The school board and district administration need to thoroughly analyze the difference between wants and needs  and prioritize them accordingly. They feel it would be counterproductive and would reopen the divide that has been so painful. A total of 608 hours of general instruction time over a four-year period are missed by students at Cedar High because of late start Wednesdays and XLTs (advisory time four days a week for 45 minutes a day). They feel it would be counterproductive and would reopen the divide that has been so painful for so many people. I’ve been endorsed by the teachers and it’s because we believe in moving forward, not backwards. I will keep XLT time and I will make it better. This is based on 32 Wednesdays a year. Our next school board needs to open a thorough and candid dialogue with our current teachers and with teachers who left the profession early, to understand both the positive and negative dynamics of the teaching culture in Iron County. We are one of the poorest counties in Utah, and when the schools closed last spring, food insecurity and lack of computers and internet were a big concern. No one likes to wear a mask, but not having kids in school is worse. My four kids attended Cedar High and I remember how difficult it was when the name was retired. I must communicate clearly and with transparency. As a result, Utah is experiencing a teacher crisis, and to keep this from extending to Iron County, we must act. It has stretched the district in the short term, but we’ll be stronger in the long term. Our school board needs a balance of representation from a combined diversity of life experiences. We can little afford to continually be distracted by this single issue. These are all issues that need attention, and unfortunately, they are expensive. Do we think that this mascot was chosen as a disparagement to Native Americans? Jeff and his family enjoy swimming, camping, sightseeing, reading, and taking pictures. One does not step there. Our reopening plan for this school year had heavy input from two local health officials, which is absolutely what I would have done. We have short-changed our students. I will keep XLT time and I will make it better. The Redmen symbol was never racist nor was it ever intended to be so. I’m committed to listening and learning about what is happening on the ground level and getting teachers input about policy. I am a forward thinker. We now have more teachers trained to use technology, parents are more grateful to teachers and our kids have more desire to be in school. Tiffany Christiansen: My opponent plans to get rid of late start and XLT time. I hope to unite us as a community and rally around our current Cedar High students. “School safety” and “classroom space” seem to be the biggest needs right now and I am sure that a bond election will be necessary. We need  to make the changes necessary to give stronger protection to teachers against employment retaliation or discipline, when they step forward to voice challenges, questions or concerns with administrators, about curriculum, programs or policies. I will strive to create a culture of respect, trust, high expectations and love. (435) 586.2804 | (435) 586.2815. I observe, I research, I ask questions, I am willing to look outside of the conventional box for creative solutions. I am a proud Redman! If I’m elected, I plan to bring this idea before the board. I have toured four of our schools and I believe that the greatest needs exist with East Elementary, Cedar Middle School and Canyon View Middle School. When the district sent out the parent survey, I chose to have our kids back in school full-time, even though I knew it would take a great feat to do it. Iron County School District Board of Education District 1 candidates Dave Staheli and Tessa Douglas. Board Members. My time is my own. As a school board member, what would you do to help attract and retain high-quality teachers, and provide consistent support to personnel across the district, including educators, administrators, and support staff? When employees know their leaders care, they enjoy where they work. We’ve seen test scores go up for two years in a row because kids are learning the material. I choose to move forward while honoring our Native American history and cultures through school curriculum and the involvement of local tribes throughout our elementary, middle school, and high school programming. The Iron County Education Association has endorsed my campaign and it is in part because I have talked with dozens of teachers, administrators and staff. An independent grassroots movement by citizens of Cedar City and Iron County needs to be the catalyst for restoring the Redmen symbol. I’ve volunteered hundreds of hours as a club soccer coach for the youth, had many Rotary exchange students in my home and been highly involved in PTA. Jeff and his family enjoy swimming, camping, sightseeing, reading, and taking pictures. Then, I will work to ensure all employees know and follow our policies; if we don’t, they will miss their purpose of creating consistency, fairness, and transparency in our district. Are you in favor of changing school schedules in any way, such as late start or early out days, or built in advisory / free study time? But to throw out late start completely and assume teachers can do their collaboration and training before and after school is simply out of touch with what teachers are dealing with today. Dave Staheli: It is time for the school board to study the teacher retention problem in Iron County to find out why it is a problem at all. The kids were thriving. Thank you teachers, staff, administrators, parents and others! school board elections. With my passion for education and my leadership experience, I will serve Iron County with love and high expectations. If we want to hire the best people, we need to pay fair and competitive wages to attract them. There is still so much we can do with this program. Adopt the Native American education curriculum being prepared by the Native American Guardians Association to give our high school students a better understanding of Native American culture and tradition, including their patriotic view of the United States of America. The name was originally chosen for the athletic teams, but over time represented the entire student body.

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