(source), [xi] Wattanathorn J., Mator L., Muchimapura S., Tongun T., Pasuriwong O., Piyawatkul N., Yimtae K., Sripanidkulchai B., Singkhoraard J. Sedatives: Because gotu kola acts like a sedative, it might make some drugs taken for anxiety or insomnia stronger. Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet. Incandela L, Cesarone MR, Cacchio M, et al. Angiology 2001;52(10 suppl 2):S55-S59. As of this day, Gotu Kola is widely used as a remedy for mental fatigue and anxiety. Early research suggests that applying a specific gotu kola cream (Alpha Centella, not available in the U.S.) to the skin twice daily for 6-8 weeks after the removal of stitches might help reduce scarring. The decrease in capillary filtration was associated with improvement in signs and symptoms (P<0.05).Cesarone 2001 A study by the same group of researchers compared use of TTFCA 60 mg twice daily with placebo or no treatment in patients with diabetic microangiopathy (N=50). People with atherosclerosis have fatty deposits called plaques along the lining of their blood vessels. The clinical relevance of this inhibition is unknown.Seeka 2012, No changes were observed in phase II drug metabolizing enzymes UDPGT, SULT, GST, and NQOR with varying Eca233 doses for 90 days.Seeka 2017. The more signals sent between these neurons, the stronger the connection grows. PS. Diabetes medications: In animal studies, gotu kola seems to increase blood sugar levels. Angiology 2001;52 Suppl 2:S19-25. Bradwejn J, Zhou Y, Koszycki D, Shlik J. A disease of small blood vessels in people with diabetes (diabetic microangiopathy). View abstract. But I have no proof. Gotu Kola induced hepatotoxicity in a child - need for caution with alternative remedies. Int J Low Extrem Wounds. Due to the risk of liver injury, the supplements are intended for short-term use only.8 Most manufacturers recommend no more than a 500-milligram dose taken twice daily for 14 days. B Complex, methylcobalamin, folate (in the morning) Gotu Kola. Indian J Exp Biol. See additional information. Based on these findings, gotu kola has been applied to the skin, or used topically, for minor burns, psoriasis, preventing scars after surgery, and preventing or reducing stretch marks. Danese, P., Carnevali, C., and Bertazzoni, M. G. Allergic contact dermatitis due to Centella asiatica extract. They receive incoming signals from other neurons. View abstract. Efficacy of Centellase (R) in the treatment of venous hypertension evaluated by a combined microcirculatory model. Commercial manufacturers list numerous dosage regimens for gotu kola. In my desperation to get some sleep I use a little Kola w other sedatives as it seems to amplify all other sedatives. De Sanctis MT, Belcaro G, Incandela L, et al. A new assay for asiatic acid. The Balinese also use it to combat senility. 2003 Apr 29;358(1432):765-72. The effects were comparable to those of sucralfate 250 mg/kg given orally once a day for 5 days. Taking diuretic medications and gotu kola could cause your body to lose too much fluid, upsetting the balance of electrolytes you need. This product may be unsafe when used before surgery or other medical procedures. In human studies in people with venous insufficiency (poor blood circulation in the legs), 90 – 180 mg daily worked well for these patients. People with diabetes should not take gotu kola without first talking to their doctor. In vitro and in vivo wound healing activity of asiaticoside isolated from Centella asiatica. Depression: Gotu Kola is also good in helping depressed people. Chandrika UG, Prasad kumarab PA. Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica): Nutritional Properties and Plausible Health Benefits. How Crohn's Differs From Ulcerative Colitis. De Sanctis MT, Incandela L, Cesarone MR, and et al. Klovekorn, W., Tepe, A., and Danesch, U. Minerva Cardioangiol. Bonte, F., Dumas, M., Chaudagne, C., and Meybeck, A. 2008 Dec;9(6):369-74. Acta Derm.Venereol. Cy, it depends on what is in the extract. Night eating syndrome and Gotu Kola. The recommended daily dose of titrated extracts of C. asiatica standardized for asiaticoside, asiatic acid, and madecassic acid is 60 to 120 mg.Brinkhaus 2000, Centella 2007, Topical formulations and C. asiatica extracts at various concentrations have been used in clinical trials evaluating its dermatological and wound healing effects.Ahshawat 2008, Martelli 2000, Saeidinia 2017, Sommerfeld 2007 In a clinical trial of diabetic patients, 2 capsules of C. asiatica extract (50 mg of asiaticoside per capsule) taken 3 times a day resulted in improved wound healing and reduced scar formation compared to placebo.Bylka 2014, In clinical studies of patients with venous hypertension or diabetic microangiopathy, 60 mg of TTFCA 2 to 3 times daily (treatment duration, 4 weeks to 6 months) has been used.Cesarone 2001, Cesarone 2001, De Sanctis 2001, The pharmacokinetics of the total triterpene fraction of gotu kola have been studied after single- and multiple-dose administration to healthy volunteers.Grimaldi 1990 Using a high-pressure liquid chromatography procedure for detection of asiatic acid, researchers found that after multiple-dose administration (2 doses), peak plasma concentration, area under the curve, and half-life were higher than those observed after single-dose administration.

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