In no way does the author of this website own or have any right to the series Kuroko no Basket as it is written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki and produced by Production I.G. Trying to attack again, Kuroko changes the intended pass course to an open Kagami, who attempts to shoot, but gets blocked by the quick Murasakibara. Midorima scores the first goal with a three, but Kuroko makes a surprise retaliation by passing across the whole court to Kagami, who scores with a dunk. Midorima has the top fortune while Kuroko has the worst. How will this change make an impact on Seirin, and how will Seirin and Kuroko handle this situation? 10. With the Rakuzan in the lead, 103-96 and 2 minutes left in the game, Kagami talks with the team, and manages to fully open the "door within the zone", unveiling the "True Zone", which is team play at the speed of the zone (possible because of the bond between the team members). With two seconds left, Kiyoshi makes the first free throw, bringing the scores to a tie. Having avoided using his injured leg, Kagami's other leg begins to act up from the extra stress put on it and as a result Kagami is benched for the remaining 2 days of the tournament. Aomine confronts Hanamiya in the bathroom and says he's going to lose the game because he's angered Kuroko. Match progresses on, and Kagami is having difficulties defending Okamura. Seirin decides to go all out early on and get a big lead so that Aomine can't catch up. Kagami reminds him to have faith in the team, and Seirin decides to bench Kuroko so he can regain some strength. The next time, He manages to pass Takao's screen, and touch the ball again as Midorima goes for a long shot. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.Song names and episode lists are from myanimelist: Ono:ō_OnoLyrics are from: Haizaki becomes increasingly aware of how much Kise has improved through time. Meanwhile, the Kaijo team comes to watch the match and Kise notices what Kagami was trying to do, so when the ball went out of court, he returned the ball back and taunted Kagami by saying that he had faced a much fierce player in their practice match who never relied on anything. Kuroko No Basuke Anime Filler List, Best Anime Wallpaper, Kuroko No Basuke Anime Filler List. Seirin win, 82-81. After the interview Kagami heads outside to visit with his old friend, Tatsuya Himuro, and Alex, but instead of being able to resolve their differences he runs into one Shogo Haizaki of Fukuda Sogo Gakuen. Back to the match after the timeout, Okamura provides a screen for Himuro, as the latter passes Kuroko easily with his perfect fake, and goes on for a Mirage Shot when the Zone-possessed Kagami tries to block it again. Absolutely determined to win, Aomine scores an impossibly difficult Formless Shot from behind the backboard to bring the score to 97-100 in Touou's favor, with only 15 seconds left. Read more... Agravity Boys • Ayakashi Triangle • Black Clover • Build King • Burn The Witch • Chainsaw Man • Dr. Stone • Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin • High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku • Hunter × Hunter • Jujutsu Kaisen • Magu-chan: God of Destruction • Mashle: Magic and Muscles • Me & Roboco • Mission: Yozakura Family • Moriking • My Hero Academia • One Piece • Our Blood Oath • Phantom Seer • Sakamoto Days • Undead Unluck • We Never Learn, All • Action • Adventure • Comedy • Drama • Fantasy • Horror • Mecha • Mystery • Romance • Sci-fi • Slice of Life • Sports • Supernatural • Memes • Funimation. They run into Seiho and learn that only the top eight teams from the Inter-High can participate in the Winter Cup heats. Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo, Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima, Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjō, Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen, Love Live! Can Kise find a move that Haizaki can't use and somehow manage to turn things around, or is his team headed for certain defeat? Kise visits Seirin, and Kagami challenges him to a one-one. Aomine goes one-on-one against Kagami– each blocking the other's shot at the goal. Kagami is pleased at the challenge Kaijou presents, and tells Kise that Kuroko is his weakness, due to his invisible play style. Now out in Japanese cinemas! Kiyoshi passes to Izuki and it becomes a 3-vs-1 attack, with Kagami, Izuki and Mitobe against Murasakibara. The freshmen are confused as to why Hyuga is so relaxed, and the seniors reveal that it is because he is confident, shown by him cracking his neck. Kise continues to play his Perfect Copy till the score reaches 13-2, and stops it thereafter, believing he has given the game momentum. Akashi defends but Kuroko states "I am the shadow", and Kagami does one of his impossible jumps to dunk and Seirin win, 105-106, winning the Winter Cup. The story centers around the Seirin high school basketball team, with Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami as its core players, they face the Generation of Miracles as their opponents in the Interhigh and the Winter Cup. Akashi pairs up against Kagami and Akashi takes control of the game until Mitobe's defense breaks the flow. Akashi now becomes captain. Hyuga makes important shots due to his training under pressure. After Murasakibara demands to also be allowed to skip practices, openly defying Akashi, the latter decides to challenge him one-on-one. With Seirin's hearts broken, Kuroko re-enters the game, declaring he wants to win. This made the whole of Seirin shocked as they don't know how to stop Murasakibara. When the original user tries to do the move again, they try to do so with the new timing and ultimately fail. Kuroko intervenes between some thugs harassing street basketballers. He intercepts Kuroko using his "Hawk Eye" which is akin to Izuki's "Eagle Eye" but with a larger field of vision. Aomine's skills and erratic pace force Seirin to fall behind by 20 points. Seirin learns that they will face Shutoku, who hold one of the members of the Generation of Miracles, in the finals of the Inter High preliminaries. All 3 are converted and Seirin are now only down by 3 points. かつて『スラムダンク』を連載した週刊少年ジャンプで連載され、『スラムダンク』に負けない人気を集めたバスケ漫画『黒子のバスケ(黒バス)』。 Kuroko, is determined to win the match for the seniors. Gemeinsam mit Taiga versucht er nun, sein Team die landesweite Schulmeisterschaft für Basketball zu bringen, und sieht sich dabei nicht nur seinen ehemaligen Teamkollegen gegenüber, die ihn kritisch im Auge behalten. Kuroko tells Kise that he saw him as a rival, since he passed him quickly after he (Kuroko) became his (Kise's) mentor in middle school. This indirect advise makes Kagami realise his mistake and he starts to give his all into the match and finally his struggle leads him to enter the Zone. The release date for the second season has finally been revealed, which is October! The pace picks up and the score is tied. Kiyoshi believes in the saying that "We don't support each other because we are a team. Seirin loses both games, and therefore the Inter High tournament. Kuroko then uses his fast pass that only Kagami can catch, and Kagami uses up another of his jumps to dunk past Midorima. In Seirin's 3rd round of Winter Cup, they found themselves in another difficult situation. Kuroko is subbed back in and Seirin cuts the lead down to 15 points, but Aomine intercepts Kuroko's Ignite Pass and taunts Kuroko about not having changed or improved since middle school. Kuroko wants Kagami to give Aomine a chance to play with a smile again, with the feeling of loving basketball. Shinsuke Kimura. After first quarter, Riko tells Seirin that Seiho use old martial arts movement techniques. Reo goads Hyuga into making his third and fourth fouls, forcing him to be benched. Three seasons of the anime adaption have aired with a movie due to be released in March of 2017. 多少の汚れ、日焼け、書き込みなどがあっても買取可能ですので、 Clearing them fixes certain problems like loading or formatting issues on sites. Seirin's next match is against Shutoku. Midorima wins by forcing Kagami to jump off his right foot, where he only has the ability to dunk. Kagami tells Kuroko that he doesn't think that they can win by just working together anymore, and Kuroko hits a slump, his passes in the next two games becoming inaccurate. 古本買取のブックマスターは、『黒子のバスケ(黒バス)』を高価買取しております! Touou, by then, expected how the Vanishing Drive works. As they leave the restaurant, Kuroko finds a stray dog which the team adopt and name "Tetsuya #2" due to his similarly coloured eyes. Seirin indeed are in a difficult situation of beating Nakamiya South. Teikou Junior High School's basketball team is crowned champion three years in a row thanks to five outstanding players who, with their breathtaking and unique skills, leave opponents in despair and fans in admiration. Kagami dangerously continues using up his stamina in the zone, Riko swaps Kuroko for Mitobe so that Kagami can focus on offence. (May 8th), We have reached a new article count milestone, there are now over 500 articles!! Murasakibara certified himself that the rebound is his, but Kiyoshi grabs the ball with one hand and makes the putback dunk over Murasakibara. Hyuga hits a 3 with confidence, even with Sakurai's tight defense on the former. Teiko wins the National finals. Kuroko watches a tape of Takao during the first half. To prepare, Kagami undergoes man-to-man defensive training with Mitobe, while Kuroko undergoes endurance training.

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