Eco mode will make some of your Honda’s systems behave more efficiently, but how you drive is still going to have a much bigger impact. For me, pushing a button 10 times a week earns me a quick lunch during the week or a beer or two on the weekend. Also watching the mpg estimate on the dash,, the econo mode struggles keeping the mpg above 10 when going up even a gentle hill. During the hot Mississippi summers when driving mostly in town you may want to deactivate the ECON button. No need to push the button because there isn’t one. About the same as my 2006 Hybrid got. I’ve been driving a 2012 CR-V since it was new. What happens when you press that big green button? Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. From my experience, Econ mode does make a bit of a difference. However, if that saving means 2 gallons per day, then you saved 14 gallons over that week. Now that the car has approx 10000 kms it was averaging about 7l/100 kms. And I should note: Under certain driving conditions, you don’t want to pull a load upgrade on ECON mode. Thanks again for your help, Tom. No, it’s not cylinder management as applied to Honda’s 3.5 Liter V6 i-VTEC engine. It seems to have a little more even torque curve and although not leaving an intersection as quickly, it does make it more enjoyable for just regular driving. If you’re really interested in wringing more distance out of each drop of gasoline, watch the two bars of light on either side of your speedometer. I would love to hear about any other little tidbits you know about that will help with fuel millage and the car in general. I was quite pleased with this and would get about 600 kms to a tank. Thank you for response buccscott. Austin, the eco mode is ideally for flat free flowing roads and is working to lower the revs to the engine while running with or without cruise control. Around town on the weekends, I usually leave it off to let the A/C cool me down on short trips and I also like to spool the turbo up now and then! Its not a magic button that gives you better mpg by driving as usual. Home » Fuel-Efficient Vehicles » What Does The Honda Eco Button Do? Keep the eco mode for cruising on the open road where you sit at a comfortable speed for an extended period then it will save fuel and money, 2019 Honda Civic Sedan vs 2019 Toyota Corolla, 2019 Honda Pilot vs 2019 Toyota Highlander, 2019 Honda Ridgeline vs 2019 Toyota Tacoma, 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid vs 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2018 Honda Odyssey vs 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, 2020 Honda Passport Lane Keeping Assistance System Tutorial, A method of increasing the fuel efficiency used on most 2012 Honda Civic models, 2012 Honda CR-V, Civic Hybrid, Insight, and CR-Z, Eco Assist consists of two parts: the ECON mode and the Driver Feedback System. I use the ECON button only when on the freeway or an open stretch of highway. While we you may love the challenge of wringing as many miles per gallon as possible out of a gallon of gasoline, the practice of neutral-gear-hypermiling is not required in Civic to maximize fuel efficiency. I primarily use the car to commute 50 kms each way to work, approx 45kms being highway. I live in FL, so in the morning when it’s cooler, and I’m in no rush to get to work I use it and cruise along comfortably. Honda ECO mode 101: Does the green ECON button truly increase fuel economy? It's a matter of "combined fuel efficiency. Do Vehicles with AWD Also Need Winter Tires? on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 at 9:22 pm and is filed under Fuel-Efficient Vehicles, Technology. However, when I turned off recently during a drive in nearby mountainous terrain I neglected to turn it back on, During my commute this week I noticed I’m getting better gas mileage than I was when I was driving with the Eco Mode turned on. Not too shabby! Looking to the low displacement 4-cylinder engine, ECON works a bit differently. Put differently, if you save 10% every day for seven days, then you’ve saved 10% for the week — not 70%. The Ecological Drive Assist System (Eco Assist™) is a fuel efficiency information system designed to help you develop and maintain a fuel-efficient driving style. What is the Honda ECON mode What ECON mode does is that it optimizes vehicle systems to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Sincerely Quicker response is definitely noted with the ECON off. Using Eco mode will make your Honda feel a little slower, so don’t forget to turn it off when it’s time to set that turbo engine loose! Hope this helps. My wife drives a 2015 CRV touring and I am anxious to see the effect the next time I drive her car It seems to have a direct effect on the A/C output, shift pattern, cruise resume, and throttle response. Honda’s engineers focused on these systems because their operation directly affects fuel consumption. Nice! what I have noticed is a reduction in initial turbo lag then turbo lunge when leaving a stop light. Think of the Eco Assist as your onboard fuel-saving driving coach. I have read comments about the ECON effect in regular non turbo cars buit nothing from other turbo drivers. It’s like there are two different axle ratios in play one 5.07 when off and 2.65 when on. Welcome Pete. My commute and commuting habits seem to inline with yourself but in the northeast area. It would would be nice to know what the ECON button really does. How Much Money Can You Save By Switching To A Fuel-Efficient Honda Vehicle? For instance, you will find the throttle response is smoother, the automatic transmission will upshift sooner and the Air Conditioning system will generally be somewhat less responsive. However i do notice a reduction of the Air Conditioning performance. While each method can work independently, together they help drivers maximize fuel efficiency for their specific driving conditions. I tried switching on the ECON mode for the first time a week ago, I am now getting about 6.4l/100 kms and no noticable difference in performance on the highway. It’s a completely different machine around town with the button on, a real dog. I find that the ststem works best for people that just shove the accelerator down and go with no regard for anything else. When pushed it changes several operating aspects of the vehicle, sending it into a super-efficient mode to maximize your fuel efficiency. Econ Button and Eco Assist™ System With the exception of the Si models, all Civics are equipped with the Econ Button™ to help enhance your fuel efficiency while driving. Antriebsdrehzahl bis 10.000 min-1 Let’s find out! ", Have Honda Accord 2013lx have hesitation on stop sign and intersection when I put the Econ jut on as well as Ac too. Your Civic will not downshift as readily when compared to selected normal or spot-mode for Civic if so equipped. 2017 Civic EX-T here… Everyone who has replied have valid points. Hi there If you dont get better mpg from using eco mode its because you are fighting the system instead of going with it. @ John, the sales person told me that If your on the highway and you need to pass somebody it is a good idea to turn it off so you can accelerate faster. How do you turn off or can you turn off the “ECO” in a 2013 Honda Odyssey Touring? We purchased our 2016 Honda Civic Turbo in June 2016 and immediately took it on a trip (US) from Albany, NY to Omaha, NB to Milwaukee, WI and back home to Albany. My Honda Odyssey automatically shuts off engine cylinders when not needed. That’s where the Eco Assist system comes in. Eco mode will make some of your Honda’s systems behave more efficiently, but how you drive is still going to have a much bigger impact. In CVT equipped models and older conventional automatic transmission equipped Civic, ECON mode modifies the shift pattern for fuel efficiency. A method of increasing the fuel efficiency used on most 2012 Honda Civic models, 2012 Honda CR-V, Civic Hybrid, Insight, and CR-Z, Eco Assist consists of two parts: the ECON mode and the Driver Feedback System. 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