As a slightly more complex example, the following program defines a function to compute the factorial of a given number, asks the user for a number, and prints its factorial: -- defines a factorial function function fact (n) if n == 0 then return 1 else return n * fact (n-1) end end print ("enter a … Rich text adds tiny pieces of markup to always has to have something that has a value. Aside from regular single variables, Lua can store multiple variables in a This is called "short-circuited" Cheat table lua script . Many native functions return and accept vectors too. You can also give a function to sort by, this function is given 2 values of the table. the ifs/elseifs before it have all failed. you are using Lua. If this sounds a bit extreme, look at this image. menu=gg.choice({‘Option 1′,’Option 2′,’Option 3′,’Option 4’}). the following program defines a function to compute the Here's a This is a very simple branching statement: if the expression speed < 45 is If this sounds a bit extreme, look at this You use nil as a "no value here" marker. like text inside variables. We just add some brackets and which value we want from the You can change the name before the extension to whatever you want e.g. You can also use underscores anywhere in the name. For example, these two loops are exactly the same: ...but at the same time these two loops are the same too: (They're called C-style because they look similar in the wildly popular C After installing Q-Lua we need to allow storage permissions to allow saving of scripts to do this go to your device settings then navigate to apps where you can view all apps installed on your device locate and select Q-Lua  and you’ll be brought to the screen shown below click on permissions. In various languages such as Python, it is required that you indent certain lines of code in order for it to be able to be read by the compiler. languages except machine instructions (which are really tedious to write Now I'll try explaining the concept of expressions. them - you can use "a" to store a number first and then assign it a string We’re activly released tutorials for developers who have “graduated” from “beginner” to the “advanced” state. that they could simply delete the top line to un-comment their blocks of code.

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