They are made of rosewood and boxwood. Often players of smallpipes who want a louder chanter for playing in sessions fit them in their smallpipes for particular tunes. They are absolutely beautiful! Set of Scottish Smallpipes made by David Naill. Please contact us for shipping quotes. I got a one-keyed D chanter and 3 drones last summer (‘11), and I love them. It is in Excellent Condition! Thanks for looking and happy bidding! The leather is black and the wood appears to be cherry. We have covers to suite mouthblown or bellows. it is easy to play tunes that are normally in A, in D. Instead of playing on the A and E strings they use the same fingering but on the D and A strings. If you are not confident with this set. I like the sound of the border pipes, and am considering adding that to the mix. We are settling into our new website, including making available articles from our thirty year history. THANK YOU. I have put a great deal of care and attention into the design and construction of the bellows, based on many of the better Scottish bellows I have measured in the collections. Reel O'Tulloch. A like-new set(used two days overall) Bellows-Blown Blackwood Scottish Smallpipes in A by McCallum. This would be an exellent Christmas present! Prefer Payment via PayPal. It’s simpler and clearer for everybody if one term becomes the standard term for something, and the term "border pipe" is becoming standard. By the way, interesting that Nigel Richard is now calling his things "border" chanters. Splits or warps in the wood. There have been a number of discussions here giving examples to get stuck into. See close-up pics) Includes cane drone reeds, as well as 2 extra EZ-drone Tenor reeds, as well as a chanter reed. The Evans state on their website that they are backed up with orders and are not taking new orders at the moment so here is your chance to get a set much sooner than.much later. RED, SILVER, NAVY BLUE, GOLDEN, ROYAL STEWART, MACKENZIE, FOR MORE PRODUCTS VISIT MY E BAY SHOP. Which has a lovely grain. Canmore bag has plug for bellows*Bellows not included* Easy and fun to play. BAG COVER& CORD IS ROYAL STEWART IF YOU WANT BLACK WATCH.WALLACE, MACKENZIE,GORDON TARTANS AND BLACK VALET BAG COVER& CORD. Flora MacDonald's Fancy. 1 Patrice Chanter with 2 practice Reeds. SSPs are typically in the folk-friendly keys of A or D, are usually bellows-blown, have a set of drones in a common stock worn across the chest, and use a nine-note scale that fingers like a GHB but which plays at a fraction of the volume. Strathspey& Half Tulloch. Delivery Times: Within Canada(with tracking) Approx 2-7 business days(depending on your location) To the US: Airmail(no tracking available) Approx. D would most likely be useless to you as you will not be able to play the majority of tunes written for the pipes and if you want to play Irish tunes then you will not be able to play the majority of them either as the scale will be too restrictive. I Play blown Great Highland Pipes. line! It’s the sound that comes out, not what something technically might previously have been called that is important. Minor wear but all definitely playable. I'm getting a set of Scottish smallpipes to play, and I thought I might ask people more experienced than I: What is the best key for smallpipes? Not sure what make the drones are but they are African blackwood and comes with SM90 drone reeds. African Blackwood used on all parts. Perfect for aspiring world musicians! I could just cut and paste off of the Sloan web site but I figured it was just as easy to give you the site so you can go read about them if you wanted more info on them. CONDITION: In refurbished condition with new leather bag. There are exercises and carefully graded tunes leading you through each new note, each new rhythm and then each new grace note. They are also adorned with brass ring ferrules to add sturdiness and elegance at the same time. The many early examples that have survived are delicate and restrained in appearance. Hope. A modern development of the 1980s, Scottish Smallpipes are based on the old eighteenth-century instruments that survive in various museums. It’s no more bogus than uilleann pipes. Sailor's Hornpipe. Supple and air tight with some sort of seasoning inside. Bagpipe Rosewood, Full Set Colour | NATURAL Finish: Outside Smooth and glossy finish. African blackwood drones and chanter. Please contact me for shipping expenses. Sword Dance. The pipes were delivered in August 2002. The three drones share a common stock. Sliabh Russell works well for example. Seann Triubhas. Reeds included with synthetic bag and green velvet cover. Surely if you put a Border chanter into smallpipes the drones would be rendered useless. E.MAIL US AFTER PURCHASE AND WILL REPLACE IN SAME PRICE Free Accessories 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set. see a bit more about how the tutor looks on the CDrom (or memory stick). Now surplus to requirements, as I'm mainly playing mandolin these days. Scottish Hamish Moore Bellows Blown Small Pipes Bagpipes ABW& Boxwood Key A DESCRIPTION: Offered for auction is a vintage 1980’s set of Hamish Moore Scottish Small Pipes. Beautiful instrument imported from craftspeople around the world! SSPs are typically in the folk-friendly keys of A or D, are usually bellows-blown, have a set of drones in a common stock worn across the chest, and use a nine-note scale that fingers like a GHB but which plays at a fraction of the volume. Ich denke, das Übersetzen kann ich mir sparen. Two interchangeable chanters fitted with split stocks, combine with four drones, including a high d along with the standard A, D/E, A’, to enable you to play in either pitch. They are in perfect condition, play easily and sound fantastic. Spreche selbstverständlich auch deutsch. Highland Fling. Ian Kinnear Scottish Smallpipes Scottish smallpipes are a bellows-blown bagpipe with a softer and more mellow sound than the better known Highland Bagpipe. These early sets are in higher pitches, but I have developed my pipes in a range of modern pitches while retaining the feeling of the original instruments. Obviously, I paid a lot more than that when I bought them lol. A nice collection of tunes old and new to learn on, and a helpful CD rom included with the basics on playing Scottish bellows blown bagpipes. Will include a Warmac chanter, drone cords and Ross clamp bag. The chanter reeds have been designed in combination with the chanters to produce the optimum quality of tone. Irish Jig. But if you want to play in D, I’d say that D is best. The set currently sells for well over $2,000.00 these days! I’m getting a set of Scottish smallpipes to play, and I thought I might ask people more experienced than I: What is the best key for smallpipes? 30 X 12. The knotwork on the drones was put there by my father. pipes(bellows blown only available in navy blue) Please state your preference on payment. Shepherd Smallpipes in A Excellent condition. Thanks for looking! Scottish Lilt. 897 Please visit my eBay store: Vintage Treasures From Years Past for more Unique& Exciting items! I intended to learn them when I bought them four years ago. Usually a double chanter is fingered exactly like the single chanter, placing each finger over a pair of holes; however, there are possibilities of introducing harmonies by fingering individual holes, as Callum Armstrong spectacularly demonstrates on a C double chanter: The C chanter has comfortable finger-spacing and gives a sprightly, cheerful sound; I also make an A chanter, with wider finger-spacing and a rich and mellow tone. There is a 4-5 year waiting list for these new, and they cost $4000- $5000. I know that the most common keys are A and D, but I am not sure which would be best. I hate to part with these but. African Blackwood Highland Bagipe, Scottish Smallpipes and Shuttle Pipes. Synthetic Bag. Why there is a difference in the prices of the Walsh smallpipe in D, and the ones in "A" The drones are a bass and two tenor set up. Please study the pictures well as they are a major part of the description and do show what a nice set they are. 6-10 business days Expedited(with tracking) Approx. The Shepherd Combination Smallpipes in the Keys of A and Upper D. £680.00 . I usually ship within 24 hours of payment unless weekend or Holiday. Right now I have the Garvie mouth blown border pipes ("Session pipes") and I have ordered a set of bellows blown smallpipes - I will be trying it out when they arrive. The bag is hand-sewn leather, with the traditional green baize woollen cover. Ian makes smallpipes in 4 different keys. Chris. SHIPPING NOTE# SHIIPPING CHARGE ALSO INCLUDES INSURANCE-PACKAGE MUST BE SIGNED FOR! My loss is your gain. Download the latest version here. I've recently changed musical instruments and am now into Diatonic accordions.

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