Technology trends and deep strategic insights on the biggest technology companies. Recognizing that the govt can expand fiscal in response to a pandemic without 1st checking the balance of the treasury’s acct or the mood of bond vigilantes, doesn’t mean that doing so is somehow the application of some new theory. You can type the shortcut, for example “G” for price chart. No wonder Quantitative Easing scared people. I like to do a simple exercise of “follow the money” to understand how monetary policy works in the real world. Absent this kind of nuance, you haven’t said anything that’s worth saying. I apologize, but I am more interested in figuring out how markets/economy work than sticking to a dogma that has been wrong for two decades. I have a desktop and mostly use it for my Koyfin stock market research where I do my fundamental research, charting and list management (portfolio company). About Koyfin Koyfin is a free market dashboard with a lot to offer. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. My Stocktwits mobile notification follows (people that burst onto my screen). Because what happens is that the locals don’t want lira anymore, and suddenly you get a dollarization impulse. @jposhaghnessy There are so many new daily blog subscribers, so first of all welcome everyone. Create dozens of custom watchlists across all asset categories and tailor each using specific data points that fit your unique investment management style and personal preferences. Although optimistic that I convinced all but the hard-money Austrians who somehow haven’t yet cancelled their subscriptions, the question remains why this was even up for debate in the first place. ... We work with a lot of professional financial intermediaries: financial advisors and investment consultants who manage money for their clients. As any ‘descriptive’ macro framework, it’s not something that you “do”. The same works on the economic upturn. Even if nobody decides explicitly to “apply MMT,” the feedback loop could cause MMT-inspired policies to propagate for some period of time (longer or shorter depending on MMT’s accuracy as a model, I suppose). I personally believe you have to spend money (not just time) to make money. On this we are in violent agreement. Unlike other services, Ko-fi don't take any fees from donations between supporters and creators. The most egregious errors in modern financial history have been committed by monetarists who refused to accept this fact. All Rights Reserved Urban Equity Group USA Inc 2016-2020. Understanding why most people believe QE causes inflation is important. NEW – Brian Lund – The Lund Loop – Intersection of markets, Trading and Life. In the first installment of my INFLATION SERIES posts, I outlined why Quantitative Easing on its own was not sufficient to cause inflation. Also, make sure you buy companies with very strong balance sheets, as if there are any unexpected bumps in the road with a vaccine, you don't want to be stuck with a company you're worried about going bankrupt. Given that banks are generally not reserve constrained, the money from the Fed’s bond purchase does not get loaned out and therefore ends up just sitting within the banking systems as excess reserves. The demand for credit is not affected by the Fed’s balance sheet expansion. Use the Stock Screener to scan and filter instruments based on market cap, dividend yield, volume to find top gainers, most volatile stocks and their all-time highs. It’s important to understand that monetarists are incorrect when they warn that Quantitative Easing and other stimulative Central Bank monetary policies will cause runaway inflation. Thank you! For my daily work I rely on always the latest iPhone and the very newest Mac Air. Smart, philosophical and funny. Using Koyfin’s Market Mover Feature Modern traders take today’s technology for granted. I like to do a simple exercise of “follow the money” to understand how monetary policy works in the real world. When these MMT folk gloss over the role that private sector plays in money creation (the monetary policy side), they are committing an equally ill-thought out error. I try a lot of products and talk to a lot of founders which really is a substitute for reading I would do otherwise. If you choose to use Ko-fi Commissions but aren't a Gold subscriber you will pay a 5% platform fee on commission purchases. Your retort to the statement that “Erdogan can buy what ever is for sale in lira” is that for one reason or another somethings may not be for in lira. About Us Imagine you are a typical homeowner with a couple of kids and a mortgage. All in all, the fact that Koyfin is a free platform makes it still a favorite for many. Have you heard Ken Rogoff’s twisted beliefs regarding eliminating currency so that Central Banks can take interest rates to “deeply negative levels?”. The currency is a liability of the issuer and and asset to the users. This is expansionary – just like the Federal Reserve hoped. A great place to start are the podcast archives of Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business. I throw up a little bit in my mouth every time I read this. Momentum Monday ….The Trumpy Bear Market of 2019? In an economic slowdown, the Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to stimulate the economy. Talking to many of these people over the past two weeks, it is clear Traders from other international countries may find it a bit of a hassle to make the best out of it. Also in this video i will show you how to make money with Robintrack. PayPal or Stripe do take their normal transaction fees which will vary based on the type of account, location and currencies used. Save and share dozens of templates to illustrate different information across any asset category pertinent to your unique investment methodology. On its own, QE does not cause inflation, so why do so many believe it does? To ignore this fact is just as foolish as those who think we can fix everything with ever lower interest rates. Where the framework becomes reduced to just a synonym for deficit spending. In addition, some fear that once the near-term deflationary side effects of the pandemic are behind us, the longer-run inflationary consequences of the COVID shock (e.g., supply chain disruptions, re-shoring, increased protectionism, and reinvigorated de-globalization in the name of public health) will overwhelm the lingering demand shock, pushing up prices just as the proverbial chickens come home to roost vis-à-vis ostensibly perilous deficit and debt dynamics.

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