This intro was produced by Pipeworks Software and directed by Chris Palmer. Other elements, such as the weirwood tree at Winterfell and the Horse Gate at Vaes Dothrak, are also added at the various locations. "[22] The title sequence informs the viewers of the locations of the show relevant to each episode, and changes to reflect the storylines of the show and changes within this world. Then we see Jimbo Jones and Kearney Zzyzwicz saw off the head of the Jebediah Springfield statue in front of the town square (a reference to The Telltale Head, when Bart cut it off). As the camera is zooming out, Maggie looks at Marge, then back at the road. Also, the colors in Bart's classroom remained the same, since the animators used computer animation to rewrite each chalkboard gag. The zip-pan to the Simpson house includes, from left to right: The highway, kids playing in a yard, Milhouse playing baseball with Lewis and Richard, Nelson and the Weasels bullying a kid in a trashcan, Jimbo and Kearney threatening Martin, Mr. Winfield and Mrs. Sylvia Winfield in rocking chairs, Patty and Selma suntanning in bathing suits with cone-shaped bikini tops, Kent Brockman reporting, a cameraman filming Kent, Sherri and Terri holding hands, Herman, Grampa holding a book, Jasper, the Springfield Retirement Castle, man reading the retirement castle's sign, old folks walking out (like those that Marge sees holding hands in "Life on the Fast Lane"), a man giving a thumbs up, Lou and Eddie behind a barricade, Marvin Monroe writing while holding a clipboard, Wendell with his head out of the bus ready to puke, Dr. Hibbert comparing notes with Monroe, White-Haired Girl, Girl with glasses, Otto chilling next to his broken school bus, unnamed white-haired girl with blue dress, the same buck-toothed boy from the band, an unknown mountain in the background, 744 Evergreen Terrace, Maude (looking at a bluebird), Todd, Ned (with another bluebird on his hand), and 742 Evergreen Terrace. These are the first two episodes of the series to use this opening. The entire scene is running on the Simpsons' TV set. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. The infamous streetlamp glitch happens as we move toward the school—it snaps violently to the right (this is only in a handful of episodes from seasons 2-early season 20). This version is very common in FXX versions of seasons 10-12. The opening sequence is parodied in several episodes of The Simpsons: In "Simpsons Bible Stories", Bart is writing a chalkboard punishment in hieroglyphics when he hears Milhouse's horn being blown and leaves the classroom. The new shot includes: Agnes and Chalmers interrogating Skinner, Milhouse playing ball with Richard and Lewis, Willie on his tractor, Ralph playing on Frank Grimes' grave, Martin about to be beaten by Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph, Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Quimby and Miss Springfield wearing each other's sashes, Chazz Busby, Captain McCallister holding a three-eyed fish, Patty and Selma still sunbathing in their suits, Cletus and Brandine with Plopper, Kang and Kodos in their UFO, Burns and Smithers, Kent and a cameraman, Sherri and Terri still texting, Krusty smoking on a wall with "El Barto" graffiti, Bumblebee Man and Luigi watching the UFO, Eddie and Lou at the bus roadblock, Snake stealing Lou's gun, Fat Tony with Legs and Louie burying someone, Miss Hoover changing the flat tire on the broken-down bus, Wendell still leaning out of the bus, kids in front including Janey, Dr. Hibbert with a clipboard (but no Monroe), Duffman, Jessica Lovejoy, Mr. Teeny and Sideshow Mel, God (whose head is off-screen) fighting the devil (who's standing on a tower), and Rod and Todd playing in their yard. As the sequence begins with the "The Simpsons" text (in the Cartoonist Simple font) appearing out of the clouds, Professor Frink flies past in one of his inventions carrying a banner marked "MOVIE" and singing "Moo-vie! The scene continues to zoom in through a window of Springfield Elementary, where Bart is writing the Chalkboard gag. And Homer’s car is a 1963 Dodge Dart instead of a Pink Sedan. This new HD sequence opens once again with the show's title zooming in on the camera while moving forwards through clouds (here, the clouds look extremely similar to the clouds seen in the backgrounds of mid Season 20-present episodes, and the title is the same color as the Season 2-early Season 20 title, but the letters look better, cleaner, and more three-dimensional, but they're not as wiggly as the Season 1-early Season 20 title). The song ends with the Simpsons tired out on the couch, with Maggie notably sucking her pacifier. Help improve our database by adding an ending theme here. The Springfield Town Square with the Statue of Jebediah Springfield is seen in the background. It returns in HD in "Fland Canyon". "[11] The idea is, therefore, that everything in the title sequence could be created with hammer, saw, and chisel, and operated with gears and cogs. A man shipping boxes with The Simpsons logo on the side uses the tongue from a decapitated dolphin head to fasten shut the packages. He passes Sideshow Bob, who tries to kill Bart by swinging a machete, Helen Lovejoy, Apu and his eight children, Moe (at Moe's), Comic Book Guy, Disco Stu (who protests, sometimes audibly), a window of HD televisions showing Krusty, Eleanor Abernathy (a.k.a. The animation used during this scene (which looks similar to the animation and backgrounds used in Season 2-8 episodes) is much smoother and the perspective problem is solved. However, Al Jean disputed this, saying "[The animation department] didn't walk out. Jay meets a photographer, Laura, who presents professional and personal opportunities. Meanwhile, in the Simpson living room Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees wait vainly for the family to arrive. Frightened, he looks behind his left shoulder, then behind his right, and then opens the door leading into the downstairs hallway of the house (In "Bart the Genius", Homer's scream is absent). The sequence of Bart writing the Chalkboard Gag is also redone. Ryan breaks up Alicia's living situation while questions about why he lost his championship fight swirl. Again, a widescreen set, with four unmarked buttons on the right, speakers below. In "The Call of the Simpsons" and "Krusty Gets Busted", Lisa's bike sequence was a little shorter. This version of the theme was first heard in its condensed form on the season 3 premiere "Stark Raving Dad", though the full-length version did not debut until "Saturdays of Thunder" on November 15, 1991. The sequence begins with Bart writing lines on the chalkboard, writing "I will not wait 20 years to make another movie." [14], While the locations featured change from episode to episode, the general design and route of the sequence remain roughly similar. In "My Fare Lady", the opening is conducted in an 8-Bit synthesizer, while the animation was reminiscent to a sixteen-bit video game. The 2D art is great and all but it did come along with its own set of luggage when it comes to matters on a battlefield. The series premiered in Australia on April 7, 2015, on FX[16] and was watched by 16,000 viewers.[17]. It retained the title screen gag, the Springfield swoop with the billboard gag, and the chalkboard gag with Bart, but cuts from Bart bouncing on Barney to Homer driving home from work. The Opening Sequence is one of the most notable hallmarks of The Simpsons. Then, they both look at each other, and honk both the car horn and Maggie's horn twice (NOTE: These honks were short and high, unlike other series where they were long and changing pitch). It eventually made a comeback in "A Test Before Trying". Jay has a drug and alcohol problem, but puts it aside to start fighting again and Nate is dealing with personal issues as well. Homer Simpson This is Your Wife, Season 1, Episodes 2-13 (January 14-May 13, 1990), Seasons 2-19, Season 20 Episodes 1-9 (October 11, 1990-January 25, 2009), Season 20, Episodes 10-21, Seasons 21-Present (February 15, 2009-present), Christmas (Kill Gil, Volumes I & II and The Burns and the Bees). Since it debuted in season 5, it has normally featured Clausen's arrangement, which has markedly different instrumentation than other Clausen versions during the classroom scene. [2], On October 17, 2014, DirecTV announced that the series was renewed for an additional 20 episodes,[3] 10 of which aired in 2014 & 10 in 2015.

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