Do I keep my personal quest secret? It’s a loss too and we don’t want any more of those.

That means a Curse card is added to the monster modifier deck for each Cursed monster. If I long rest, do my summons still get a turn during the round? A monster will move as though it doesn't have an attack, which means it will just try to get as close as possible to its focus. Are they considered in my hand or in their own class or what? The lower ability is useful if you plan on doing a melee hit with your other action. Main Mechanic

There are two types of quests : battle goals, which are scenario-oriented, and personal quest, which is life-oriented (for the "life" of your character). From Level 1 to Level 9, you’ll use Massive Boulder frequently for the Earth generation and the directly dealt splash damage. No, all loot left on the ground is lost once the scenario is over. You don't need to do anything else to unlock it. Monsters only do what is written on their card for that round. How does stun work with persistent effects and passive items? So we drop Unstable Upheaval and pick up Rock Slide. But the retaliate of 1 isn’t hugely powerful and it only lasts for the round.

Facebook. The top of Avalanche for example, but it has the ability to generate Earth on the bottom and to create obstacles. It’ll only deal 2 damage to each one because the damage doesn’t stack for monsters next to multiple obstacles. Consume Earth for a damage bonus and an extra experience too. Yes. If your attack action is, say, "Attack 3," then there is only one attack in your attack action.

Dirt Tornado is a great card for us. Retaliate triggers after all effects of an attack have been applied. Yes. If the retaliating figure is pushed out of the range of its retaliate, it also does not trigger. Standee bases shouldn't limit monster numbers. I know that if I run out of standees for a monster, no more are placed, but what if I run out of bases? If I loot a "goal" treasure tile in a scenario and then go back to do the scenario again, is the treasure tile still looted? Kill a monster during the scenario by causing at least 4 more points of damage to it than necessary. Unless the scenario has a specific reason for having you track rounds, don't worry about it.

The wording has been modified for clarification/simplification in Jaws of the Lion.

Useful at range for the +1 bonus, but also handy to have a decent melee ability up your sleeve especially for when there are obstacles around.

If you have Backup Ammunition in play too, you’ll gain an extra target on Dirt Tornado and deal damage to 8 hexes instead of 7 that turn. +1 Stun vs +1 Fire: Ambiguous No. Music Note and Two Mini might be the best possible combination. No. At this time, if any of the characters are still alive (possibly exhausted but not dead), then they would still survive.

So if it says "on your turn", use it any time you want on your turn, including during a movement or after you have taken all your actions. Even though events happen before setting up the scenario, you should wait until you've selected your hand of cards to decide which ones to discard. ... With an initiative of 38, Earthen Clod is the Cragheart’s 4th fastest starting card which makes this card even more useful.

© 2019-2020 Emily Sargeantson at My Kind of Meeple. Have one or more monsters present on the map at the beginning of every round during the scenario.

Certain classes (the Cragheart, for example), however, have abilities that specifically state that allies in certain situations suffer damage or gain negative conditions, but these cases are clearly stated on the ability cards.

It will be a shame to lose the Earth generation and the obstacle creation. Ideally, you’ll also walk past some monsters on your way and do some bonus damage too. The create Earth and top movement plus damage-dealing ability of this card is very helpful because we need as much Earth as we can get. Or use it with Massive Boulder to throw two massive boulders instead and do adjacent damage to two groups. Put this card in your hand and keep it there.

When setting up these tiles, make sure their puzzle connection orientation is correct and don't use the art as a reference. the boss does no damage).

This is pretty common when you enter a new room.

You’ll find yourself dishing out heals because you want Earth in the room even when people don’t really need healing! Are there restrictions on what I can loot with a Loot ability in regards to line-of-sight or obstacles? Seeing as you only have Forceful Storm that can generate Wind once and then it’s lost, you’re reliant on others to make the most of this card. But as a ranged Cragheart, creating obstacles isn’t an important focus for you.

Any scenario marked on the zoomed-in inset in the top right of the map is considered to be in Gloomhaven (even 58 and 86). Yes, when something reduces damage from an attack (namely, Shield), it is specifically referring to a figure making an "Attack" and flipping over an attack modifier card. These games deserve it.

Condition tokens are not meant to limit their total usage of the condition (unlike Curse and Bless). The edge of any map tile and the entire area of any partial hex along the edge are considered walls unless they are covered by a corridor tile.

What is the round tracker for?

When you recover discard cards (by resting, for example) or lost cards (through special actions), you have the choice of picking up corresponding cards in your active area or leaving them in play. If my area of effect for an attack is chiral (not equal to its mirror image) can I use the mirror image of the area instead? "Lose 10 gold each". Obstacles have 99 initiative for resolving focus ties. The result affects each character separately if the word "each" is included (i.e. Play it before you use Forceful Storm and you get to deal 3 damage on another target, disarm them and get an extra experience point. When you are starting out with a level 1 character, your pool consists of all level 1 cards, plus the three "X" cards in your deck as well. Are obstacles with hit points considered enemies? You must perform some ability of the action to actually lose the card. In a 2P campaign, you can't do this.

I had the same interpretation as /u/Rasdit did - the escort will advance as far as it can with its move action. Continue browsing in r/Gloomhaven. So if you start a turn with the condition in effect, then at the end of that turn, it is removed. The Cragheart is slow, not just in initiative, but in movement too.

It is a vital building block for a ranged build. There is nothing on the card to say that the obstacles you create must be adjacent… So creating three single hex obstacles with an area of effect of 6 per obstacle means the potential to damage 18 monsters and allies. Obstacles with hit points are technically considered enemies for all ability purposes, but they are immune to all negative conditions. Gloomhaven is a board game produced by Cephalofair Games its creator Isaac Childres and is in no way a challenge to any copyright.

The "-" means that it has no base for that stat.

So long as you have an obstacle adjacent to you, you can pick it up and fling it into a group of monsters and deal splash damage to everyone adjacent to it. No one. An interesting way to get an extra couple of hits and a move. A Minor Healing Potion for 3 health is always helpful, especially because with your high health points you’ll be expected to take the occasional hit over squishier allies. It will always help you to pick up some experience – Earth or no Earth. No, bonuses only become active once the monster takes their turn based on the initiative on the ability card.

Is it possible to prematurely fail a scenario to avoid death or wasting time? If you are reducing or negating a "source of damage", that can be anything: attacks, traps, hazardous terrain, retaliate, wound, suffering damage from choosing a different card to lose when short resting, or any other "suffer X damage" text.

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Apply any negative condition to a monster while you have any negative condition.

No. Both abilities are situational, but both can be useful.

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