The Boeing did not break up, explode or plummet immediately after the attack; it continued its gradual descent for four minutes, then leveled off at 16,424 feet (5,006 m) (18:30–18:31 UTC), rather than continuing to descend to 10,000 (3,000 m) as previously reported to Tokyo Area Control Center. 95–96, Shootdown, R.W. These United States Air Force radar stations at Cape Newenham and Cape Romanzoff in Alaska had the capability to track all aircraft heading toward the Russian Buffer Zone, though it is not known if the radar results of such "outgoing" tracking would have been monitored in "real-time" at the facility at Elmendorf Air Force base. Then, I had an idea. But—no people. [citation needed] The crab theory has been persistent and been echoed by the Soviet interceptor pilot Gennady Osipovich, who fired the missile that shot down the plane. [61] International boundaries are not well defined on the open sea, leading to numerous confrontations between the large number of opposing naval ships that were assembled in the area. Nevertheless, I am a supporter of the old version: It was a spy plane.

The massacre of Flight 007 was directly caused by the Americans or Japanese. The question of what actually happened to the people has not been given a distinct answer.”. (It is highly unlikely that KAL 007 regained exact altitude after its arc by chance). They addressed the issue of pre-death pain and suffering. There would have been a similar effect with the VOR track displacement..."—ICAO report 1993, p. 42, sect. Approximately 90 seconds later, ATC directed the flight to "proceed direct Bethel when able". The Soviets found the wreckage under the sea on September 15, and found the flight recorders in October, but this information was kept secret until 1993. Then he heard "a loud sound followed by a bright flash of light on the horizon, then another dull sound and a less intense flash of light on the horizon"[54] and smelled aviation fuel. First drag everything haphazardly around the bottom by the trawls, and then send in the submersibles?...It is clear that things should have been done in the reverse order. "The first submergence was on 15 September, two weeks after the aircraft had been shot down. In cases where an aircraft comes apart at high altitude, the bodies are scattered, reach terminal velocity in air, and generally are not dismembered by water impact. It has been supported by a former American diplomat to Moscow, John Keppel, and the American association Foundation for Constitutional Government. The search areas were outside the 12-nautical-mile (22 km) Soviet-claimed territorial boundaries. Therefore, if the flight recorders shall be transferred to the western countries their objective data can equally be used by the U.S.S.R. and the western countries in proving the opposite view points on the nature of the flight of the South Korean airplane. Whether this capability was actually used in the case of Flight 007 is currently unknown.

The ILS (instrument landing system) mode caused the plane to track both vertical and lateral course beacons, which led to a specific runway selected by the pilot. A large air battle allegedly occurred between the Soviet Air Force and the USAF, during which the Soviets shot down several American aircraft, including an RC-135, an EF-111 and probably even an SR-71. All 269 passengers and crew aboard were killed, including Larry McDonald, a United States Representative from Georgia. [63] The Shultz–Gromyko meeting went ahead, but was overshadowed by the KAL 007 event. Later, he said he had "misspoken" and changed the time of destruction to 30 hours after the event. Success! [31] The move was seen by the Soviet leadership as confirmation of the West's bad intentions.

[23] In ground mapping mode, KAL 007 had only to make sure that the land mass of Kamchatka and the island string of the Kurile chain would remain to the right. "[52], The latest reference to the decompression theory of the missing bodies was made by Lieutenant General Valeri Kamenski, most recently Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force and formerly Chief of Staff of the Soviet Far East Military District Air Defense Force. In the May 31, 1991 edition, Capt. Among Michel Brun's supporters since 1995 is David Pearson, author of KAL 007: the Cover-up. Then, when over the Bethel beacon, the flight could start using INS mode to follow the waypoints that make up route Romeo-20 around the coast of the U.S.S.R. to Seoul.

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