Each unit is organized to answer an Essential Question (EQ) as each text is read and dissected. Words are a powerful thing. Which concept vocabulary words contribute to the idea of unity, and which contribute to the idea of fragmentation? Students keep a digital notebook to collect their responses to the text. "Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. Be kind to all and speak words that are beacons of inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement to all. Their power arises from our emotional responses when we read, speak, or … Under Standards Support Through Teaching and Learning Cycle, the Looking Forward section provides activities to practice mastered skills in depth for those students exceeding grade-level standards. Research to Explore: Choose one of the immigrant industrialists, scientists, or inventors that Kennedy mentions. So, when you say ‘I am…fat/lazy/shy’ or ‘I am…beautiful/confident/successful/happy’ this is the exact truth that you are creating for yourself. The lessons in each of these learning modalities include activities that further student comprehension of progressively difficult text. Sep. 08. Were Chavez and the UFW able to make the plight of farm workers clear and compelling? Do you agree or disagree with the seventh man’s comments? If students fail to cite evidence, teachers are instructed to remind them to support their ideas with specific information. There is also an opportunity for students to complete a self-assessment, rating themselves on how they meet the unit goals. Use relevant evidence from at least three of the selections you read and researched in this unit to elucidate your ideas. If we use our words as bullets with a feeling of superiority and condemnation, we are not going to be able to restore a relationship to love. Additionally, the Integrated Student Notebook gives students opportunities to share their work. Students are provided graphic organizers to record notes for both reads. Words have the power to provoke action, calm negative emotions and can inspire change as the following passages will elaborate that words have the power to change people. The materials include texts that reflect the appropriate demand and rigor required by the standards for the grade band. Analyze the Text: provides questions and tasks concerning the key ideas and details. Additionally, students display their knowledge in the completion of Performance Tasks or Performance-based Assessments that usually consist of speaking and listening skills or writing tasks. Examples that materials support students’ increasing literacy skills across the year to meet the criteria for this indicator include, but are not limited to the following examples: Unit 1 from "When I was Puerto Rican" by Esmeralda Santiago, Unit 6 “There will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury. Within the Grade 9 textbook, most of the materials include instruction of the grammar and conventions/language standards for grade level as applied in increasingly sophisticated contexts, with opportunities for application. During Whole-class, Small-group, and Independent Learning, students engage in Making Meaning sections with each text which provides sequenced higher-order thinking questions and tasks for a range of purposes through various subsections. Within the units, each module begins with a First Read guide which provides general text-dependent questions. Additionally, the Performance Tasks that follow the three types of learning are listed for students to view. Words can evoke rich images of inner and outer emotions through different ways of communication. On our own, humans have the capacity and ability to make a change. Each report found on EdReports.org represents hundreds of hours of work by educator reviewers. Words have the power to provoke action, calm negative emotions and can inspire change as the following passages will elaborate that words have the power to change people.

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