This marks the first time an individual Koopa Troopa is given a name and differentiates from the species, as well as the first appearance of a Koopa Troopa who seems neutral to the battle between Mario and the Koopa Troop. A variant of Koopa Troopa known as Koopa Troopa 6-Stacks appear in Lighthouse Island and Green Energy Plant. There is never any indication of how this particular Koopa Troopa earned his rank in the Koopa Pack, as there is nothing to differentiate him from any other generic Koopa Troopa. Also, when a shell-less yellow-shelled Koopa finds a new shell, it will turn into a flashing Shell and chase Mario. Green Koopa Troopas are specifically given an association with water in games such as Mario Power Tennis and Puzzles and Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Here, they act as they do in the main series, and are accompanied by Bodyslam Koopas, heavyweight Koopa Troopa variants. In general, they have basic appearances compared to other Koopa species. They first appear in the level Visit Koopa And Para-Koopa. After being absent from Super Mario Sunshine, Koopa Troopas next appear in New Super Mario Bros. Their role is exactly the same as in the other sidescrolling Mario platformers; a ground pound, however, can send them into their shells and cause them to begin sliding. In Mario Party 7, Koopa Troopas take care of the Orb Shops in Pagoda Peak and Windmillville. There is a constellation of a Koopa Troopa's shell called "Speedy Shell," purchasable at the Museum for 50 Points. Though not playable, Koopa Troopas do appear in the original Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. The Paper Mario series introduces friendly Koopas that have their own towns, such as Kooper, Koops, etc. The Koopa Cruiser, along with all of its Koopa Troopas, crashed just outside the Mushroom Kingdom/Beanbean Kingdom Border, the impact of which knocked all of the Koopa Troopas unconscious. These Koopa Troopas no longer wear sunglasses as friendly ones in the game help in battle by damaging enemies, in the form of normal and Shiny Shell stickers. When they are enlarged, their shells can break through blocks without bouncing. Paratroopas also appear with two Vibe variants. His Offensive Power Shot is the Water Bomb, where Koopa performs a special drop shot that forces the characters to get close to the net. How long will the footprints on the moon last? One can easily be defeated by another's shell. The Koopa Troopas of this game are last seen lying on the ground, although some are already starting to regain consciousness by the time Mario awakens. When these golden Koopa Troopas' shells are tossed, a path of coins is created behind them wherever they go. Koopa Troopa's default partner is Yoshi. Bowser set up a series of locked doors that would prevent Mario from challenging him directly. Like in Super Mario World, these Koopa Troopas can be knocked out of their shells. A Green Koopa Troopa appears as a Novice-type support spirit in Super Smash Bros. The players need to collect as many flowers as they can within the time limit. Additionally, whenever a gold Koopa Troopa hits an enemy, and ascending number of coins are added to the player's coin count, depending on how many enemies are defeated. For this to happen, Mario/Luigi will have to get a perfect step. However, the confrontation ended after Bowser accidentally set off a Superbombomb knocking away both sides. These "good" Koopa Troopas in this game are more true to the original Koopa Troopa appearance, with green shells and no shades or collars. In New Super Mario Bros. they are basically the same as in Super Mario World, they walk on two legs, the wear shoes and can still be carried. !, as a member of the crowd Kareening Koopas, where in Story mode, he's the opponent fought against and as an unlockable character in the Beach Volley Folley minigame. !, Dinger Derby, Triple Jump, Ice Hockey, Slot Trot, Dart Attack, Jigsaw Jumble, and Soar to Score. Koopa Troopa's default partner is Yoshi. However, in this game, no matter how Mario attacks them, Koopa Troopas only retreat inside their shells when hit, though hitting them with another shell does destroy them. In this game, Koopa Troopas traveled with Bowser to Dinosaur Land in an attempt to take it over, though this plan is thwarted by the Mario brothers. Onomatopoeia of a slowly crawling turtle(a translation of the Japanese name). Koopa Troopas also appear in the crowds throughout the game. Quotes • Gallery. They appear in a few minigames, such as in Pop Quiz where they are selectable enemies in a few questions. The game features two different types of Koopa Troopas: green (teal in underground levels except in the remake in Super Mario All-Stars), which walks in one direction until it is defeated or falls, and the other is red and patrols a set area without walking off any edges. It will be invincible to most of Mario's moves, however, Yoshi can eat this shell and gain all three shell abilities for a limited time, and a spin jump will also destroy this shell. They have elliptical beady eyes, large beak-like noses, short limbs and large heads. Koopa Troopas reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and they act the same way as in the predecessor. In Puzzles and Dragons: Super Mario Bros. In Mario Party 8, there is a somewhat notable Koopa Troopa called Holly Koopa who is quite minor in Shy Guy's Perplex Express, giving out money in exchange for candy when a player lands on her Green Space. Green Koopa Troopas use Fruits and Rare Fruits to raise their Skill Levels. Koopa Troopas appear in Mario Party 10 as non-playable characters, appearing in the background of the mini-game Shy Guy Shuffle. Some other Koopa Troopas are found occupying the seats. level.about 1998 or 1995. In the Wii U version of Scribblenauts Unlimited, Koopa Troopas (in red and green) can be spawned. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, a Boo named Boopa Troopa is found in Treacherous Mansion's E-2: Double Trouble. In Mario vs. Luigi mode, a single Blue Koopa Troopa reappears for the first time since Super Mario World on the snow battle stage. Mario is unable to pick up their shells in this game. Koopa Troopa appears in Mario Tennis Aces as an opponent in the mission Battle Boat in Adventure Mode.

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