These rich resources drew Indians and, later, fur traders to the area. These samples indicated that the water was fresh and not very turbid (TABLE 3). In 1971, about 10,000 of the 14,000 bison in Wood Buffalo National Park fed in the delta year-round (PADPG 1972). Total hardness and alkalinity values were low for an Alberta lake outside of the mountains. Approximately 30% of Lake Athabasca lies within Alberta and the remainder is located in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Parks, Recreation and Culture. Other fish species include walleye , yellow perch , northern pike , goldeye , lake whitefish , cisco , Arctic grayling , burbot , white sucker and longnose sucker . Resour., Fish Wild. Perched basins along the Peace River, which are not affected by the weirs, will flood only rarely, and vegetation succession will accelerate toward willow/shrub communities (PADIC 1987). Serv. Fish Wild. 1986). Wild. Diacyclops bicuspidatus thomasi, which is the intermediate host for the tapeworm Triaenophorus crassus, was only locally abundant in the delta. Fish Wild. The largest catch of lake trout (1,012,409 kg) was taken in 1929/30. Bennett Dam on the Peace River. Eval. Can., Alta., Sask. It was established in 1922 to protect one of the few remaining herds of wood bison and several herds of plains bison (PADPG 1972). in the Alpine Ecoregion, lodgepole pine with secondary succession by Engelmann spruce in the Subalpine Ecoregion and Douglas fir in the Montane Ecoregion. The Fond du Lac River flows into Fond du Lac and then into the narrow eastern end of Lake Athabasca (FIGURE 2). Samples were also taken at the two shallower sites, offshore of the delta (2 to 4 m) and near Fort Chipewyan (6 to 8 m). Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife. This was changed 7 years later, in 1778, into Athabasca, which means "where there are plants one after another" in the Cree language. Muskrats thrive in the deeper perched basins provided these basins are refilled by floods every four or five years (Can. Therefore, a simulation of Lake Athabasca water levels for the period from 1960 to 1984 was conducted to evaluate the effect of the control structures (PADIC 1987). The delta is one of North America's last relatively undisturbed deltas and is unique because it is situated on all four of the continent's major flyways. Press, Edmonton, in assoc. comm. A pulp mill was also approved on the Lesser Slave River near the town of Slave Lake in August 1989. -----. On Peter Pond's 1790 map and Alexander Mackenzie's 1802 map, the lake is named Lake of the Hills (McCormack 1988). The river enters Lake Athabasca through a system of channels that cut through the Athabasca Delta: the Embarras River, Fletcher Channel, Goose Island Channel and Big Point Channel (FIGURE 2).

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