The biggest thing I've noticed is that you need to go into the repair queue and right click the little port icon next to virtually every navy base in the Pacific that's an island. Then split them into 2 or 4 fleets. Subs still want to be on their own convoy raiding. Here's what I did for my american game. I think that the Base Strike doctrine is the only one worth bothering with. My sub fleets are just death stacks of submarines where I just make infinite subs and assign them to fleets. This is an explanation of all the mechanics and meta I have understood so far, and the navy I am using and its ships designs. They will only perform minimal minesweeping efforts at most, regardless of how many mines there are. Under this scheme, the destruction of enemy submarines would be left to patrol and/or strike forces configured for anti-submarine warfare. Fleet in Being Doctorine In Hoi4 there are 3 types of doctorines for navy, one capital focused , one raiding focused and one carrier focused. I've only used snorkels on cheap, earlier models of subs with mine laying equipment and cheapest torpedo tubes. Due to their relatively high fuel requirements, it is generally reasonable to assign capital ships to strike force missions so that they are only called to action when required. For my fleet comp, I focused a lot on carriers and heavy cruisers, since battleships were limited by the naval treaty. Light Cruisers - are they worth the considerable expense? With battles being less decisive and fleets having more time to disengage, and varying settings for fleet aggressiveness, being able to get your ships both in and out of combat faster is a huge factor in the amount of damage you inflict in advantageous battles and damage you avoid in disadvantaged fights. When two opposing navies meet, a naval battle unfolds. Happy to write it down, even more if it actually helps people with their playing. Equipment details shows the current number of ships by type and class. After my default surface fleet was built and my cruisers were up and everything was upgraded I swapped to subs and their tech. This is "why task forces?" No Carriers. Common sense tells me yes, but why would you then bother with task forces at all? It is thereby possible to gain a strong naval advantage over the AI through extensive mining. Really cool guide it helped me a lot playing 1.6.1 . Jun 14, 2016 @ 6:42am I dont know if it helps.but i had a fleet with 6 carriers,5 heavy 8 light cruisers and 13 destroyers. Just be smart about when you engage and try to have land based air cover to compensate. So if you want the UK navy to fight your Kriegsmarine proper, you'll need to be threatening naval superiority in the channel. La composition des escadres (notamment la présence d'une escorte suffisante) et la conception des navires influe aussi fortement le résultat de la bataille. It is necessary to take the focus of the "Invite the Habsburg Prince" so that Horthy will become the commander of the fleet, to study the battleship and gain access to the sea. I have only played one game as a serious naval power (as the US) and in my other games I've been continental powers and ignored the navy entirely. Carriers: in the pacific, 75 percent deck space 25 percent armor, since land based aircraft seem to be a far larger problem than the actual opposing fleet. That phase of the war took about 6 months. And Patrol TF, 1 CL with max airplanes plus how many DD? Main battle fleet if carrier focus. There are a few others with other tasks but I haven't really needed them yet. Its part of my biweekly QuickTips Series: Advanced Tips For Advanced Players. Should you put screens in the battlefleet? Quick follow up video to the fleet composition video. CA are arguably the worst ships in the game. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When equipped with minelaying tubes and given an engagement rule of 'Never engage', they can perform minelaying missions with near impunity. There is a way to be better and more efficient then the Super Stack! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. So it's better to deal with nations as close as possible to minimize the number of escorts needed. For invasion support, just switch your strike force to support the landings. Spending research slots on naval tech when you're France or the USSR seems like a losing strategy. In this respect the game feels more true to life. I've just checked their stats and generally CA seems to have twice the HP and all the armor difference for roughly 80% extra cost. To ensure that the capital ships are protected from torpedoes, it is prudent to have sufficient screen ships in the strike force to achieve full screening efficiency. They are Heavy Ships so don't expect them to escort anything. Such destroyers can be economically produced in high numbers, providing high escort efficiency and screening efficiency to minimise the damage done to convoys. I'm also confused about how fleets and task forces reinforce. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Typically I’ll drop 3-5 convoys before losing a sub and disengaging (enemy planes still hurt). You can't kill convoys you can't see. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Both countries can be choked to death (it's pretty easy against the AI at the moment) by convoy raiding. This section provides naval warfare strategies which have been tested in-game for effectiveness. (I think i spent like 50-60 XP on the fit), I also wanted to upgrade my pre dreadnaughts ( I couldnt figure this out right away and ended up designing an upgrade for the wrong hull--so i wasted XP and time). I run 10s or 12s and set the rest in reserve. During the First World War, it comprised some of the older ships of the Royal Navy. I use, where possible some or all of the following fleets. So far, the only naval war I've fought was with Japan and I crushed them completely. Minimum of 12 Destroyers for acting as a screen. Anyone know if Carriers any less overpowered? I guess this question also goes to /u/Brondi00. 66 Badges. I also have patrol fleets with: 1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Light Cruisers, 5 Destroyers.

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