, and he outright stated to Ms. P at one point that he didn't like religious people. On his own, he can be incredibly hot-headed and will find the pettiest reasons to kill people, such as intentionally trying to kill innocent people in Desert City after his jailbreak, and it's implied he murdered two of his old … Much like his original counterpart, Laughing Jack was filled with cotton, meaning he had no bones or organs, making him extremely flexible. Despite his surface-level stupidity, Laughing Jack was capable of forming very detailed plans, considers complex issues and was a brilliant manipulator and liar. He merely justified himself by saying he was a survivor and that all that mattered was living and dying. While his stated admiration could have just been a way to secure his position in the group, sometimes he spoke about Slenderman as if he was worshiping him. They both return home and the mother decides to check on her son via the baby monitor. He was considered to be easily the most ruthless, unpredictable, and unprincipled of the Proxies and frequently crossed lines that even they normally wouldn't. He also enjoyed telling graphic and detailed stories to the Proxies on how he killed his victims, even if they weren't interested in them.

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