How Technological Factors affecting Tesco. In the case of the Tesco club card, consumers have been greatly impacted as they feel a personal connection with their retailer of choice that seems to give something back in the way of points and also make relevant offers based on previous purchases or potentially relevant products. Retail, Stores – departments best places to respond, Identify the impact of inventory software and hardware (i.e. Protecting information assets from destruction, loss and corruption is an important preventative measure. To improve the efficiency of Tesco’s operating model, Tesco invested in digital in-store initiatives. By installing anti-virus protection, the company can protect against viruses from affecting the computer. With Tesco having been relatively quiet this week on what it is doing from a tech perspective, Essential Retail has picked out a few areas where the grocer is looking to drive innovation and use the skills of its tech team to better serve customers and improve its operations – and, in some cases, reduce the need for administrative roles within the organisation. SSL (secure sockets layer) and HTTPS: A popular implementation of public-key encryption is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Tagged products are scanned every time they enter the store, before tags are removed at the point of sale. Automatic filtering of sites, types of products, or product stimuli (e.g., jpg files with product images) that foster excessive purchases would reduce exposure to shopping stimuli. IT systems have played a key role in helping Tesco deliver strong profits. The business grew organically. For a brand that last year posted the largest ever loss on the UK high street, the return to sales growth for the first time in more than three years feels like a transformation.". Product quality and delivery of items could be different from what the customer might be expecting. Fast response time: Used only for emergencies when speed is the single most important factor. Tesco has launched a channel on the digital platform, IFTTT, a service which allows consumers to connect their favourite apps, for example if they change their Facebook profile image then it can change their Twitter pic automatically. Wow – this is so interesting. The supermarket said it is using heat sensing technology to monitor lines at tills. Then in 1982, computerised checkouts were introduced into the first Tesco stores and the company’s annual sales exceeded £2 billion. Things like next day delivery and named day delivery have also been effective in maximising the use of these new sales channels. In 1956 Tesco opened a self service supermarket in a converted cinema in Maldon which meant that people could go in and pick their own items of interest from the shelves and make their way to checkout points or tills for payment.

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