"You risk your lives for anyone that needs help," Paronto said. Libya's Culture and Information Minister, Omar Gawaari, also criticized the film saying: "it shows the truth of libya", adding that Michael Bay "turned America's failure to protect its own citizens in a fragile state into a typical action movie all about American heroism". “Someone who lies to the families of those four victims in Benghazi can never be president of the United States,” Florida Sen. Mark Rubio said. New to the detail is Jack Silva, who arrives in Benghazi and is picked up by Tyrone "Rone" Woods, commander of the GRS team and a personal friend of Silva. “It cost the lives of Sean Smith and Ambassador Stevens,” Tiegen said. "That final straw for us to go, at least it's my opinion and how I felt, was when one of the DS agents said, 'Hey, they're starting to light the buildings on fire. At the Annex, the GRS team desperately wants to go to the compound to help, but the Chief refuses, fearing that the team's departure would expose the Annex. It appears that Stevens got separated from Diplomat Sean Smith and DS Agent Scott Wickland inside the main consulate building after an attacker's rocket-propelled grenade started a fire. [50][51], At the 89th Academy Awards, 13 Hours received a nomination for Best Sound Mixing. Later, the GRS team also retreats to the Annex. The movie never mentions Hillary Clinton's name. Less than a mile away is a CIA outpost called "The Annex", which is protected by a team of private military contractors from Global Response Staff (GRS). At Thursday night’s debate, Republicans pounced on Clinton. But the team managed to rescue about 30 other workers. It's like being in like … walking into a brick oven. [52] However, Greg P. Russell (one of the four nominees from the film) had his nomination rescinded when it was discovered that he had contacted voters for the award by telephone in violation of campaigning regulations. "After I was leavin', I said, 'Well, get us an ISR,' which is a UAV, a drone, 'and get us a spectre gunship.'" The official autopsy report as to exactly what caused Steven's death has not been released by the U.S. Government. That was a powerful engine." In 2012, Benghazi, Libya is named one of the most dangerous places in the world, and countries have pulled their diplomatic offices out of the country in fear of an attack by militants. Yes. Despite the personnel at the U.S. diplomatic compound phoning and pleading for help, the CIA security contractors were told to stand down. Expand your knowledge of the 13 Hours true story by watching the featurette below featuring three of the real GRS operators who helped to save lives during the Benghazi attack. Yes, and as the GRS operators have indicated, the decision likely saved 30 lives. That’s who killed the ambassador.”. The Tripoli GRS reinforcements arrive and begin preparing the CIA and DS staff to depart for the airport.

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