Download Free Lo-Fi Samples, the sample pack from LANDR Samples. IG Link in my Bio. Required fields are marked *. 94 Drum Hits | 41 Drum Loops | 38 SFX | 15 Song starter loops + more. These warm, breathy samples are perfect for creating a nostalgic, immersive feeling that will make your beats stand out from standard, instrumental-based beats. It contains many experimental and dusty, unique percussive sounds that may not be found in other packs. It's certainly a risk, but I'm not popular enough for anyone to notice. This 65 bpm lo-fi ukulele loop has been kindly uploaded by sanellix. show me what you make All of the tracks off of The College Dropout, the debut album of 20+ Grammy award winner Kanye West, are created with samples taken from other, lesser-known records. CONTACT ME FOR COLLABS/LOOPS ETC !! You could, for example, sample old vinyl records or buy an old drum machine. This sample pack comes packed, with over 500 MB of audio loops, samples, and one-shots ready to be dropped into any DAW. I manage some fairly popular artists aswell. Description : If you want to reach me, click on my profile picture for details. Enjoy making best music! Good samples for lofi hip hop Therandommg; 66 videos; 345,375 views; Last updated on Jul 6, 2019; Play all Share. For downloaded samples, navigate to your download folder and then select the desired sample. These loops should mix well with Real Ukulele Lofi Chords- Ocean - Clean Version by sanellix. Each guitar line, piano loop, and every other instrumental sample was played on authentic vintage instruments and captured using recording equipment from decades passed. Frank Ocean Jorja Smith Joji Travis Scott Tame Impala., I've heard Spotify may not put your on their Editorial playlists though if you are sampling? MY social is on my profile, Description : yo guys, enjoy It is particularly appealing to fans of hip hop as it tends to rely on sampled material, mainly from jazz, blues and soul music, which feels incredibly reminiscent of the “golden era” of hip hop production. 301 Total Samples | 0.8GB Zip | 100 Vocal Chop FX | 82 Vocal Chop Loops + more. In 2015, lofi hip hop or “chillhop” was a relatively unknown music genre, floating in the underbelly of Soundcloud with no real direction or momentum. Imagine sitting on a rooftop at 3AM with your best friends, this pack is full of atmospheres and samples that will easily provide a soundtrack to those moments. It usually has a slower pace, fewer beats per minute and is made to feel unappeared. Hey i have worked in the Lofi scene for about 3 years now. For intermediate producers, having the ability to change a single note within a chord progression to match a project is a fantastic benefit of Morning Coffee. Sometimes it's a really good sample layered with the perfect snare layered into another sample making a loop that's unforgettable. The standout element of this pack is definitely the drums, as it is filled with sleepy, jazzy loops to crisp one-shots. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. I really enjoy doing them and this motivates me, enjoy this loop recorded with my own ukulele to celebrate! Worth your attention! Juessworks Roughcuts drum kit is a heavy-hitting free lofi sample pack. 6.7GB Total | 7 Full Construction Kits with 136 Stems | 24 bit WAV + more. These samples have all been ran through software to emulate that classic SP-1200 and Akai S950 feel. For custom loops or collabs contact me on instagram or mail. What do you think? This pack is definitely on the pricier side, but in my opinion is well worth the money. Genre: Lo-Fi Hip Hop. And a lot of people think “ well they only go after huge artists who have made Millions off using the sample “ and that is slightly true in some cases but. lofi ocean joji sad chords real ukelele ukulele sanellix music. Start For Free. Hey i have worked in the Lofi scene for about 3 years now. Indeed the perfect sample pack for those looking to explore the percussion of classic bedroom rap, although the pack does not offer much in the ways of melodic or harmonic samples. Zenhiser’s release is one of the more popular sample packs for lofi hip hop, and for good reason. Description : I like the ambience of this piano hope you enjoy Here's 1 more 65 bpm Ukulele loops and samples . Share your music with me so leave a comment down below. Clearing samples is not something most / any lofi producers do unless signed to Stones Throw or a similar label. lofi ocean joji sad chords real ukelele ukulele sanellix music Free Lo-Fi Ukulele loops download 65bpm Thankfully, Origin Sounds have just that. Created with the same vision, Lo-Fi Cuts 2 is filled with tasteful imperfections, and the granularity one would expect from a vinyl sample. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops. Madlib for example definitely ain’t clearing all those records on the beat konducta series, but def. You'll gain access to thousands of samples, sample packs, plugins, and more. So if you are looking for the best samples for making lo-fi hip hop beats we already have some sample packs in our store and they are very very popular among our customers. CLICK ON MY PROFILE PICTURE FOR FREE LOOP PACKS! Don’t need to worry about clearing samples unless you’re a very well known artist. Indeed the perfect sample pack for those looking to explore the percussion of classic bedroom rap, although the pack does not offer much in the ways of melodic or harmonic samples. good for lo-fi if you slow the bpm down to 70, Description : Piano and Violin part also available on my profile :) thanks for the sample! While it’s hard to deny that rap has moved towards a darker, grittier sound in recent years, some producers still prefer uplifting, happier beats. Infos on my profile page. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It incorporates slow, woozy, simplistic sounds and creates a nostalgic atmosphere that is unparalleled in the hip hop universe. check out new guitar type beat on channel, link in bio In this vein, we highlight the best samples to have ever been used in lo-fi rap music by producers. A real unique feature of this pack is the level of care that went into crafting the samples found within. All samples are licensed as royalty-free so you can use them with no other cost in your future commercial productions. If you use this loop please leave your comments. Get Breaks & Beats – Sample Magic on Splice. my email is crpmusic17"at", thanks bro, thats fire Clearing samples is not something most / any lofi producers do unless signed to Stones Throw or a similar label. Lo-Fi Urban Cuts is an exceptional product that includes over 1GB of lo-fi sounds, effects, recordings, even Kontakt patches. You may notice “lofi” shifting towards alot of self recorded instrumentation or use of high quality plugins like Kontakt. Description : Homely keys played by yours truly. LoFi Sample Pack #81 In this sample pack we have an assortment of sounds including piano chords, (real) vocals, and (real) electric guitar riffs. Within the pack, each drum loop is broken down into individual stems, allowing for massive experimentation within a sampler such as ESX24. Get Morning Coffee – Lofi Hop Hop Beats on Splice. Whether you’re a complete beginner to music production, or an intermediate/advanced level producer looking to sharpen your toolbox, we are here to help. So I think it can be about how obscure the song is, and how much the artist makes off of the song. Kickstart your next project with samples from Dusty Acapellas & Lofi RnB Vocals by 91Vocals. This pack has all the hi-hat, kick, and snare cuts you will ever need. BPM: 150bpm The lo-fi snippets we’re talking about, though, don’t necessarily need to be of your favorite rappers or producers. Or if the song is obscure enough, is it fair game? Below are the very best deals/discounts for VST plugins as of 5th November 2020: On this site you’ll find a completely free library of guides to VST instruments, royalty free sample packs + learning music production/beatmaking. If you make lofi beats then this sound pack deserves your attention. ZenHiser: LoFi & Chill Zenhiser’s release is one of the more popular sample packs for lofi hip hop, and for good reason. I see artists like Eevee and Sleepdealer who sample the hell out of old and new tracks alike and throw a drum loop over it and call it good. With all drum loops having just one of a few keys (Fmin, Amin, Cmin) and a tempo of 85 BPM, this kit allows for massive amounts of experimentation through layering kicks, snares, hi-hats and more. You can still make it sound like a real song samples off record but don’t have to worry about the clearance issues. Massive FREE collection. Independent Lofi artists sometimes use “Tracklib” but that can be expensive too. In today’s modern rap scene, there is a universal usage of samples. To listent to the audio demo and discover all the features just click the “More Details” button for each sample pack. It’s quite a small pack, (so don’t expect an enormous selection of sounds) but it is perfect for those looking to be inspired by chords and melody. Copyright © 2020 Producer Sphere. The only downside to this pack is it is fairly small in comparison to some others in this list, but the quality makes up for it ten-fold. The Starfall pack is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any producer wanting to create the best lo-fi, downtempo, or soul-infused rap beats. To find Hip-Hop samples in the modern age, one does not have to look far. Description : Several asked me to make this version of the last ukulele loop that I uploaded, for whom I wanted the ukulele without the effect of the waves, here it is. Enjoy it! Description : Show me what you make with this one! Lo Fi Hip Hop is a Hip Hop subgenre that seeks to reach the emotional strings of the listeners. Another great lofi sample pack comes from Kits Kreme and includes great sounding melodic lo-fi samples, music loops, drum loops, drum hits, and lofi atmospheric textures. Just leave a link. 120 Drum hits | 40 Musical one shots | 40 SFX | 15 Drum loops + more, ❁ The Best Hip Hop Sample Packs (100% Royalty Free), ❁ The 100 Best FREE VST Plugins of All Time. A subreddit dedicated to the discussion and submission of things related to the Lofi Hip Hop/Beats community. Laniakea Sounds returns once again to present Afterglow – Lofi Hip Hop Jams, a collection of chilled beats and vintage instrumentals chopped and screwed into hip-hop beats. For example, emotive piano progressions layered over smooth guitar lines provide both a melody and harmony to any track in progress. amazing! 10. Product discontinued on Loopmasters, may still be available elsewhere. 1000s of FREE Lo-Fi, apple loops, samples, fx wavs. This sample pack from Origin Sounds has some of the lushest, most organic sounds in any sample pack I’ve come across. I manage some fairly popular artists aswell. For a user of Splice Sound, this process is as simple as clicking the desktop app and dragging and dropping the desired sample into the project on whatever track you prefer. Another great lofi sample pack comes from Kits Kreme and includes great sounding melodic lo-fi samples, music loops, drum loops, drum hits, and lofi atmospheric textures. Urban Galore Loops, this new label in our store, manages to produce spectacular, original and exclusive products. Edgy grooves, urban loops, and glitched uplifters and downlifters offer easy to use transitional elements not often found in lofi sample packs. Send me what you make in the comments! Get the Lo-Fi Cuts 2 – Soulful Jazz Beats on Splice. Chopped and Screwed vocal melodies complement the heavy, washed-out drums, conjuring up the likes of artists from Aesop Rock to JPEG Mafia. All samples within the pack come with both BPM and Key indicators, making their usage in songs as simple as possible., Best Lo-Fi Sample Packs – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Samples. READ POSTING RULES BEFORE SHARING OC, Press J to jump to the feed.

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