Throughout her teaching career, she directed Harambee 360 Experimental Theater. I have no illusions that Trump is anything but a charlatan, as I said. What I can’t stand are the people who disagree with the two-party consensus on like one or two issues and then say “hey I’m a libertarian now!” No, you’re basically just 90% of a Team Red/Team Blue bot. He came out with his plan in July, you moron. (3) The Libertarian Party doesn't have a clear electoral strategy or even sense of purpose and continually seems to miss golden opportunities. Ciaramella, Shikha Dalmia, Zuri Davis, Brian Doherty, Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Justin Monticello, John Osterhoudt, Robert Poole, Mike Riggs, Scott Shackford, Stephanie Slade, Robby Soave, Jacob Sullum, Peter Suderman, Jesse Walker, Zach Weissmueller, Matt Welch, and Liz Wolfe | 10.12.2020 1:30 PM. The manner in which the Democrat establishment’s Orwellian influence over US intelligence and the media has grown over the past decade is a dire threat that trivializes anything Trump stands for. Alan Gumm is professor of music education at Central Michigan University, where his responsibilities include Women's Chorus, music education methods, choral literature, graduate research, and student teacher observation. I am making a point about how voting for a person based on policies alone is not justifiable, that the character of the individual matters. Clapper and Brennan targeting the entire population of the US with recorded phone calls, lying about it to Congress and then admitting they lied. How does THAT square with his endorsement of Biden/Kamala Harris? So, in order to preserve and protect liberty, would it necessarily follow to “always cut taxes” or “always cut spending”? I have full faith and confidence in the boots on the ground in both the CIA and the FBI. I will not renew my membership. Is there such a thing? The reason being is not that I love our institutions or even want to defend their actions. This year, I’m really torn. Giuseppe Concone, the famous Italian Master of Singing and Pianoforte, was born in Turin in the year 1810. The Republican party leadership says one thing to get votes, but the Republicans in office do another. On the other hand, I do like the results. Proven at the MLB level for over 30 years, ProStride Hitting is: But I do not support Trump as the vehicle to deliver them. Soros was 13 and out to save his life by cooperating. If you could change any vote you cast in the past, what would it be? The President isn’t supposed to be your boyfriend. Could you TRY to make sense at least idiot. Trump was cheating on his wife and running a reality TV show. Both Trump and Biden are awful enough that I can’t imagine voting for either. In 1998, Wes moved out to San Francisco and was immediately recruited to perform with the popular rock-band-without-instruments, The House Jacks. Actually it does; so two birds one stone. Audrey designs individual lessons to meet the specific needs and goals of her studens. She has loudly said she would have done the opposite on all of those things. She is co-Owner of RVP Studios. Open Now. None of these things are “libertarian” and the democrat party are NOT the party of live and let live. Which means they’re white liberals and nothing more. He carried water for them. WTF Reason? I wouldn’t vote for Biden or Trump. That is the epitome of corruption. The only thing that stands in their way is an attention-whoring real estate mogul. I might have voted for Joe Biden if he chose Tulsi Gabbard as his veep, but he didn't, so I'm voting for Jo Jorgensen. So to the extent that Biden doesn’t “Speak for” or “Represent” the leftists, he certainly did not REPUDIATE it as you claim. Best Mac & Cheese recipe? Because they get rich on our tax dollars. That is non-negotiable. (That's how old I am.) I didn’t say he mentioned Biden either, and my assumption turned out to be correct, so fuck off and tend to your knitting. Your votes don’t matter. I will cast a protest vote for Jo Jorgensen, which is also futile but doesn’t feel as dirty. His campaign was so bad in 2016 it made me want to take back my 2012 vote. However, it appears that you are using that word to refer to flushing out abuses within institutions like the CIA and FBI. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE & FANTASTIC! She is featured onthe new CD Geenyoch, music of Jennifer Margaret Barker, which was nominated for three Grammy awards, including best new piece, sung by Martha Elliott. What institutions have been weakened by Trump? But hey fuck Big Brother like ubiquitous surveillance of gun owners, Trump banned bumpstocks. Should have asked good ol’ Ed Krayewski his opinion. I love all kinds of music and teaching singers of all ages and abilities. The left, particularly from the activists and the elected activists (such as the squad) are looking to put you in line, and by force if necessary. That is why he promised to be just as skeptical on free trade, and had Bernie- the Dem populist spokes-corpse up there endorsing him. I don't vote. She then pursued graduate study at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, where she was a student of the legendary soprano Elizabeth Schumann. Four clips from over 5 hours of instruction and drills that are available to ProStride Members. Why do these people work at what is supposed to be a Libertarian magazine??? I plan to vote for Jorgensen. And while voting may be mathematically a waste of time, if large groups of libertarian leaning voters voluntarily give up their right to vote, it only lends more power to the authoritarians. ”. Every presidential candidate I’ve voted for since 1976 has lost. Through her ability to articulate to other teachers the special issues in guiding young singers, Mrs. Boytim has become the most recognized American expert in training the young voice. That's a hell of a good value for a single ballot. You have a rich and active imagination. This is, in part, because we are published by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and therefore don't endorse particular candidates. I’d better de-escalate this or I’m gonna get my clock cleaned by one of these anonymous bad assess. I will also continue to not support the establishment at the federal level in particular. Using the same type of attack. Biden is literally the architect of systemically racist authoritarianism in the modern day federal judicial system, but hey! The most interesting part of this is the 2004 votes for Bush from Dalmia, “The libertarian case for voting for a man who has supported every war for the past 40 years and authored the crime bill, because no one in Koch world is libertarian in the slightest”. And every single Dem candidate wanted to spend more than has been spent so far. you are chained to a wall, or it’s too fucking hard for you to request a ballot and follow instructions? He now works at a libertarian publication. Biden has voted for every blood soaked military engagement he could for 47 blood soaked years. That was the most important election of our lifetime, of course. The only samples of R House + D President we have in the last 70 years are 1995-2001 and 2011-2017. Vote Trump Twice, Fist. The alternatives to liberalism are anarchy or one form of tyranny or another. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff FINALLY admits the truth. His nomination is a repudiation against people like AOC. The question I posed posited that Jeffrey Dahmer had Milton Friedman’s platform. Some of my libertarian friends plan to vote for Biden because they view Trump to be a unique existential threat to liberty. I am currently not registered to vote in Virginia, where I live. Back up your words with your fists like you said you do. he thinks Trump will reinstate the draft, and send even fat asses to war. She is the founder and musical director of the Aiken Singers. Yes. Where a CNN shirt? Yea, but politicians gotta get it for their cronies instead. How many countries has Trump not been bombing? It’s nice to see that you’ve at least gotten older. He is your idiot Uncle Fester who does nothing but watch Fox News all day and repeat every idiotic conspiracy theory on your Facebook page, but this Uncle Fester has *actual power* and harms people with that power. “Classical” liberal is a subterfuge. I got no problem with non-libertarians writing for a libertarian magazine but don’t mistake them for libertarians. I especially love it when progs complain about his bankruptcy bill and support of fracking on private land.

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